Chapter 29

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Richmond, Aren’t You Getting Younger!?
“Lady Kanade, good morning!”
“Ah, good morning, Vermont! Are you going to make more furniture after tending the fields?”
“Yes! Lord Richmond and Master Leo have brought some fine wood from the forest!!”

Two weeks have passed since the new residents arrived in the village.

Just like Leo and others, they were all quite confused at first by the Japanese buildings and facilities, but Evelyn and Logan carefully taught them, and they quickly adapted.

New things appeared every day, but Hugo pushed through, saying that that was also the power of the Goddess, and no one could touch them willingly.

At first, we left everyone to manage the fields at the house where they lived, but when everyone saw Logan and the others working, they wanted to do the same, so now they have their own specialties to work with.

This man, Vermont, was about the same age as Leo, and he was good at making furniture, so he has been making various things for us.

“I see! Ah, Vermont. I have something I’d like you to make for me after you’re done making the furniture… When you have a few minutes, may I ask you for a little consultation?
“Of course!! I’d be happy to do it for you right now!”
“Reeally! Then, if you can…—”Kanade, so you were here.”
“Richmond? Is something the matter?”

I was talking to Vermont when Richmond came in, and for some reason his eyebrows lowered when he saw us.

“Good morning, Lord Richmond!”
“Mhm. I’m glad you are looking well, Vermont.”

Huh? He returned to being the same old Richmond.

“Lady Kanade, I’m always available, so please don’t hesitate to call for me. I’ll make you anything you want! Now, if you’ll excuse me.”

Vermont returned to tending to the fields, and I turned to Richmond.

“Did something happen, Richmond?”
“No, I thought I’d relax together with you today.”
“Eh, you are not going to the forest?”
“Mhm. You are working all the time, so I thought I’d let you rest a little.”

Oh, my goodness. Richmond took a day off for me.

“Hehe, that makes me happy.”

I feel like it’s been a while since we’ve spent time together. I said this, and Richmond nodded at me with narrowed eyes.

“Kanade, let’s talk while we walk.”

When I was alone with Richmond, we used to talk while walking around the village like this.


“Richmond, you look younger these days, don’t you?”
“Hm? I do. I’ve been in good shape since I came here. I think I’m back to my prime.”
“I see! So that’s why you look younger.”
“Actually, I can make myself look even younger.”

Richmond’s bombshell made me peel my eyes away.

“Eh!? No way, I wanna see how you look young!!”
“What? Didn’t you prefer older looking gentlemen? You always praised me for looking smart and dandy, and things like that.”
“That’s true, but I would like to see your younger self too since it’s possible! You must have been a cool-looking guy in your younger days.”

He’s cool-looking even now, but I wondered how he looked when he was younger.

Since I was looking at him excitedly, he said, “Can’t be helped” and changed his appearances.

“How is it? Kanade.”

A beautiful baritone voice called my name.

I was speechless at the sound of it, and when called “Kanade” again, my face was turned red with excitement.

“Ri, Richmond?”
“Yeah. It’s the same face, isn’t it?”

Same face he says, that’s true, but…

The white hair he had when he was a grandfather was now silver with a bluish tinge, and his eyes were still the same golden color. His neat face was still the same, but the wrinkles were gone, and he had a shapely, tight face. There he was, a handsome man with just the right balance of masculine good looks and beautiful face.

He had long arms and legs and looked like a foreign model in a magazine.

“Are you perhaps surprised at how good-looking I am?”

I nodded in agreement and peeked at him through my hands covering my face, which was getting hotter and hotter.
After a while, I looked up when I noticed that Richmond was silent, and I wondered why his face had turned bright red as well.

“……… I can’t help it, okay! It’s your fault for praising me… ahem, sorry about that. I got embarrassed.”

Embarrassed… Richmond?

Looking closely, his ears were also dyed bright red!

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