Chapter 28

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Bread That Was Good to Make
Kanade’s Point of View
“What a tasty water…”
“It fills every nook and cranny of my body!
“My body feels so light!!”
“My tongue grew back!!!”

I looked at the people drinking the sports drinks, there must be at least a hundred people there, adults and children combined.

They were just as bewildered as the first five visitors, but after drinking the sports drinks, they seemed to be more energetic and a little calmer.

“Lady Kanade, I guess the ‘Shokupan’ will come in handy now.”

Evelyn looked so relieved and happy that I found it amusing and laughed.

“That’s right! I think they have calmed down a bit after drinking the sports drink, so let’s cut up some bread and pass it out to everyone, shall we?”
“Yes. Lady Kanade, let’s get the children to help.”

With the children in tow, we returned to the mansion to cut up the bread that the children had made too much of.

“Mom, isn’t it good that we made so much bread!?”

When Mimily, who had been scolded earlier, puffed out her chest at the current situation, Evelyn lightly pinched her cheek and said, “Don’t get carried away.”

The children were asked to take the role of delivering the sliced bread, while we worked with the knives.

It was tedious with the mountain of bread, but I would feel bad giving them a whole loaf to eat.

“I hope those who are weak will get well after they eat this delicious bread!”
“I hope so. But what are we going to do with that big house?”
“I am sure Lord Richmond will get rid of it. We all have no good memories of that house.”
“It feels somewhat of a waste, but if just looking at it makes you feel bad, it would be better to get rid of it fast.”

There are 100 houses in the village, so there should be enough room for everyone.

“But, do you think those people really want to live here?”
“Of course. Everything they need to live is right here in the village, right? Who wouldn’t want that?”
“I don’t know…”

I think some people would rather live in the town because there’s nothing to do for entertainment here.

“You have no idea how wonderful this place is, Lady Kanade.”
“You’ll see from their reaction soon enough.”

Evelyn was smiling and confident, and I was glad to see that she was in much better spirits than when I first met her.

“Kanade! What’s that thing everyone is eating!? I haven’t tried it yet!”

Evelyn laughed at Richmond, who came to the kitchen in a hurry, and said, “My, oh my. Lady Kanade, I’m going to go join the others.”


Eh, am I going to cut the bread all by myself?

“Kanade! I want that bread! Lemme eat that bread, too.”
“”Richmond, that bread is called ‘Shokupan’, there’s a plain one, one with nuts, red bean paste, and raisins. Which one would you like?”
“Hmm. Of course, I will have every kind!”

I thought so.

“Then, sit over there.”

As I cut the bread, I looked at Richmond, and I felt like he was getting younger.

“Ah, Richmond. I made a dinner too, would you like to eat it ahead of time?”
“What, isn’t this ‘Shokupan’ our dinner?”
“It’s not. I planned to eat this tomorrow for breakfast. The dinner is a deluxe edition of Napolitan spaghetti with a Hamburg steak!”
“Napolitan!? That’s another new one! Mhm. I’ll have it first with you and the kids. Of course, I’ll have some of this ‘Shokupan’ too.”

When he first came here, he said he had a stomach ache, but now he eats everything with relish.
Besides, he is equally kind to everyone.

Yeah. As I thought, Richmond is the nicest man I’ve ever met!

“I will call over the kids then!”
“No, I will do it. You take your time getting the meal ready.”

I said to him, “I’ll prepare it in the small dining room, so please come over there with the children.”

I’m looking for a husband, but if Richmond is around, I’m starting to think that I don’t need to get married anymore.

This hunk grandpa is awesome.



Richmond’s Point of View

I feel most comfortable beside Kanade.
I feel more at home here with Kanade than in the Land of Dragons, or in the cities of Subhumans and Humans.

“What is this!? It’s so soft and yummy… this is the best tasting bread I have ever eaten…”
“I wonder if it’s okay for us to eat such a high-quality bread…”
“I can’t believe they treat us so well…”
“I’m sure that Lord Dragon and Master Knight are a God’s messengers…”

Seeing those who were eating Kanade’s Shokupan” with tears in their eyes, I felt that this world’s crookedness was in plain sight.

I wonder when did people and dragons alike started going crazy…

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