Chapter 31

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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“I see. You don’t know, Kanade.”

I looked up at Richmond and he patted my head.

“Everyone in this world has mana, big or small. If there is too much difference in mana between husband and wife or lovers, when they mingle, the one with less mana will get Mana Sickness.”

Mi, mingle, in other words, when they do that, right?

“Why does the Mana Sickness occur?”
“Mhm. The exchange of each other’s mana happens during intercourse. The more the difference is, the more mana flows at the point of contact, the worse the Mana Sickness is caused. If you drink more alcohol than you usually drink, you will get drunk. The same thing happens there.”
“I see. Then, since Richmond has more mana than normal, the other party will not only get sick, but will die?”

Exactly. He nodded, and I realized that he must have been all alone in the Land of Dragons all this time.

“Have you been all alone for thousands of years?”
“No, that is not true, Kanade.”

It’s not?

“I certainly had no family, but I had subjects to support me and people to protect. I never felt alone.”

Richmond’s eyes were very calm as he said this.

“I see…”

But I’m sure Richmond wanted to have children of his own…
Because I get the feeling that he really likes kids, from the way he treats them.

“Well, at my age, I too was thrown away as unnecessary, though.”

Hahaha, he laughed, but he still had those lonely eyes like he showed me earlier.

“You are not unnecessary.”
“You are not unnecessary, Richmond! I need you and I will need you forever and ever!!”

I will never abandon you!

“Please stay by my side forever!!”


I hugged him tightly, and he froze for a while, but then he gave me a giggle and hugged me back.

“… You always tell me what I want to hear the most, Kanade.”

Richmond muttered to himself as we hugged, then suddenly picked me up, dropped me down on his lap, and hugged me again.

“When I met you first, you said something that made me glad I was abandoned by the Land of Dragons.”
“You said I was your family, right?”

I nodded, and the handsome man smiled his best smile.

“I have never had a family, but now I have a family for the first time. I couldn’t be happier.”
“I, I see… hehe, I am also happy… Actually, I was incapable of having children myself.”
“!? Don’t tell me you also have abundance of mana!?”

Huh? Richmond misunderstood me………
But, my mana is 1,000,000. It’s a lot, isn’t it!?

So that means, I can’t have children in this life either!?

“… I have 1,000,000 mana…”
“What!? I have 600,000, no it’s… 800,000 now. It seems to be raising still…”
“I see! Then Richmond and I are comrades who can’t have children because we have too much mana~!”

I thought what kind of curse it is that I can’t have children in this life either, but I don’t feel lonely because Richmond is here.

“No, Kanade… if we mate, we can have children.”
“My mana is still increasing, so If you wait a little longer, I will be able to pair with you.”

Pair with me? D, does that mean he will, ma, marry me…?

“Do you find this old geezer unpleasant?”
“Euh!? No, that, umm, I’m not a beauty myself, so I was wondering if I was even a good match for you!? No, I really, really like you, Richmond, so that thought never crossed my mind, you know!? But, I was wondering whether you wouldn’t be displeased with… me……”

The end of my words gradually became smaller and smaller, and finally my voice was drowned out, and Richmond silently closed his eyes.

“Mhm. In other words, if I seduce you, you will pair up with me.”

How did it become like this!?

“I might be an old geezer, but I will have to put up a lot of effort in this!!”
“Ri, Richmond?”
“Kanade, from this day forward, I’m going to stay in this young form of mine.”
“You are quite young yourself, so old geezers must be outside your romantic interest, no?”
“That’s why, I will court you with this appearance.”

If you say something like that to me while I’m sitting on your lap………

I’m going to fall for you, you knooooow~~~~~~!!!

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