Chapter 38

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“Eh!? You were the one who sealed it, Richmond!?”

The shocking statement left everyone present looking at Richmond in a daze.

“That’s right. Sealing it took a lot of effort back in my prime.”
“So even someone like Lord Richmond went through a lot of difficulties to seal it…”

Leo, who has always felt Richmond’s power up close and personal, was aghast in a cold sweat.

The Wicked Dragon may be more dangerous than I thought.

“However, why would they unseal such a dangerous creature?”

When Evelyn mentioned what everyone was wondering, Richmond shook his head and said, “I don’t know.”

“But, he… the Red Dragon called Rosso apparently unsealed the Wicked Dragon because he was drunk on his own power. He must have thought he could win.”
“How stupid…”

Leo blurted out, and everyone nodded in agreement.

The Blue Dragon said that the seal lasts only for 1,000 years. 1,000 years may seem like a long time to us, but to a dragon, 1,000 years may feel like 10 years.

Still, if you compare your power to that of a dragon that has the power to destroy a country with ease, you can clearly tell which is stronger…

“I don’t know what Rosso was thinking, but… to me, he was one of my precious people.”

This gentle man, who had been driven out of his country, still did not hold a grudge.

“Anyway, Richmond and I are going to the Land of Dragons, so I need you all to take care of the kids.”
“!? Wait a moment. Why are you two going to such a dangerous place alone!?”

Leo got up from his chair and raised his voice.

“It’s my duty to protect you both!!”
“Leo, I can’t let you stand in front of the Wicked Dra…—”I am your guard!!”

Leo’s will was firm, and we could no longer leave him behind.

Richmond and I made eye contact and nodded to each other.

“Alright. You are coming with us, Leo.”
“Thank you very much!!”

Leo, you’re a cat, but you’re loyal like a dog.

“I’d like to join you too, but I’m afraid I would… only slow you down, so I give up…”


Evelyn dropped her head and burried her face in Logan’s shoulder.

“Evelyn, it’s okay. I have Richmond and Leo with me, and I have the skills to summon the house!”
“Lady Kanade… please, return to us safely.”

Evelyn held my hand and prayed for my safety.
Logan and Hugo also prayed for my safety, and I was feeling warm by everyone’s kindness.


And then,


We set out for the Solerunadrago Kingdom, the Land of Dragons.

(Miss Clémence, is there any place where the surviving dragons could hide?)
(Near the capital, some may have escaped into the basement of the palace, but… I don’t know if any of them survived.)

I spoke to Clémence, who flew next to me, while I was on Richmond’s back.

She answered my question while glancing at Leo and me, as if she was uncomfortable with the fact that we were riding on the back of her former King.

(I don’t think the Wicked Dragon will stay in the country it destroyed forever. If it had left immediately, there is a good chance that the dragons would have survived in the basement of the palace. We, dragons, have a strong will to live, after all.)

In response to Clémence’s answer, Richmond followed up with that and tried to reassure her.

He’s a kind man in every way.

I patted Richmond’s back and looked ahead.

The endless blue sky spread before me and white clouds under. And the dazzling sunlight felt beautiful, but where we are going now was Richmond’s home, which has already perished.

If we didn’t have such a reason, I would have felt refreshed.

(Kanade, summon a house near the basement of the palace as soon as we reach the Capital.)
(Yes. I understand, so please think of yourself first.)
(I will be fine. I will protect the dragons I find in the basement! I brought a lot of sports drinks, don’t worry.)

When I laughed while showing him my backpack, Richmond still looked worried, but I wanted to tell him that he was in more danger than I was.

After all, Richmond will be scouting the Capital, looking for the Wicked Dragon.

(… Kanade, I also have many sports drinks you have given me in my inventory. I also have some food you made for me. I won’t lose to anyone with these on me.)

Richmond, who was flying in the sky with his white wings flapping up and down, was truly wonderful.

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