Chapter 44

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The beginning of horror!?
“You saw… there are other Black Dragons!?”
“Mhm. Suddenly he appeared from under the rubble and attacked me. I fought back and after I defeated it, it returned to its original color. But… that thing had no life force from the start.”

That’s… a dragon zombie, perhaps?

“Could it be that the Wicked Dragon is… controlling the dragon it killed?”

Leo was calmly analyzing, but I’m afraid of that guess, too.

“That’s enough of evidence. I thought so when I confronted him, but the Wicked Dragon’s ability is close to that of a monster.”
“A monster!?”
“Yeah. A Wraith type monster.”

Wraith type… a ghost!?

“Kanade, don’t be afraid. I will protect you.”

I have always had a weakness for horror stories, and even children’s haunted houses scare me to death.

My hands must have been shaking when I heard what Richmond and Leo were talking about. He took my hand and calmed me by saying he will protect me gently.

“Thank you… I’m sorry for being so pathetic.”
“You are not pathetic at all. You are a strong and kindhearted woman.”

Richmond’s sweet words and Leo’s lukewarm gaze made me feel ashamed.

“Richmond! If Rosso is being controlled, where is the main body of the Wicked Dagon!? We still don’t know why he hasn’t shown himself, or why he brought us here!”
“Mhm. I have no doubt that the Wicked Dragon has been unsealed and remained in this land. Although he never stayed for long, he was obsessed with the Land of Dragons that I created.”


“It’s only my guess, but… his seal has been broken, and he has been released back to the surface, but his power has not yet fully returned. That is why he needs my mana… He is after Kanade because he knows she has more mana than I do and is easier to control, or…
“… He wants you to give birth to his child.”


“I don’t think that’s the case!?”
“Kanade… I told you so, didn’t I? Those with high amounts of mana can only mate with those of similar amounts of mana.”
“I remember you saying that, but something about Wicked Dragon makes me think he is a selfish one who wouldn’t care about children or something…”
“Dragons are beings with strong instincts. I’m sure he wants to leave his legacy behind.”

Is that so!?

“Of course, you are with me, so I won’t let the Wicked Dragon take you.“

Richmond smiled mischievously, and I felt a thrill of excitement.

The possibility that the Wicked Dragon was trying to make me give birth to a child is extremely unlikely, but I’ll be careful just in case.

“So, do you have any idea where the Wicked Dragon is, Richmond?”
“Mhm. It’s most likely… lurking somewhere in the basement.”

Ghostly monsters, zombies, and basement! It’s like a horror movie!!


“Ri, Richmond, are you perhaps going down…?”
“I have to go down there.”
“I will go with you.”
“Lord Riochmond! Please take me with you! I have family members trapped in this basement! Please!!”

Hieeeh!! You are all going!?

“I think you guys will be safer staying here, but…”

Richmond glanced at me.

I might have to go. I think I have to go, because it’s me and Richmond who are being targeted.

“If you are going to take Lady Kanade with you, I think it would be better if I go, too.”

Leo wanted to go no matter what.

I would rather not go, though…

“I can be of help, too! Even though I’m rotten, I was a Knight of the Land of Dragons! I am more sturdy than humans, so I can at least act as a shield!!”

Clémence, don’t let us use you as a shield!

“Alright. If you guys want to go that much, we shall storm his place together!”


I thought it would be pitch black since we were underground, but Richmond turned on the lights with magic, so even I, a very weak human, was making progress, but I was still dreading the sudden appearance of that Rosso.

“Kanade, do your feet hurt? Are you tired?”

I am weaker than anyone else in this world, and Richmond has been like this since a few minutes ago.
I was also unable to stand Clémence looking at me like that.

“I’m fine. I have sports drink on me!”
“I see…”
“Richmond, please walk while looking ahead.”

He was so worried about me that he kept looking back at me.
You never know when we might be attacked, so please keep your eyes ahead.

“Lord Richmond, I fought with Rosso in this area and lost. He said the hostages were being held captive in the back here.”

The place where Clémence stopped was a little larger than the rooms we walked through until now, and it seemed to continue to the far right, but it was too dark to tell.

“Let’s look there first.”

Richmond walked toward the darkened back right corner of the passage.

If it were a horror movie, there would be zombies waiting for us.

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