Chapter 48

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It’s my skill. Read the mood.

My blood was pumping as the fight was as epic as a dinosaur movie.

It was Dragon vs. Dragon, with magic, clashing, and biting.

“Lady Kanade, you are safe!!”

Leo noticed me and ran over.
He noticed Olgen and wondered, “This child is…?”

“His name is Olgen. He is harmless, so please don’t worry.”

I didn’t dare introduce him as the Wicked Dragon.

“Is he perhaps a survivor of the Dragons?…… He looks familiar to someone…”
“Well… you think so…?”
“Kanade, what does he mean by a ‘survivor’?”
“Be quiet, Olgen. Leo, what the hell is going on here? Where is Miss Clémence and her parents!?”

I looked around, but I couldn’t see them. I had a bad feeling about this.

“That’s… both Clémence and her parents were swallowed by that Dragon.”
“S, swallowed!?”

Clémence was ki-killed…!?

“Yes. Lord Richmond said that he should be able to save them because they are not dead yet. But the Dragon Rosso, controlled by the Wicked Dragon, is unnaturally strong. He is so… strong that I’m wondering if he’s not… the Wicked Dragon himself…”
“I do not control that Dragon!! And he’s not the Wicked Dragon!!”
“Olgen, I know, so calm down.”
“Mnmhh…… Oy, Kanade, it’s strange!? I was thinking that my powers were not recovering, but I now know why after coming here. My powers are being sucked dry by that Dragon!”
“Eh!? Are you for sure?”
“What do you mean by probably!?”

If Rosso is really sucking out Olgen’s power, is Richmond, who is partially connected to Olgen, going to be okay!?

“Lady Kanade, what did this child’s statement just now mean?”

Leo wondered about Olgen’s statement and began to sweat.

But then,


[Scanning Finished]


And for some reason, a notice suddenly appeared before me.


[Please specify the location]


Huh? Location?? What is this?

While I was puzzled, Richmond, who had turned into a Dragon, was hit by Rosso’s tail and fell to the ground.

“Richmond!! Kanade, I’m going to help my little brother, you and this human better leave through the distortion in the space!”
“Olgen!? What are you saying, I couldn’t possibly leave you and Richmond here!!”


[Please select a land to reclaim]


Good grief, I’m telling you now’s not the time for this!

In this dangerous scene, my skill was displaying a map without reading the mood.
Moreover, even the map of the different space was being politely displayed.


[Please select a land to reclaim]



Geez… no, wait…
Would reclaiming the land allow me to put up a barrier?

If I were to erect a barrier that only Rosso wouldn’t be able to enter……

“Leo, Olgen, I might be able to do something about this!!”
“”(Lady) Kanade!?””

The land to reclaim is the whole basement and this space!


[Please choose from: Hot spring resort, Theme park, Pool, Shopping mall]


Theme park!? Shopping mall!?

“Kanade, what do you mean?? What can you do about it? Wouldn’t it be better for me to act?”
“Lady Kande?”

Ah~ geez!! Something that would make everyone happy…

I choose [Hot spring resort]!!! Please forbid Rosso from entering the barrier!


[Reclaiming land]


In that moment, both the space we were in and the outside of it were cleared and warded off at once, and only Rosso disappeared in an instant.


[Summoning an Inn] [Summoning a Souvenir shop] [Creating mountains and rivers]


Strange notices appeared before me one after another.



Richmond was stunned when Rosso suddenly disappeared, but he noticed us and literally flew over.

This guy is handsome, even when he’s a Dragon.


I hugged the face of the White Dragon in front of me.

“I’m glad you are safe.”
“That should be my line… are you hurt?”

The Dragon with gentle eyes rubbed his head against me.

What a cutie.

“How did you get out of the cell?”

I glanced at Olgen, who was half a step behind me, and Richmond followed his gaze to Olgen.

“…… The Wicked Dragon!?”

Richmond’s eyes widened, Leo’s eyes widened at the mention of it, and he looked at between me and Olgen. He then settled his gaze on me and then got into a listening position with a “What the hell is going on?” expression on his face.

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