Chapter 126

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Divulged identity!?
When Felice, Albert, and Gai warped to Claude, the slave trader Kuzuo opened his eyes in shock and the two slaves showed a slight reaction but did not move.
As for Claude and others, they did not seem to mind Kuzuo’s group at all as they were nonchalantly talking among themselves.

“You came too, Feli?” (Claude)

“Yeah! I wanted to see Fenrir!” (Felice)

“I see. You can’t approach until we are certain that it’s safe, okay?” (Claude)

“Yess~” (Felice)

“It’s fine. I will catch it for you.” (Albert)

“I will leave it to you. Gai, that man talked about a retainer of the Demon Lord who got defeated by a Hero, what do you think?” (Claude)

“There certainly was a Fenrir, but that fellow… can you leave it to me, Claude?” (Gai)

“Yeah, of course.” (Claude)

Receiving permission from Claude, Gai approached the man that was a descendant of Fenrir.

“Hey you, Fenrirs don’t share their blood with other races, no? Aren’t you a Fenrir yourself?” (Gai)

“… Don’t know.”

“There’s no way you don’t know, right? My voice should sound familiar to you. Remember, you know me. Because this voice… is the voice of the man who killed your Lord.” (Gai)

“Killed my Lord… don’t be ridicu… you are lying… that fellow is a human, he can’t be alive!”

“Oy! Who gave you permission to speak!” (Kuzuo)

“Shut up!”

“Wha!? Are you talking back to your master!?” (Kuzuo)

“Ah~ yes, yes, you be quiet over there. You are getting in the way.” (Gai)

“You… mu!?” (Kuzuo)

Gai who silenced Kuzuo with magic spoke up again to the disordered guard man.

“Well~ that fellow was such a dunce~ He trusted his own power too much and his life was instantly at risk. To think someone like that was the Demon Lord. Truly… it was natural for that fellow to get killed.” (Gai)

“… I don’t care whether you are the Hero or not, I will tear you to pieces and devour you!”

When the man shouted, his body disappeared in a blanket of light and once the light subsided, a five-meter tall, silver-colored beast, a Fenrir, appeared.
Seeing that form, Kuzuo fell on his backside and Claude and others put themselves on guard, but a smile floated on Gai’s face, while Albert tightly caught and pacified Felice who was ready to jump at the Fenrir.
The female guard was silently standing still.

“As expected.” (Albert)

“Kya~! Al! Al, Al! Look, look!” (Felice)

“Yes, yes, how majestic. Calm down~” (Albert)

“Garuuu… you better be resolved!” (Fenrir)

“Resolved? … Then, I shall discipline you.” (Gai)

Gai released his magical power that he usually concealed.
That magical power instantly sent the Fenrir into chaos.
That’s because what he felt from that magical power was indeed the Hero’s magical power, but also the magical power of his own Lord, the Demon Lord.

“What’s the meaning of this! Why do I feel Lars-sama’s magical power from you!” (Fenrir)

“That’s because the Hero and the Demon Lord became one! Although I say that, the Hero’s soul had already moved on!” (Gai)

“Became one!? Eh, then, you basta… you are…” (Fenrir)

“You have quite the guts calling your master names! I am going to thoroughly re-discipline you so be happy… Wilhelm!” (Gai)

“Lars-sama!? Wai, gyaa——-!!” (Wilhelm)

“Ha ha ha! There, there, what’s the matter!” (Gai)

Albert had to stop Felice who tried to join in the fun of the desperately escaping Fenrir and Gai with a barrier, Claude restricted Kuzuo in the midst of the confusion and the female guard slowly walked towards Albert.
No one except Gai and the Fenrir who warned Albert noticed, but the woman suddenly kneeled before Albert.
Albert asked Felice to not speak via telepathy and spoke to the woman.

“The magical power I felt from the barrier you erected before… it’s an honor to be able to meet you in this lifetime. Lord Dragon God.”

“Heeh, you noticed from that little amount? You are quite good.” (Albert)

“No, I feel sorry for appearing before you looking like this.”

