Chapter 49

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I want you to understand Olgen’s character.
Mountains and rivers have been formed in the basement space that was previously empty. Japanese inn and souvenir shops were lined up on the streets and the distinctive smell of sulfur pervades the air.

I thought to myself, “This is a basement, is this okay!?”, but it seemed that my skill was conveniently at work here, and although it smelled of sulphur, it did not seem to be full of it.

It made for a somewhat strange spectacle…


“Kanade, why is the Wicked Dragon here?”
“Kanade-sama, please get away from the Wicked Dragon!”

Hah! I was escaping from reality for a while, but Richmond and Olgen have just met each other.
I have to explain properly.

Richmond stood between me and the Wicked Dragon, and Leo tried to take me away from Olgen.

“Richmond, Olgen is not a Wicked Dragon.”
“Kanade, this is my twin brother who became the Wicked Dragon.”

For some reason, Olgen was puffing out his chest at Richmond’s words.

You’ve got it wrong. Richmond was not introducing you, Olgen.

“I know that. But, Olgen was only being used by Rosso!”
“I wasn’t being used, okay!?”
“Be quiet, Olgen! Richmond, Olgen was set up to oppose you.”
“I have never been at odds with Richmond.”

I told you to be quiet! You are making things complicated!!

I explained to Richmond, who was aghast from our exchange.

“Olgen is just an extremely stupid child!!”
“I’m not stupid!! I, I was told that I am a can-do child, you know?”

Alright! I managed to explain that Olgen is just an idiot.

“Kanade, just what is…”

Richmond looked at Olgen and me alternately, visibly shook.

“He didn’t realize he was being used, and he doesn’t even know this country was destroyed! He thinks that just a few buildings were destroyed…”
“I told you that I wasn’t being used!… Hm? Ka, Kana, Kanade! What do you mean that this country was destroyed!?”

Ah, I shouldn’t have said this in front of Olgen!

I covered my mouth with both hands, but it was already too late.
Olgen’s mouth was agape and his eyes were shaking as he looked up at me.


“Wasn’t it the Wicked Dragon who destroyed this country…?”
“No, no way, I, I just asked them to bring down a few buildings in the Capital! That’s what they get for chasing Richmond out! Serves you right, I only wanted to tell them that!!”


Richmond was puzzled by Olgen’s state, and Leo was tilting his head.

“Richmond, Olgen was being taken advantage of by someone. The real Olgen is a kind and pure dragon who loves his little brother.”

I frantically explained to Richmond.

“Taken advantage of… but, did you not try to steal my mana by using magic that I have never even heard of…?”
“I was told that you were troubled by the amount of mana you had, so I thought it would be for the best to split your mana in half with me! They told me that we would even be able to form a connection of some kind… that’s what I was told…”

Although I can only guess who taught Olgen that… I have a pretty good guess.

“Then, why were you so harsh on me…”
“That’s a bit a long story, is that alright?”

Olgen, read the mood…
Richmond’s face was like “Uhgh?” after all.

“I don’t mind. It seems that Kanade has been very helpful, and Clémence and her parents are safe now. Rosso has been removed from the compound, and there’s still time.”

Eh!? Where are they!?

“Lady Kanade, they are lying over there.”

When I was scurrying around, Leo pointed me in the right direction.

“They are breathing, and they don’t seem to have any external wounds.”

I was relieved when Leo told me this as I walked over to the three of them.

“You knew this would happen, didn’t you, Lady Kanade?”
Leo, who was looking at Clémence and her parents, turned his gaze back to me.

“I thought that if I designated who would be thrown outside the barrier and who would be allowed inside, Miss Clémence and her parents would be able to escape harm.”

It was a gamble, but I’m glad it worked out.


For now, let’s take them into the inn.

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