Chapter 27

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Flying Mansion
In front of me was bread, bread, bread.

Raisin bread, nut bread, bread with red bean paste, and many other kinds of bread were gathered into a pile in the kitchen of the mansion.

“””I’m sorry…”””

The reason is that the children have become so absorbed in baking bread in the home bakery, and they have ended up using all the home bakeries in the village to bake bread.

And they were currently reflecting in front of this large amount of bread, feeling very sorry for what they have done.

“Good grief, you children. No matter how much fun you are having, you cannot play with food!”

Evelyn was very angry.

“Now, now. There’s nothing we can do about it now that they have done it, and we can freeze the bread to store it, so you don’t have to be so mad at them, Evelyn…”
“Lady Kanade, even if the bread can be frozen, it won’t last forever. The number of people Lord Richmond will bring this time will be limited, too… really, what are we going to do with this pile of bread…”
“Ri, Richmond in his dragon form can clean this up all in no time, do not worry!”

I calmed Evelyn down, saying it’s okay, it’s okay, and looked at the kitchen, which smells as good as a bread factory.
A clean cloth was spread on the floor, so even the floor was covered with bread.

Dinner is already made it, but which should we prioritize, the bread or the dinner…

(Kanade. We are back.)

Just when I was feeling troubled, I heard Richmond’s voice from outside the mansion.

“Ah, Grandpa is back!!”
“Grandpa, you are back.”
“Grandpa, welcome back~!!”

The children, who could no longer stand the sermon, ran out of the kitchen door as if to escape.

“Geez, those kids!”
“Ahaha… Richmond said they will bring back some children, so they must be excited to meet their new friends.”
“Right… Lady Kanade, let us go too. I’m sure they are weak and will need sports drink to drink.”

As Evelyn and I were about to go outside, we heard the children and Logan screaming.

“!? Something happened.”
“Anyhow, let’s go to see!”

I rushed outside to find everyone looking up at the sky with their mouths open.

And somehow, Richmond in his dragon form was still flying in the sky, flapping his wings.

“Richmond? Why are you not coming down?”
(Kanade. Give me permission to come with this inside.)


“La, Lady Kanade!! That… look at what is behind Lord Richmond!!”

I was surprised to hear Evelyn scream, as were the children, but when I looked in the direction she was pointing, I saw…… a huge mansion floating in the sky.


A huge mansion was floating in the sky!!

“A, a, a, a floating mansion!!?”
(Kanade, can you hurry up and let us in?)

I was so stunned and frozen that I was startled by Richmond’s voice.

“P, pardon me, come inside!!”

I allowed him to come in, and Richmond, in his dragon form, descended to the village with the house in tow.

If my home was a Western-style house like the Otani Memorial Art Museum, the huge mansion that Richmond brought with him was like Hartwell House, a country house hotel in Buckinghamshire, England.

Such a thing was now standing right in the middle of the village.
Surrounding the house were ordinary Japanese detached houses, so it felt very strange.

“Sorry for coming back with something this big, Kanade.”

Richmond, who soon humanized himself, looked at the mansion as he spoke.

“Umm, just what is…—”Grandpa, welcome back!””

While feeling perplexed, the children hugged Richmond and inquired from him about the mansion.

“Mhm. We put people living in the slums in it and brought them here.”
“””””””Pardon me?”””””””

I couldn’t understand what Richmond was saying.

“Lady Kanade, everyone, we have returned.”
“Leo!? Welcome back. You just came out of that mansion, didn’t you!?

Leo, who came out from inside the mansion that was the center of attention, gave us a brief explanation of what had happened in the town of the Subhuman race, and I somehow managed to understand the gist of it, but why did they bring back an entire mansion…?

“I used the levitation magic you have taught me before, Kanade.”
“Remember what we talked about before? When I told you that I could fly without needing levitation magic, you asked me if it was possible to cast levitation magic on things.”
“Oh yeah, I certainly did ask you that.”

I remember when I was studying magic with Richmond.

Richmond can use any kind of magic, but sometimes he’s stuck in the common sense of this world, and I found it a waste.
I asked him if he could cast levitation magic on other people or things, since I thought he could only cast it on himself.

“There were too many people we have saved this time. The number of people I could carry on my back is limited. So I thought that if I could get them into the building and levitate it, I could bring them all here at once.”
“I see! That’s why it became a flying mansion!”

I was convinced, but then I noticed people looking at me fearfully from inside the mansion.

“Richmond, Leo, firstly, can I ask you to take the people out of the house so that we can have them drink the sports drink?”
“Understood. I will tell them to come outside.”

As I watched Leo walking back inside the mansion, I wondered what we were going to do with the mansion after this… I glanced at Richmond.
Then he laughed as the children looked at him as if they were looking at a hero.

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