“Indeed, but let me introduce myself first. I am Kokuryuu Fearfal, currently living as a human Albert.” (Albert)

“Human, is it? … I am Zoe of Dragon people.” (Zoe)

“Dragon people like yourself are the strongest among Beastmen, no? There’s that Fenrir too, but how did you become a slave?” (Albert)

“T, that’s…” (Zoe)

“Since that slave trader got caught, you will be handed to another slave trader if you are a regular slave, but you can be released from the slavery if you are an illegal slave. That’s why saying everything is in your favor.” (Albert)

“… I left my home two years ago, but I got injured on my travels and got treated by villagers from a certain village. One day, that village got attacked by bandits. I fought but because of my injuries, I lost my sight and got captured.” (Zoe)

“What about the village?” (Albert)

“The elderly were killed, others were captured like myself.” (Zoe)

“I see… anyhow, stand up for the time being. We have to hear that fellow’s side too.” (Albert)

“Yes.” (Zoe)

Albert who was putting effort into holding Felice’s hand so she wouldn’t rush towards the Fenrir called out to Gai.

“Oi~! Leave it at that!” (Albert)

“A little more is surely fine!” (Gai)

“We still have things to do, so stop it already.” (Albert)

“Got it.” (Gai)

When Gai stopped chasing, the Fenrir sunk to the floor.

“Zee~… zee~…” (Wilhelm)

“Pathetic, you are out of breath just from that~ V, why did you take on the form of a Beastman slave?” (Gai)

“… I became a slave when I became too weak from having my powers sealed. I took on this form when I heard from Liverte that you have been sealed in this country, Lars-sama.” (Wilhelm)

“Where did she heard that from?” (Gai)

“Who knows? I was half in doubt in the beginning too, but the retainer mark had not disappeared… right! We have to contact Liverte!” (Wilhelm)

“Ah~ no need to do that. Liverte had died.” (Gai)

“Wha!? Liverte died? Just who had…” (Wilhelm)

“It was me.” (Gai)

“Why!? Liverte was your close associate, was she not?” (Wilhelm)

“That woman hurt my precious. It was enough of a reason to kill her, no?” (Gai)

“!?…… Yes.” (Wilhelm)


Although blind, Wilhelm who felt an unpleasant aura coming out of Gai hid his tail in between his legs and trembled.
Felice who couldn’t stand that spoke to Gai.

“Gai, he looks pitiful.” (Felice)

“N~ got it.” (Gai)

“Liverte, was she that demon from the kidnapping incident?” (Albert)

“Yeah, but why did they have to start looking for me now of all times…” (Gai)

“Umm, Lars-sama, Gai is?” (Wilhelm)

“It’s my name. The name my Master gave me.” (Gai)

“Ah, a master!? To think Lars-ama too… just who is it! I will immediately take care of that fellow and free you!” (Wilhelm)

“”Yeah?”” (Gai & Albert)

Gai’s Master is Felice.
And Wilhelm spoke of killing that very Felice.
Of course, Albert and Gai who hold her dear couldn’t stay silent and Wilhelm was struck with the bloodthirst of a Dragon God and Demon Lord at once.
Wilhelm was naturally shocked by the anger shown by the Dragon God, but so was Zoe.

“La, Lars-sama?” (Wilhelm)

“Wilhelm… I told you why Liverte had to die, right? My precious whom she hurt… is the number one on my precious list, my Master.” (Gai)

“Gai, your pet dog lacks discipline. Shall I help you with that?” (Albert)

“Indeed… how about it, Wilhelm? This fellow here is a Dragon God, want to receive a joint discipline from the two of us?” (Gai)

“Dragon God…” (Wilhelm)

Wilhelm who understood the situation acted quickly on his instincts.
He quickly lied on the ground and showed his belly.
In other words, he was in a submissive pose.
However, there’s no way the two would be moved by his attitude.
It was Felice who stopped them.

“Stop it! Mr. Mofu… Mr. Fenrir is trembling! Don’t bully Mr. Mofumo… Mr. Fenrir! Mr. Mofumofu said that because he likes you, Gai! You can’t get angry at that, okay!” (Felice)

“He became Mr. Mofumofu at last.” (Albert)

“Feli… that fellow’s name is Wilhelm. He won’t have any dignity left after being called Mr. Mofumofu…” (Gai)

“Ah… sorry. Right, I have to heal Wilhelm-san’s and Zoe-san’s eyes.” (Felice)

“”Wha?”” (Wilhelm & Zoe)

“Restoration.” (Felice)

Wilhelm and Zoe’s bodies got wrapped up in warm light and the two’s crushed eyes got restored.
Before they noticed, a gently smiling Felice was standing before the two’s eyes.

