Chapter 82

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Practice Circumstances?
The morning of the second day of training, Olivia was called by Albert before she went to Felice’s room in order to wake her up.
The scene she saw was different from the usual when she entered the room.
What laid before Olivia’s eyes were Felice splattered on the bed and Albert with a troubled face.

“Albert-sama, what’s going on with Felice-sama? You will be late for the practice if she doesn’t wake up soon. Felice-sama?”

“…… Olivia…… she won’t move”

“Won’t move!? Is she sick?”


“Umm, I can’t hear you?”

“My arms hurt.”

“Eh!? I will call healer immediately!”

“There’s no need. It’s a mere muscle pain.”

“…… Austin-san said that healers aren’t allowed.”

“Austin-sama did?”


“I have no idea what to do at a time like this.”

“You seem out of ideas, Albert-sama. Well then, I will massage it a little bit.”


“Then, I will go change my clothes. Olivia, help Feli change.”

“Yes, leave it to me.”

It seems she is suffering from muscular pain from yesterday’s practice.
The pain eased a little bit with Olivia’s message, she got helped with changing and went to have breakfast.
On the other hand, Riley came to Albert’s room after he changed his clothes, so Albert went for breakfast after explaining the situation.
When he explained to Claude and Samantha who were waiting, they wryly smiled at him.
Felice who was late finally arrived as well, so they talked about yesterday.

“He used that thing right away, huh.”

“The muscle pain was caused by the wooden sword swinging though. Okaasama knows the Whack-a-monster too?”

“It’s something invented by the Founder King after all. I’m told he made it as a plaything for children.”


“That’s right. When Ojiisama’s dwarven friend was making it, their beastman friend told them “they might as well train while playing” to which their elven friend responded with “let them train their judgment ability while at it” and it gradually turned out like that.”

“After that, once it was completed, their magician friend thought “let’s make it more interesting” without anybody knowing.”

“We did it too when we were young. It was fun at first…… until that time.”

“Ahh, level eleven, right? Just how many times did I break it with magic?”

“That’s right! It became serious from there on and rather than having fun “as if I’m going to lose” is what I felt like.”

“I understand…… I understand! Okaasama.”

“I’m still at level two~”

The discussion became lively, but it was almost time for their lesson, so Felice and Albert returned to the classroom.
After waiting for a while, today’s teacher Lewis entered the room.

“I will be in charge today. Let’s work hard”

“”We will be in your care.””

“Even if it’s general education, those are things you two know to a certain extent. Is there something you want to know?”


Albert vigorously raised his hand at Lewis’ question.

“Go ahead, Albert.”

“Please teach me the method to distinguish goblin children!”

“…… What did you say?”

“Lewis-san, I will explain”

Felice talked about the Whack-a-monster and Albert.
Lewis nodded in understanding and wryly smiled.

“That thing is certainly nasty.”

“Isn’t it! Even though there’s no way I would make a mistake if it was the real thing!”

“Because Okaasama said that it’s for forging one’s judgment ability, was it made cutely on purpose?”

“That’s incorrect. It had the same face as the real thing at the beginning, but the children would cry and not approach it, so it turned out like that.”

“So, how do you distinguish it?”

“It wouldn’t have a meaning if you didn’t notice it yourself, so I will give you only a hint. Try carefully looking at the face parts.”


“Since it’s just right, let me teach you about the racial differences and distinctions today.”

After that, Lewis was teaching about racial differences.

Lifespan… an average of 70 years.
Magical power… initial numerical value 20-3000 points (present records)
Mainly use of attribute magic.
The most numerous among the races that currently exist.

Lifespan… an average of 100 years.
Magical power… initial numerical value 10-500 points (present records)
Have animal ears and tails, characteristics differ according to the variety.
Mainly use attribute magic, capable of telepathy.

Lifespan… an average of 800 years.
Magical power… initial numerical value 3000-5000 points (present records)
Sharper and longer ears than humans.
Mainly use spirit magic.

Lifespan… an average of 150 years.
Magical power… initial numerical value 50-400 points (present records)
The average height of the adults is 140-150cm, have muscular bodies.
Mainly use attribute magic, but don’t fight with magic that much.

“This is roughly about it. To be honest, I was startled by your magical power numerical value during your Appraisal, Felice. I heard you increased it even further with training from Claude yesterday.”

