Chapter 37

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Wicked Dragon
(You said… it perished?)

Eh, what does that mean!? It hasn’t even been a full year since Richmond got chased out of the Land of Dragons, right?

Yet it perished!? How??

(After you left the country, the Red Dragon Lord Rosso ruled the country as King, but that was a week ago…)

The Blue Dragon started to tell what had happened. Richmond’s expression was the sternest I’ve ever seen as he listened intently.

(The “Wicked Dragon” has been revived.)

Wicked Dragon? What is a Wicked Dragon?

(What did you say!? That thing’s seal should last for a thousand years!! How in the world did the seal get broken!?)
(… Lord Rosso… he said that a seal that lasts for a thousand years is meaningless, and that he will defeat the Wicked Dragon himself…)
(How foolish…)
(He wasn’t able to win over the revived Wicked Dragon, which then went to wreck the country…)

The Blue Dragon apparently “crawled” all the way here.

Searching for Richmond…

(The survivors all scattered, and their location is unknown…)
(Please forgive us… we lost the Solerunadrago Kingdom you created for us…)

Richmond was unable to say anything to the Blue Dragon, who continued to apologize with tears streaming down her face.

(Richmond, let the Blue Dragon Miss rest. And you should have a proper meal.)

I supported the Blue Dragon who was crumpled on the floor and took her to an empty room.

(Miss Dragon, please rest here for a while. Once you wake up, take a bath to refresh yourself.)
(T, thank you…)
(No. Ah, My name is Kanade. May I ask you for your name?)
(It’s Clémence… I was a Knight before my country fell.)
(A female Knight! How cool!!)

Because I said something childish, Clémence chuckled and said “Thank you” with a very dazzling smile.



“—Richmond, Miss Clémence is resting.”

I called out to Richmond, who was having lunch in the dining hall.

“I see…”

I sat down next to him and took his hand, concerned at his absent-minded reply.


“Richmond, let’s go to the Land of Dragons.”
“I’m concerned about the dragons that are still alive, and I’m also concerned about the Wicked Dragon. Things will be terrible if we leave it unattended, right?”
“However, it’s dangerous…”

Richmond must have wanted to go alone. But,

“I don’t want you to go alone.”

From what I’ve heard, it’s definitely not a good idea to let Richmond go towards the danger all by himself.

“I could use my skill to summon a house in the Land of Dragons! With that, I can set up barriers and a place for you to escape to. Even the survivors can be evacuated.”

That’s why, take me with you!!

When I stared him in the eyes, Richmond gave in.

“Promise me you won’t push yourself too hard.”

He put his hands on top of mine and looked into my eyes.

Even after all this time, when such a beautiful man stares at me, my heart palpitates…

“Kanade, I will protect you no matter what.”
“Richmond… I will protect you back!”
“I’m no match for you…”

My face getting red was a natural reaction to Richmond’s heart-melting smile.




“Wicked Dragon!?”

I couldn’t talk to the children, so I asked Leo, Logan, Hugo, and Evelyn to gather around and explained what had happened in the Land of Dragons. Hugo looked pale and gulped when he heard the story.

“Hugo, do you know about the Wicked Dragon?”
“Yes, I do. It’s said to be a dragon possessed by an evil spirit, and its power can easily destroy a nation. However, I have heard that the Wicked Dragon was sealed by his own race…”

So it was a dragon possessed by an evil spirit!?


“That’s right. The Wicked Dragon was sealed by me long ago.”

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