“”… Eh?”” (Wilhelm & Zoe)

“How do you do, I am Felice.” (Felice)

“Wilhelm, this child is my Master.” (Gai)

“I am Kokuryuu Fearfal. If you put your hands on Feli I will erase you anytime.” (Albert)

While looking at the three lined up with Felice in the center, the cogs in Wilhelm and Zoe’s heads were turning.

(Is that a human child? Why is Lars-sama’s Master… or is she perhaps camouflaged? I have never heard of humans using recovery magic to restore missing body parts! However, why is she looking at me with that gaze? It’s as if she was looking at her prey. She might leap at me any time. Moreover, her hands seem to be excited since a while ago. Well, leaving that aside, for Lars-sama to be obeying her… is that child perhaps…) Wilhelm

(My crushed eyes were healed!? She appears to be a human child, but her magic as well as the gaze that looks like it wants to devour Wilhelm… they are the eyes of a hunter. However, why do her hands seem so excited? Well, let’s leave that for later. What I am curious the most about is Fearfal-sama’s state. Lords Dragon Gods should be apathetic to others… with the exception of their mates. From the talk before, Fearfal-sama seems to be spending his days as a human, is that child perhaps…?) Zoe

Felice who got worried from seeing them standing in silence stopped moving her hands and inquired with a frown.

“Umm, are you feeling okay? Are you hurting somewhere?” (Felice)

“”!? I, I am fine!”” (Wilhelm & Zoe)

“I was just absentminded because I didn’t think my eyes would be healed.” (Wilhelm)

“Me too. I had already given up on them.” (Zoe)

“I see. I am glad they are healed now!” (Felice)

“”Yes! Thank you very much!”” (Wilhelm & Zoe)

“Great Demon Lord!” (Wilhelm)

“Mistress!” (Zoe)

“… Eh?” (Felice)

“”Bufu!”” (Albert & Gai)

Bewildered by Wilhelm’s “Great Demon Lord” and Zoe’s “Mistress” call, Albert and Gai spat out. Gai also took it a step further as he fell down on his knees with his body shaking.
In the first place, the reasons they spurt out wasn’t the same, though.

“Hih… s, stop it… kuh… I will die…” (Gai)

“… Cause of death: laughter?” (Albert)

“I, I mean. Pufu… h, he said Great Demon Lord… hihi…” (Gai)

“By the way, does Great Demon Lord even exist?” (Albert)

“Who knows? I don’t know. He often appeared in the books V read when he was little.” (Gai)

“Hmm… still that Zoe, she said something unnecessary…” (Albert)

“She’s not wrong or anything, though. Rather, the person in question is not aware yet. Why don’t you talk to Feli already?” (Gai)

“I, it’s not the right time.” (Albert)

“The right time, huh~”

While Albert and Gai were talking, Felice was thinking about what they said.

(Errm~ Zoe-san called me Mistress, right? Is this because of the “Dragon God’s Favor” in my status? And Wilhelm-san must have called me Great Demon Lord because I am Gai’s Master, no? Anyhow, I have to resolve this misunderstanding.) Felice

Felice somehow tried to resolve the misunderstanding Wilhelm had about her, but it did not go well.

“Umm! I am not the Great Demon Lord.” (Felice)

“Eh!? You are not?” (Wilhelm)

“Correct! I am——” (Felice)

“What have I done… please forgive me! Evil God-sama!” (Wilhelm)

“Evi… evi!?” (Felice)

“Bufuoh! S, seriously, spare me… hii… kuku…” (Gai)

“Whoa~ you are laughing too much, Gai.” (Albert)

“Ohh, so Mistress was Evil God-sama, huh… Dragon God and Evil God… is this okay?” (Zoe)

“Y, you are wrong——” (Felice)

Felice became “Great Demon Lord” and “Evil God”.

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