“Yes, I was taught by Al.”

“We will have people with low magical power try it.”

After that, the two reviewed the nobility etiquette they are poor at and the morning lesson came to an end.
And this afternoon, Albert was brimming with motivation.
When they finished preparing just like yesterday, Blake arrived.

“I will be teaching you today. Let’s do it”

“”Please, take care of us!””

“Then, let’s start with the basic training.”


We did ten laps around the practice field as told by Blake, then Albert who stood before the Whack-a-monster laughed ominously.

“Fu fu fu…… this time came at last. You better prepare yourself!”

“…… What is he doing, that Albert.”

“Haha…… please leave him alone.”

Felice continued the level two from yesterday and while occasionally receiving advice from Blake, she advanced to level five.
As for Albert,

“A child again!? How do you distinguish it by face! I don’t understand what’s different!”


“It was a goblin!? In the first place, why is a monster so cute? I wouldn’t make a mistake if it was the real thing!”

His voice resounded around.
In the end, he wasn’t able to clear it that day.
The hand to hand combat training started despite the disheartened Albert.

“I will have you remember the form first. Felice, try hitting this with all your strength.”

Blake took out a mat-like thing from his item ring and tied it around a tree.
Felice hit it with her all as told.


“……… It was all your strength, right?”

“………… Yes…… t, the muscle pain!”

“Your muscle pain was relieved with massage, right? It’s all right, we have just begun.”

“It’s as Albert says. Let’s leave power for later, let’s make sure your form is correct first.”


Blake taught Felice the basic form.

1… grasping the dominant hand in a fist, pull it below the armpit with the back of the hand facing down and hold in a state where you can thrust.

2… taking a solid stance, thrust straight forward as if rubbing the body with the elbow.

Spontaneously screw the fist from the beginning of the thrust, make sure the fist is upright at the time of impact.
The shoulders must be facing forward when thrusting, the fist mustn’t be askew.

Felice tried slowly repeating what Blake taught her a few times before trying to hit the mat again.


“Ah…… did I do it?”

“It’s not perfected yet, but the sound is different from before, right? It’s proof that your power didn’t escape while throwing the fist. Felice, you continue doing just that. Let your body precisely memorize the form without thinking about the power.”


“Albert, you try hitting this.”

What Blake took out for Albert was a metal board.

“This is…… mithril?”


When Blake nodded in satisfaction, Albert panicked a little.

“No, no! My current strength is at the level of an average A-rank adventurer, you know!? No matter how you look at it, this is impossible! Blake, can you, the master do it!?”

“What are you saying? …… There’s no way I can.”

“See, you can’t! Don’t let me do it then!”

“If it’s you…… no, I know. Then, use this.”

Because of Albert’s protesting, Blake took out the next thing.

“A metal again? …… It’s iron, isn’t it?”

“I can do it with iron, so you should be fine too, right?”

“Well, I should be fine…… I think? …… Master, what are you doing?”

Blake who heard Albert’s reply took out five more iron boards from his item ring, making it six boards in total.
By the way, the thickness of each board is about 10cm.

“Alright, this should be fine? Albert, give it a try.”

“…… Hey, how many boards do you use when you are doing it, Master?”

“I…… do four boards.”

Albert silently took a stance before the iron boards with his mouth twitching.
After that, the iron boards broke into pieces with Albert echoing shout, but Blake added the iron boards one after another and this continued until he ran out of iron boards.
Felice was practicing in silence while giving the two a sidelong glance, but she found the exhausted Albert slightly pitiful in various ways, so she gently patted his head.

“Al, are you okay? To break the iron boards into so many pieces, amazing! So cool!”


He suddenly embraced Felice as his lost vigor recovered.

“Thank you, Feli! The diligently training Feli is also cute!”


There was no reply to Al’s words.

“N? …… Feli?”

“Albert…… she fainted.”


When Albert looked at Felice in panic after hearing Blake, her eyes certainly rolled backward.

“It seems she hit her head when she fell.”


Blake stopped Albert who wanted to lift Feli in panic. Because she seemed to be fine when Blake checked her condition, Albert carried her to her room and the practice ended for today.

“It seems there won’t be a problem using mithril next time.”

Blake muttered such lastly.

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