Chapter 25

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Home Bakery and Ideal Husband
Richmond’s Point of View

“What’s going over there!?”

As expected, those guarding this dungeon began to gather in a hurry when they heard the sound of a man slamming into the wall.

“Leo, take the kid and get out of here.”
“Yes, sir!”

I nodded to Leo, and he stepped back behind me with the child in his arms, who couldn’t understand what was going on, and looked ahead.

Three of them arrived with hurried footsteps.

“Mhm, just three. Not too many.”
“!! W, who are you!!”

The men with swords and axes stopped moving for a moment when they saw me, but quickly readied their weapons and began to threaten me.

“I don’t want to kill you, but I don’t know if I can take it easy on you… Well, don’t die if you can help it.”

Inhaling air in, I glared at the men and—

“Dragon’s Intimidation.”

A moment later, the men fell over, foaming at their mouths.

“… Lord Richmond, what did you just do?”

Leo asked me, not understanding what had happened in that split second. I told him that I had just “intimidated” them, and he nodded in understatement.

“Forget about that. Let’s go capture the lord.”
“What? We are going to leave the children here alone!?”
“Well, if we let them go first, we wouldn’t be able to go looking for the lord with them in tow. Besides, we don’t know what may happen from now on. It would be safer for them to stay here for the time being.”

But first, let’s tie up those lying around, so they can’t move.

“Understood. However, this child…”

He must have thought he was being left behind. I stroked the head of the little boy who was clinging to Leo’s legs.

“You seem to be able to move. Just take him with you.”

And so we left the dungeon in search of our lord.



Kanade’s Point of View

“Ahh, finally, a home bakery appeared!!”

I was jumping up and down at the home bakery that appeared under the influence of the level-up, when I felt Evelyn’s warm gaze on me, and I instantly felt embarrassed and wanted to bury myself in the dirt.

I mean, I can make bread easily now! I can’t help but be happy.

“Lady Kanade, what is the use of that thing?”


Evelyn, the mature one, pretended not to have seen my behavior and asked me smilingly.

“This you see, is for baking bread!”
“Bread… you say?”

Evelyn glanced at the oven.

She is very good at making baguettes, and I often have her make them for me. I guess she must be wondering, “Why would you need to bake with a box when we have an oven?”

“Ah~ this is not for the type of bread you make for me all the time, it’s for making Shokupan easily…”
“Hehh… umm, what kind of bread is this Shokupan?”

I see. She has never eaten fluffy bread like that.

“Since we can finally make it, let’s use this home bakery to show you!”

First, put milk, salt, bread flour, and granulated sugar in the home bakery, dig out the top of the pile of flour, and put dry yeast in it.
Put some butter in the corner, turn it on, and let it do the rest on its own!

“?? Lady Kanade, you were making a bread, right?”
“That’s right. Yes, this is an amazing machine, you just put in the ingredients, push the switch, and it does the rest by itself!”
“!? Don’t tell me that this box summons fairies inside to make bread!?”

What is that, a fairy tale?

“Evelyn, you are so cute.”

See, that reaction was cute, too.

“That must be why Logan is so crazy about you.”
“E, ehh!?”

Evelyn blushing red is just too cute.

“I want someone like Logan to be my husband, someone who will always be single-mindedly devoted to me. I want to be a couple like you and Logan!”

I’ve never met anyone like that in my past and present lives combined.

“Oh my. I thought you have never left the forest, Lady Kanade?”
“I went to the town of the Human race once, but I heard angry voices everywhere, and it was scary, so I hid in Richmond’s shadow for a long time.”
“I see. Human beings may seem scary to a pure Goddess like yourself. In the first place, Humans are not suitable for you, Lady Kanade.”

Ev, Evelyn, I am a human as well, though…

“Moreover, I don’t want to hand over Lady Kanade to a Human man. You know, every single Human except those in this village are dung.”

Huh? Am I going deaf?

“Y, you think so? Some of them might be good people like Leo…”
“All the Humans I have seen are people who cut others down when push comes to shove.”

Yep. That’s why she is here in the first place.

That’s right. In fact, Evelyn distrusts Humans~~~!!

“That being the case, I will beat up anyone who tries to approach you with ulterior motives, even if they were brought by Master Leo or Lord Richmond. Leave it to me.”

Bea…!? Wait a moment!? I won’t be able to get married if you do that, though!?

“However, Lady Kanade. Your ideal husband may be closer to you than you think.”

“…… Eh?”

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