Chapter 34

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Blue Dragon
“Mm. The current house evolved to be just the right size.”

Richmond, who had just returned from a hunt, nodded his head in agreement, and then said casually, “I’d like a room next to Kanade.”

As expected of the former King.

When he said “just right,” I knew he must have lived in a castle bigger than this palace.

It’s a dragon castle, so it must have been a dragon-sized castle, right…

Of course, Richmond had the biggest and best room in the palace.
For some reason, Evelyn made my room next to his, so she must have anticipated that Richmond would say that.

As expected of Evelyn. She is now a competent head maid, recognized by herself and others.

However, it was troubling that even the clothes that came out were upgraded to match this palace.
I can’t do weeding or cooking in fine dress like these.

Naturally, the premises behind the palace were ridiculously large, and I was horrified to see that the fields and orchards were of an uncanny size, and the pond was as large as a lake.

“How am I supposed to manage all this?”
“Leave it to the villagers, Kanade. Everyone seems to be bored anyway. Not only the adults, but also the children, were very excited.”
“Is that so!?”

It is true that the size of each field in the village has graduated from a kitchen garden…

By the way, the village now consisted of 300 newly built houses, each with a vegetable garden in the yard.

Fifty-eight houses were occupied, and people of all shapes and sizes, including families and singles, lived there.
However, we are worried about letting the orphan children live alone, so nine of them were currently living in our house.

In other words, I am a mother of 11, including Lui and Arthur!

“Oh, Dad, welcome back!”
“You are right! Dad’s home.”
“Daddy, welcome back~”

Three of the 11 children, all very young, came rushing to greet Richmond.

“Ohh, I’m back:”

Richmond happily took two in his arms, and began to move while the third one stuck to his waist. “Father! Hold me next!”, “Alright, alright.” They really were close as real family.

Huh? Did we go past being lovers to being a couple with many children?

“Oh well.”

I’m happy, so whatever!



[—Haah… haahh… how did this… Lord Richmond… please, help me…]






“Mommy~ we finished weeding~”
“Thank you, Romi! What happened to your brothers and sisters?”

While I was preparing today’s lunch in the kitchen, our youngest prairie dog, Romi (4), came home alone. I looked around in surprise, but no one was with him.

“They are behind Romi~”
“Eh? There’s none behind you…—”
“””Ahahaha… Mom got startled!!”””

The kids who love to play pranks were hiding behind a wall and I got really surprised when they popped out.

“Stop laughing at me, you naughty kids!”
“I’m sorry, Mother. I wasn’t able to stop them.”

As I was scolding the laughing, naughty children, Lui came out and apologized, which made me smile because he was acting as a big brother.

“Lui apologized to his mother~ I will have to give the good boy one more snack today~”
“What about Romi? Romi did not make Mommy startled~”
“Then, I will give one more to Romi as well!”

I stroked Lui and Romi’s heads and said in a loud voice, and the naughty kids stopped frolicking and started apologizing, which made me laugh out loud.

We were having such a good time when—

“Lady Kanade!! There’s a situation, a Blue Dragon has appeared in the sky above the village…!”

A villager rushed into the kitchen through the door leading outside.

“Eh? Did you say a dragon right now?”
“Yes, it appears to be in a very bad condition as it’s drifting in the sky usnteadily…”
“In a very bad condition… is it injured!?”

That is terrible!!

I rushed outside and looked up in the sky, and there was a deep Blue Dragon that looked very different from Richmond.

(Hey, the Dragon in the sky! I’ve made it possible for you to enter the barrier, so come on down!)
(!? Hu, human… Do you understand our language?)
(Let’s put that aside for now and come down!! You have holes in your wings, you know!?)

He had such a beautiful blue color, but he had dirt all over his wings and body, while gaping holes were piercing those wings of his, and his tail was almost torn off!!

(… Sorry, human… just a little, help please.)

The dragon had just landed in our yard, and then passed out.

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