Chapter 25

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Roast Beef Donburi
“Alright, let’s do it!!”
“Let’s do it!”

I roll up my sleeves in front of the ingredients in the kitchen.

The lined-up ingredients are beef, onion, lettuce, daikon, sesame seeds, eggs, sauce, and seasonings.

What I’m cooking, this time is Roast Beef Donburi.

Roast Beef Bowl is a specialty that has recently become popular all over Japan.

It’s a dish with a slightly haughty image, but in fact, it’s a dish that can be easily cooked at home.

“Because I’m cooking for this much people, I would like Tina to use the stove and do as I do.”

First, I grate the garlic and knead it into the cooled beef and then I let the beef return to a normal temperature.

In the meant time, I finely chop the onions and leave them as it is.

You may grate the onions, but I personally think that finely chopped onions are crispier and taste more delicious.

“Good, let’s roast now!”

When the meat returns to a normal temperature, I sprinkle it with salt and pepper, dribble it with olive oil and put in into a frying pan.

The meat loudly intertwines with the oil as if dancing.

After that, I roast it for two minutes.

This time around, I use a medium flame.

After roasting it for two minutes, I cover it with a lid and let it cook for six minutes on a gentle flame.

After six minutes, I would normally wrap the roasted meat into an aluminum foil for 30 minutes.

But, this world hasn’t invented aluminum foil yet, therefore, I have decided to use the cooking paper instead.

By the way, this process is in order to prevent the juices from escaping.

When you cut the roast beef, the juices will immediately flow out.

By letting the meat rest for a while, the juices spread through the entire meat.

“Now then, sauce, let’s make the sauce!!”

The sauce can be called the life of the meat dishes.

I decided to make a popular onion sauce this time.

“First, I throw the finely cut onion in the frying pan in which I roasted the meat……”

And cook it over a gentle flame until it becomes amber.

Then, I throw in a tablespoon of soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, and water, add a small amount of ginger and throw in a little of gochujang-like mustard.

The meat juices intertwine with the onions and seasonings and create an appetizing scent.

Crap, I’m so hungry.

This will definitely be delicious with rice.

“Lightly boil…… and it’s done!!”
“I’m also done!”

With this, the main protagonists, the meat, and onion sauce are done.

From here on out, I will make the sauce even more delicious.

The white sauce that stores sell with their Roast Beef Donburi──the creating of yogurt sauce.

“Umm, I’m certain it was 2 big yogurts, 1 big mayonnaise, a little of lemon and garlic, mix it and…… done!”

By the way, the mayonnaise is homemade.

The taste is not as good as the ones in Japan, but it doesn’t change the fact that it tastes like mayo.

This is indispensable dressing for a mayo lover like me.

After cutting the lettuce, all ingredients for the roast beef donburi are complete.

“Now then, let’s arrange the food!”

First, I season the cooked rice with the onion sauce.

After that, I serve the rice into a bowl and lay the lettuce on it.

Rice is the best side dish for the Roast Beef.

I should serve plentiful.

Next, arrange the thinly sliced roast beef around the bowl side by side like a flower.

After placing the beef, pour the onion sauce over it and finish with egg yolk at the top.

Lastly, spread the yogurt sauce and sprinkle it with sesame seeds……

“Aiiight!! It’s done!!”
“Waaaaa!! It looks delicious!!”

Not being able to forget the taste of the popular Roast Beef Donburi for which I had to stand in line for two hours, I tried to recreate it by trial and error.

Among the dishes I can cook, this falls into the category I’m quite confident in.

One of the best Roast Beef Doburi’s points is that it looks『Unreasonably delicious』.

Green, red, yellow, the colors look nice and the scent it emits is excellent.

Rather, is it only me looking at the raw egg as if it was the most delicious thing in the world?

“Now Tina, we made a lot so let’s eat a lot!”

The memory of the time when I part-time worked at a chain store in Japan revives.

Similar to those days, I and Tina steadily made Roast Beef Donburi for everyone.


“W, what is this dish!?”
“What…… is this?”

The staff became amazed when we carried in the Roast Beef Donburi.

They stared at the Roast Beef Donburi which they haven’t seen before with great interest.

“Ah, but, it smells good……”
“I somehow feel absurdly hungry!”

It seems they were quickly enchanted with Roast Beef Donburi’s excellence.

Not yet.

It’s still too early to be surprised.

“This meat seems to be raw…… is it safe to eat?”
“Yes, it’s alright. Rather, it’s delicious because it’s not overcooked. Now everyone, please eat!”

Everyone timidly tastes the Roast Beef.

The dining room instantly becomes shocked as if struck with thunder.

“T, this!?”
“D, delicious!! What’s this!?”
“Really!! I haven’t eaten anything so delicious before!!”

In the blink of an eye, everyone was happily eating the Roast Beef Donburi.

Delicious, delicious, the dining room was stormed with praises.

“A huge success, Takuma-sama!”

I decided to start eating my share of Roast Beef.

“N…… delicious.”

Gentle, soft roast beef has intertwined with the sweet onion sauce and refreshing yogurt sauce and created an exquisite taste.

My mouth is melting.

I can’t get enough of this beef.

There’s no way that this roast beef soaked in onion sauce and served with rice wouldn’t be delicious.

I want to give the rice a price for the best chemistry with the meat.

When I poke the yolk, it spreads all over the meat and creates a surprisingly mild taste.

My chopsticks can’t stop.

Delicious, ah too delicious.

In a while, I ate the whole thing without leaving a single grain of rice.

“Thank you for the meal!”
“Ah~, that was tasty!”
“It was worth working so hard, really.”

I’m happy that everyone looks satisfied.

Because only the night staff stayed until the end, I think I will treat the others another time.

Delicious things should be shared.

“Nevertheless, Takuma-kun, you are really great! You created the Hot Springs and you can even cook!”
“Really, my lazy son should follow your example!”
“T, that’s…… exaggeration.”

But, being praised feels good after all.

When people say that they like the food that I myself have cooked, my heart feels so joyous it can’t be expressed in words.

Let’s also work hard tomorrow.

I thought so.

“Well then everyone, thank you for your hard work today! Be sure to not oversleep the morning attendance tomorrow!”
“Thank you for your hard work!”
“Thank you for your hard work, Takuma-kun! Thank you for the meal!”
“See you tomorrow! Thank you for today, Takuma-kun!”

The first day of the business ended like this.

The store opens tomorrow in the morning.

After resting my belly for a while, I will enter the Hot Springs and sleep after that.

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