Chapter 35

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Gapao Rice
“This Dragon!? Not good, I should have given her a sports drink to drink immediately, but she’s now unconscious…”

As I recall, helping someone drink while they’re unconscious, there’s a good chance it will clog their airways!

What do I do…

“Lady Kanade, don’t worry. Let’s give them the sports drink.”

Hugo came and gave me a bottle of sports drink.

“This sports drink is a potion to recover from the abnormal conditions. In other words, even if they choke on it, the recovery should prevail.”

I see! As expected of Hugo.

“Then, let me try.”

The dragon’s large mouth and fangs frightened them for a moment, but the villagers helped me open his mouth. I got on a stepladder that had come up quite high, and stuck my hand with the sports drink in the back of her mouth, and poured it down.


Her mouth was about to close, so the villagers hurriedly evacuated.

That startled me…

If I had been a little slower, I might have lost my arm.

The tattered wings and the nearly shredded tail were slowly healing.

It was as if time was rewinding.

“Thank goodness… she’s not choking, and the wounds are healing.”
“Lady Kanade, they should wake up in a while, so l will go make a meal from them.”
“Ah, Evelyn. I’m going to cook with you. I was just in the middle of making lunch. Oh, everyone, can I leave this Dragon in your care?”
“Of course!”

Evelyn said she was going to cook, and I remembered that I was in the middle of making lunch, so I decided to go back to the kitchen with her.

I told everyone to be careful as the Dragon was still in her giant dragon form, and left.

“That dragon was a female.”
“Is that so? I cannot distinguish the gender of dragons in their original form at all, but you could tell, Lady Kanade?”
“The voice was feminine.”

Laughing and smiling, I talked with Evelyn as I cooked.

Today’s lunch is Gapao Rice!
With kids around, a bowl of rice is the best thing to have for lunch.

We got fish sauce now and the poultry that Richmond and others gave gotten for us, so I can make a lot of it!!

First, I cut up bell peppers, green peppers, onions, garlic, and made fried eggs in a pan!

I like my fried eggs semi-cooked, so I have to be careful not to overcook them… Okay, done!

After removing the fried eggs from the pan, add garlic and bean chili paste to it… After stir-frying the minced chicken, add the vegetables and stir-fry some more!

“Lady Kanade, I have finished mixing fish sauce, oyster sauce, sake, and sugar.”
“Thank you! Please put them in the pan.”

When I asked Evelyn to add the flavoring she had mixed, I heard a sizzling sound, and with it, a delicious smell tickled my nostrils.


Whoa~ that smells good.

I’m going to let some of the fluid vaporize…

“Evelyn, all that’s left is to put the rice in a bowl, add this, a fried egg, and the salad, and it’s done!”
“Oh my, then I’ll have to get the kids to come over! Lady Kanade, please wait a moment while I go.”
“Thank you very much~”

I served the food while Evelyn went out to call the kids… and then drizzled the salad with dressing and lemon and all was done!!

It was colorful, and I wondered if that Blue Dragon will eat it.

“Lady Kanade, I’ve come to help you prepare lunch!”

Rabi’s face and ears popped out from behind the door, and she looked at the almost finished dishes with surprise and said, “Eh!? Is it already done!?”

Come to think of it, I cooked a little earlier than usual.

Huh? Rabi, perhaps you don’t know about the Blue Dragon that arrived?

“Rabi, a little earlier, a worn-out dragon landed in the garden.”
“Eh!? Is Lord Richmond injured!? I, isn’t that terrible!!”
“Nono, that’s not it. It’s not Richmond, but a different dragon. That’s why I prepared lunch earlier than usual.”
“Eh!? Another dragon??”
“Yeah. It’s a bit early, but let’s all have lunch.”

Rabi blinked her eyes with a puzzled look on her face, thought for a while, and then replied, “Yes!!” What a good reply.

The children, Evelyn and her family, and the self-proclaimed maids had lunch first, and I carried the Gapao rice to the Blue Dragon.

Everyone said I didn’t have to go out of my way to carry it, but since the Blue Dragon might not understand human language, it was better for me to go.

Richmond once told me that he had lived long enough to understand human language, after all.

I passed by the villagers gathered in the garden and called to the other villagers, whom I left the dragon to earlier with Hugo.

“Has the dragon awakened?”
“Ah, Lady Kanade, they are awake, but I don’t understand what they are saying… Master Hugo is currently communicating with them.”

Which reminds me, Hugo was learning the language of Dragons from Richmond, wasn’t he?

(Is this not the Demon Forest…?)
(Here, Demon Forest. Lady Kanade, village.)
(Lady Kanade?)
(Person, saved you, earlier.)

Ohh. Hugo is talking in broken Dragonlish.

“Hugo, thank you for taking care of the Dragon.”
“Lady Kanade. They seemed to understand my Dragon Language, which gave me confidence!”
“I, I’m glad to hear that.”

I smiled wryly and turned towards the Blue Dragon.

(How are you feeling, Miss Dragon?)
(You… the human from earlier. Just what happened to me… I was dying, but when I woke up, all my wounds were gone. No matter how excellent the healing magic used on me was, it shouldn’t be capable of healing me completely…)

I smiled reassuringly at the dragon, who was tilting her head at the sight of her tail and wings.

(Rather than that, aren’t you hungry? I’ve prepared a meal for you, so if you’d like, why don’t you humanize and eat?)
(… I thought I smelled something good…)

The dragon said this and transformed into a human being.

(I will gratefully accept.)

In front of me stood a beautiful supermodel-like woman with lustrous dark blue hair that was blowing in the wind.

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