Chapter 32

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What is to love?
??? Point of View
The Land of Dragons—The Solerunadrago Kingdom—

“Richmond has left?”

The current King, His Majesty Rosso, who was a Red Dragon, was concerned about that person.

The former King, Lord Richmond…
If it weren’t for the decline in his strength due to old age, I would still be supporting him…

He was losing his appetite day by day and had only a couple of hundred years left to live.

Any further work as King would have burdened him and shortened his remaining life span. He was willing to serve the people until his own death, but he had no choice but to forcibly step down…


“Yes. Now even the citizens wanted him deported, so he had no choice but to leave…”
“Hmph, those foolish people. They don’t even know that I was the one who started those rumors about Richmond, how could they banish a man who has done so much for his people?”

Why did Lord Rosso do such a foolish thing as banishment…

“… Why did you drive him away with such rumors? You could have become King without doing anything.”
“Of course, I could. If I let him abdicate as a wise ruler, I will be underestimated by those fools.”

Just for that reason…

“For such a reason, you spread rumors that Lord Richmond was diverting the people’s tax money for his own private use…? And you even spread rumors that your power surpassed that of Lord Richmond’s…”

The Red Dragon was certainly a man of outstanding power among young dragons.
But his mana is nothing compared to the mana of the elderly Lord Richmond.
And yet, he had the gall to call himself more powerful than he was!!

“What, you think you’re a good guy? You were a part of this. By blaming me, you are barking up the wrong tree.”
“… Right, that’s true…… I have no qualifications to blame you.”

I, too, made a foolish choice because I wanted him to live.
I have no right to blame Rosso.

Lord Richmond… my dear master, where and what are you doing now…



Kanade’s Point of View
“I’m going to hunt your favorite Boarpig, so wait for me.”
“Hieh, o, okay.”

Since then, Richmond really started to show his favor to me every day.

And he became very sweet.

When Lui asked me, “Mother, why did Grandpa become Big brother?” I was so confused, I didn’t know how to answer.


“Lui, Arthur, Mimily, I’m leaving Kanade in your care.”

The children responded loudly to Richmond’s words and were patted on the head.

Richmond does like children, as I thought.

“I’m going to take Leo and Kai with me, Kanade. If something comes up, you can contact me through the scale I gave you.”

Kai was one of the young men newly arrived in the village, and like Leo, he had a talent for swords and was being trained by Richmond.


I held the beautiful white scale shining on my chest and smiled at Richmond.

The scale was the reverse scale of a dragon, and they were fashioned into an accessory and given to their lifelong partner.
It is a useful item that allows you to talk while holding it and letting the mana flow through you, just like a phone.

Richmond gave me a necklace with this scale.

“Well then, everyone, we are off.”

The three of them crossed the village barrier and disappeared into the Demon Forest.

“Grandpa became so cool after he got young~”
“Grandpa was cool since he was Grandpa.”
“Yeah. Grandpa was cool, even when he was Grandpa.”
“That’s right! Mimily loves Grandpa!!”
“I love him, too!”
“Me too.”

While the kids were praising Richmond, I was depressed that I could not respond to his proposal properly.

“Lady Kanade, shall we talk while we continue weeding?”

I nodded to Evelyn, who smiled at me.

“—So, you haven’t responded to his proposal yet? Even though you like him?”
“… Yes. I mean, we’ve always been family, so I didn’t see him that way, but he started courting me now that he got younger, and I came to like him that way. Or something like that…”
“Oh my. Did you fall in love with him because his face got more handsome?”
“That’s… Richmond was plenty handsome even with his wrinkly face, and it’s not only his face, he’s cool all over!! However… I practically fell in love with him when he proposed to me… and I’m not sure how I feel about that…”

As I complained to Evelyn while pulling weeds in the field, I felt that I would be very a very unbalanced choice for someone as wonderful as Richmond.

“I don’t think Lord Richmond would care about something like that, but… Lady Kanade, have you really never, since you met him, ever considered him desirable as a man?”
“I wish this man was my husband. I wonder what it would be like to have a child with him? Have you ever had such thoughts about him?”
“So you had.”

I always wished I had such a man for a husband.
I always wished I could have a child with someone like him…

“No woman would think that way about someone who they wouldn’t see as a prospective husband.”

I see. I liked Richmond from the very beginning.

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