Chapter 33

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Changes in the Household
“Waaaaaaah!! There’s a robot vacuum cleaneeeer!!”

When I woke up in the morning, there was a robot vacuum cleaner moving around my room in every direction.

“That scream… what is it!? Lady Kanade!!”


The one who jumped into the room was a 16-year-old girl, newly arrived in the village and somehow became our maid, her name is Rabi.

“Gyaaaahhh!! Something weird is moving arouuund!!”

Is it because she’s easily flustered, or is she just plain adorable? Anyhow, the bunny-eared maid girl was a cutie.

“What is it!?”

The one who rushed to the scene upon hearing the screams was Richmond, who was currently in a delicate situation of having a one-sided unrequited love, with Leo and Kai in tow.

Leo and Kai are not staying at our mansion because they are still in training, as they are not ready to be guards yet.

“Richmond, Rabi, I’m sorry for yelling so early in the morning. I got too excited that a robot vacuum cleaner appeared…”
“Robo vacu, what? What is that?”

Both of them tilted their heads, so I simply explained that it was a robot that cleaned the floor on its own.

“I see… this is a floor cleaner called Robot, huh.”

Richmond understood it immediately, and Rabi introduced herself, “Master Rorot, it’s nice to meet you. My name is Rabi. I am deeply sorry for my screaming earlier.”

Rabi, that was so adorable, but you are misunderstanding everything.

“Kanade, I’m glad you are okay… I heard you yelling and thought you were in danger.”

I apologized to Richmond, and he narrowed his eyes, gave me a kind look, and patted my head.

Ahh~ Richmond is so dreamy…

Eh, huh? I just woke up, didn’t I!? My hair is a mess and Richmond is here…

“Hieeeeh!! Richmond, I just woke up, I haven’t even washed my face yet!”
“Hm? Oh, I intruded in a girl’s room, didn’t I? Sorry about that. However, you are always cute.”

To call me cute when I have this messy bed hair, Richmond really is a foolish parent… no, foolish lover…?

“What is it? Kanade.”

“Hah! I, it’s nothing!! Ah, I will start making breakfast as soon as I change!”
“Ohh, I will go water the fields then! We have to weed the fields today as well.”
“Thank you very much.”
“Mhm. I’m just doing what I’m supposed to do, but it’s nice to be thanked.”

While Richmond and I were laughing together, “Master Rorot suddenly stopped! Is he not feeling well!?” Rabi started to panic, so I told her that he was taking a break because he had finished cleaning.


Rabi is so cute.

And this robot vacuum cleaner is now called “Master Rorot” by everyone, but let’s not talk about that for now.

Three months have passed since the Subhumans arrived in our village, and my house was finally growing up.

I somehow knew that it was about time, and it came today.

Evelyn, Rabi (16), the fox-eared Foxey (28), and the racoon Subhuman Rakun (20) were currently working as maids in my house, cleaning, making beds, and cooking.

[The Village Chief’s mansion is changing]

“Ah, here it comes.”

I was in the kitchen, and just like previously, I was surrounded by light before the growth.

And then I noticed that everyone was standing in the huge hall.

“Eh? Huh!? I was cleaning the bathroom, though!? How come?? Where is this!?”

Rabi started to make a fuss, scurrying from place to place.
Foxey and Rakun both looked at each other with an “Um?”, while Evelyn looked around calmly and remarked, “So this is the growth of the mansion that Lady Kanade have told me about before…”

“Everyone, your attention, please.”

I thought I had to explain properly for Rabi and the others, so I explained about the growth of Master House, and then we all went outside to see what had happened to the exterior of the house.

The hall was not only twice as big as the previous one, it was so much bigger, I somehow imagined that it was bigger than the shelter house that Richmond had placed near the entrance to the forest……

“I, i, isn’t this a castle!!?”

Rabi was unable to stand, Evelyn stared in a wonder while saying “My, oh my,” and Foxey and Rakun froze in place.

What I saw in front of me was a building like the Luxembourg Palace in Paris, France.

“Mother! The house suddenly got enveloped in light and turned into a castle, what is happening!?”
“Mother, is this the growth, you talked about before?”
“What is this~!! Amaz~ amaz~!!”

The children, who had been playing in the village, came running up to me, frolicking.

The garden has expanded tremendously, and Logan, the gardener, was on his knees lamenting that his well-tended garden was gone……. Hugo was consoling him, but he was quite depressed because he had done so much to make it beautiful, and now it’s been resetted.

I’m sorry, Logan…

“Ah~… this means we’ll have to decide on a room for everyone again.”

I don’t think I can have a palace like this…

I let out a dry laugh as everyone in the village gathered around in amazement.

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