Chapter 45

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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While everyone else was moving forward without hesitation, I was the only one who was scared to death.

I was so scared that I forced myself to divert my thoughts from the horror to think of something different.

Skill. Yes, let’s think about the skill.

When I summoned a house earlier, for some reason, a large “holiday house” appeared instead of the default house.
And when I tried to build a village, I got a text that said, [Do you wish to develop a holiday home area?]. I think there must be more to it since the land has been cleared, but this step was only called “development”…

But no text appeared after that, though??

Nothing has changed when I bring up the status screen.


“Lord Richmond, I see something up ahead.”

Leo’s voice made my thoughts disperse.

What!? Is there a zombie!?

“… A prison?”

A prison!? Why would there be one in the escape passage??

“This… it’s made out of Earth magic.”

Leo looked at the prison, which looked like it was carved out of rock, and assessed that it was made of magic.

“This is probably the Wicked Dragon’s doing. Is your family inside, Clémence?”
“There is no one inside.”

There was a prison, but no one was in it… Why did the Wicked Dragon build a prison like this?

“Father, Mother!!”

At that time, Clémence found her family and started to run.

“Wait, Clémence! You must not move alone.”

It happened when Richmond and Leo’s minds were on Clémence.

The bars of the jail formed a hand and grabbed my body.


I was dragged into the prison, and I was so terrified that my throat was constricted and I couldn’t speak.


Richmond noticed my little twitch and immediately reached out to touch me, but I was already in the prison, so he couldn’t even touch me.

“Kanade!! I’m going to get you out immediately!!”

He, who is always calm, panicked and activated his magic, but something like a transparent wall prevented him from doing so.

“Damn it.”

He repeatedly fired his attack magic, but it didn’t budge.


“So, sorry, I was dawdling and held everyone back…”

I’m very weak, but I got caught, and I was causing trouble for Richmond.

“It’s not your fault, Kanade. You are not holding anyone back. It’s me who is pathetic. I’m the one who talked so much about protecting you, only to let you get captured…”

How do I get out of here… do I summon a house?

I was thinking about that as I watched Richmond, who was desperately trying to save me by activating his magic.

“Noooooo!! Father, Motheeeer!!”

Clémence screamed.
Leo moved quickly, but there was no way that the human Leo could win against the screaming dragon, Clémence.

“Richmond, please help Leo and Clémence!!”
“I can’t move from here, but I’m not in mortal danger, I’m fine! Besides, I have my House Summoning!!”
“… I will help them and return immediately. Wait for me.”

Richmond ran in the direction of the screams.

(I got you—… I finally got you—)

I was about to try a House Summoning when I heard a voice speaking directly into my head.

My vision shook, and I found myself standing in a different place, not the prison cell.


I scurried around, not knowing what had happened, and then a low, rumbling voice echoed around the area, like the rumbling of the earth.

I was horrified and had goosebumps, and my heart was pounding loudly.

Perhaps the basement was wholly underground. The surroundings were dimly lit, just like the rock walls we had just walked around.

(—… Lass, I finally got you…)

It was that voice from earlier again.

Where in the world did it come from…

(Your ability, your mana… is necessary for me. Lass, serve me.)

It’s coming from above…?

I’m so scared I feel like throwing up, but I catch my breath and prepared myself.

I will look up.

I looked up with all my might and saw the face of a pitch black dragon so large that it covered my entire field of vision.

It wasn’t Rosso…

The opposite of Richmond, it was purely black scaled dragon.

“The Wicked Dragon………”

Grrr… it growled with its eyes glowing red sharply staring at me.
Kanade in Captivity

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