Chapter 36

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The Land of Dragons is…
(D, delicious… I have never eaten something so delicious!)

I felt sorry to ask the beautiful dragon woman to eat outside, so I asked her to move to the dining room and served her Gapao rice, which she began to eat with great gusto!
I was stunned by the amount of food she was eating, and wondered where it would fit in her slim body.

(There’s more to eat, so eat slowly.)

It reminded me of the first time I met Richmond.
Maybe all dragons eat a lot.

(Ah, sorry… that, could I have seconds?)
(Of course. I’ll get it right away. Oh, and if you like, you can have some of that barley tea.)
(Barley tea…?)
(It’s cold tea. I made it cold because the Gapao rice is a little spicy.)
(?? O, ohh. Thank you…)

While I was in the kitchen preparing and serving more food, the children who were eating at a different dining room came to check on me.

“Mother, is the Blue Dragon all right?”

Lui asked worriedly, and I patted his head.

“She’s fine. Her injuries are healed. It’s just that she does not understand human language, so don’t scare her.”
“Arthur and I speak a little bit of dragon language, can we talk to her?”

Eh!? Lui and Arthur speak dragon language!? Since when…

“Of course. But she’s eating now, so leave that for later.”
“How nice, Lui bro~”
“I wish I understood dragon language, too…”

Maybe it’s because Richmond is a dragon, but among children, dragons are considered to be kind, strong, and good-looking.

They all look up to them.

The blue dragon seems to be a good person as well, so perhaps all dragons are kind like that.

(Sorry to have kept you waiting. Here’s the seconds.)
(Thank you. This barley tea is a good thing as well.)
(I’m glad it suits your tastes.)

After a while, when she finished eating, Miss Dragon bowed her head deeply and thanked me.

(Thank you for your help.)
(It’s nothing. I can’t leave the injured alone. But, why was a noble dragon lady like yourself injured so much?)

She squeezed her hand on her knee and bit her lower lip.

(If it’s something you don’t feel comfortable saying, you don’t have to say it.)
(I’m not trying to force you to tell me anything. And if it’s okay with you, you can live here as long as you want.)
(… Tha, thank you…)

Tears flowed down the Dragon lady’s eyes.

(B, but, I am searching for a person. I cannot be spoiled here for too long.)

She wiped away her tears and looked straight at me with her beautiful blue eyes.

(Searching for someone?)
(Yeah. A White Dragon, have you happened to see him?)

Isn’t that Richmond…?

No, there might be many White Dragons around!

(He’s the only one of White Dragons… if you happened to see him, I would like you to tell me.)

It is Richmond whom this Dragon is looking for, after all!!

(W, why are you looking for him!?)
(That’s… that person is our King, so…)


Richmond said he was kicked out of the Land of Dragons… But Miss Dragon here said she’s looking for hiom…

What is this all about???

“””Father, welcome back~!!”””

It was at that time.

I heard the children’s voices welcoming Richmond home.

“Ohh, I’m back! Is your Mother in the kitchen?”
“No, Mother is with a Blue Dragon in that dining room.”

Lui ended up telling him about Miss Dragon.

What do I do… if Richmond was to return to the Land of Dragons…

(What is it? Your face is pale…)
(No, ummm…—”Kanade!! Are you okay!?”

The door to the dining room opened with a bang, and Richmond jumped in, looking quite panicked.

“Kanade! Are you injured!?”

Before I knew it, I was in Richmond’s arms. He smelled great as usual.

I love this smell… it puts me at ease.

(Y, you are…!!?)
(Hm…? Aren’t you Clémence!?)
(Lord Richmond!!)

The two knew each other, after all.

(Why are you here?)
(Lord Richmond……… Please forgive me!!)

The Blue Dragon suddenly got down on her knees and started apologizing to Richmond.

(Clémence, what are you doing?)
(I have done a terrible thing to you…)
(I don’t mind it. Raise your face.)
(However… for me, who is your Knight, to drive you out of the country…)
(Clémence, I’m glad I have been driven out.)
(Thanks to that, I was able to meet Kanade.)

Richmond looked at me lovingly and narrowed his golden eyes.
I felt like he was telling me that he loved me, and I could only turn my head down in embarrassment.

(By Kanade, you mean this human?)
(Yeah. Kanade is my beloved.)
(… Lord Richmond with a human…)
(Clémence, you must change your foolish ideas about humans. Kanade is the only woman in the world who can bear my children.)

Richmooooond!? Please don’t be so direct about it!!

My face was burning hot.

(Surely not… that human’s mana is equal to Lord Richmond’s!?)
(Far from equal, Kanade’s much higher than mine.)

He was proud of me as if he was talking about himself, but I can’t stand to hear him bragging about me like a foolish parent.

(More importantly, why are you here?)
(You are a Royal Knight, aren’t you? You shouldn’t be away from the country.)
(Lord Richmond!!)

The Blue Dragon looked at Richmond as if she had made up her mind, and said,

(The Land of Dragons has perished.)

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