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Today is an important day for me, Tsukino Sayo.
When I was small, I was abandoned by my parents, and since then, I have been living in an orphanage.
The orphanage’s director Tsukino Gen is my Foster Father, and his wife Tsukino Shizu is my Foster Mother. I have been carefully raised together with my best friend walking beside me is Tsukino Akari and other siblings.
The orphanage is located in a place away from the city with plenty of nature around. We were often running around~ The neighbors are also kind to us.
But, there’s no hospital close by, it’s really troublesome walking two hours to the nearest one.
Therefore, in order to be even a little useful to our foster parents, becoming doctors and opening a business next to the orphanage is my and Akari-chan’s dream.
Today is the first step towards our dream, the announcement of results of the medical university exams.

“Ugh~ I’m so nervous~ Akari-chan, are you not nervous?”

“What good would being nervous at this point be? Aren’t we just going to see the results today?”

“I mean~”

“I did what I could, so I will definitely pass♪ But, I don’t know about Sayo~ I’m afraid you’d mess up even the simplest things……”

“How cruel~ I also did it properly!”

“Yes, yes. Look, we have arrived.”

When we arrived at the university, because there were many people who came to see the announcement of the results, we have split and searched for our numbers.
After a short while, Akari-chan walked to my side.

“Sayo, how was it? I have naturally passed.”


Tears came out when I heard Akari-chan’s words.

“Eh, why are you crying!? Surely not.”

“It’s there…… it’s there~ Akari-cha~n…… gusu… with this, the two of us…… we can reach our dream.”

“Seriously, you have scared me…… In the first place, this is just the announcement of results, you will have to work hard from now on…… both of us. There, stop crying. We have to report to Foster Father and Foster Mother!”

“Sniff…… yes!


Urged by Akari-chan, we called foster parents.
Both Foster Father and Foster Mother were delighted and decided to celebrate with everyone when we return.
Because it’s far from the orphanage, it will be a night if we don’t return quickly.

“Akari-chan, let’s quickly return! There’s a feast today.”

“Hey, Sayo! I understand, so stop dragging me!”

We run towards the station in haste…… to the orphanage where everyone is waiting…… but, that day, I wasn’t able to return to everyone……


“…… Sayo! Sayo! Hold up!! The ambulance will come right away!”

Akari-chan, is shouting something…… huh? Is she crying?

“Akari-chan?…… What’s wrong? …… Don’t cry……”

I wonder what’s going on? I can’t talk properly…… My eyelids feel somewhat heavy.

“Sayo! I beg you!”

“Sor…… sleep……”

“You can’t! Don’t close your eyes! Sayo―――――”

Akari-chan is saying something, but her voice doesn’t reach me… I’m sorry, I’m really sleepy…… I will hear you out when I wake up, please don’t be angry…………………

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