Chapter 26

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Found the Lord
Richmond’s Point of View
“Lord Richmond, what do you intend to do with the Feudal Lord of this place?”
“Of course, I intend to capture him and make him pay for his crimes.”

In answered Leo’s question, and he shook his head.

“Even if we capture the Feudal Lord, he will pay to cover up his crimes and be released soon. He might even frame us as criminals for capturing him in the first place.”
“Hmm… Still, a country has its own rules. We must not kill people for personal reasons.”

Leo has a personal grudge. He may not be happy about it. But…

“What is our purpose?”
“Our purpose is to protect the misfortunate.”
“Exactly. It’s not to take revenge against the lord.”
“… Right, that’s right.”

I patted Leo’s head, that he hung down in shame.

It’s easy to lose your cool when you are young.

“Lord Richmond… I am so sorry. You have helped me to keep my cool.”
“Mhm. There are a lot of kids in the basement that have been kidnapped, and there are a lot of people who witnessed it. After we capture him, you can deliver the evidence to the authorities.”
“Yes, sir.”

Leo, perhaps feeling a little better after what I had said, began to search for the Feudal Lord, without saying anything.

It was surprisingly easy to locate him.

After all, his guards were standing in front of the room. I see, here he is, and I’m glad he prepared a landmark for us.

“Hiiiiey, I get it. I’ll do anything! I’ll give you all the money you want! Just leave me alone!!”

Good grief. It would be better to erase people with such rotten hearts and minds like this, but… no, it would be meaningless unless the country judges him.
So, Leo, put down your sword.

“We don’t need money. We have plenty of it.”
“Then let me give you slaves! Innocent children who know nothing! A nice cuddly, bwahhh!!”

Not good. I kicked him in the face unconsciously.
Is he still alive?

“Sh, shave mehh…”

Ohh, quite a tough one.

“We will take all the slaves you have. You can rest assured that we will throw you to the Knights Order as a criminal.”
“Yes, that’s right. We said we don’t need the money, but I stand corrected. You will use all of your money to pay for all the slaves you have gotten up until now. Be happy you can settle this with money.”
“T, that shan’t be…”

The naked lord was crying, covering his kicked face with his hands, but he deserved it.

“Leo, get those kids dressed. I’ll go tie up these and the others outside.”
“Yes, sir. Understood.”

Leo immediately began to move, and I too tied up the uncanny lord and others and moved them into the yard.

When I jumped out of the window with the lord, he fainted.


What a strange man.

“Lord Richmond, I’m going downstairs with the children.”

I nodded to Leo, who looked out the window and shouted at me, and I move to the basement.

The remaining men of this mansion would be no problem for Leo now.

Thus, we rescued those who had been kidnapped into slavery by the Feudal Lord and gathered them on the first floor, but the number was greater than I had expected.

“… There must be forty of them.”
“Indeed. However, is it possible for you to carry this many people at once, Lord Richmond?”
“Of course, it’s possible, but we take the parents of these children with them, it will be difficult to carry them all at once…”

The space magic can’t contain living creatures, either.

“Then, shall we take the children to Lady Kanade first?”
“No, that would increase the anxiety of these children… Oh, right!! I’ll use the magic that Kanade taught me before!”

I found just the right magic!!

“Leo, we need to get the children’s parents out of the slums… no, at least the ones that are in the slums here.”




Kanade’s Point of View

The freshly baked, fluffy bread was a big hit with everyone.

“Mimily has never seen soft bread like this before!!”
“I love Mrs. Evelyn’s baguette, but I love this soft bread, too.”
“Both, yummy.”
“Oh my, thank you very much! Young Masters.”
“The bread Evelyn bakes is a piece of art, after all!”
“They are both delicious in different ways, aren’t they?”
“I love Mrs. Evelyn’s bread as well!”

We ate beef stew, grilled asparagus with tomatoes and cheese, avocado eggs, etc., with bread as our staple food. The salad with oranges is also excellent.

Wow. Everything’s so delicious!

“Lady Kanade, that home bakery thingy is so wonderful! I can’t believe you can make such delicious bread with just so few ingredients!!”
“Right! You can also add nuts and raisins to it, among others!!”
“Oh my, I see! Is this home bakery of yours in other houses as well?”
“It should be. The appearance of the equipment seems to be linked in all houses, so I think so?”
“If so, why don’t we bake some bread for the newcomers?”

I agreed with Evelyn’s suggestion, it was a good idea.

Later, the kids got so excited about putting ingredients into the home bakery that they started baking bread in all the home bakeries in the village, which resulted in a huge amount of bread. Little did I know that this would later turn out to be a very good thing!

“What do we do with this amount of bread……”

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