Chapter 24

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First Day, Successfully Finished!
21:00 on the day of the opening.

“Thank you very much!! We will await your next visit!!”

The thread of tension has snapped with the sending of the last customer.

“It’s oveeeeeeer…….!!”

I sank down in the lobby while deeply sighing.

We have been working since the morning until now.

To think I would become a corporate slave after coming to a different world.

“Thank you for your hard work, Takuma-sama!”
“Thank you, Tina.”

Tina brought me a Coffee Milk.

Gulpgulp, I drink it in one go.

The cold Coffee Milk really hit the spot after the hard work.

“Ah~ finally done!”
“More people than I thought came!”
“Alright! For now, Hot Springs, Hot Springs!”

The staff has gathered one after another.

Everyone’s expression is cheerful, they are full of sense of accomplishment.

“Thank you for your hard work, Chief.”
“Ah, Kevin, good job.”

The blonde boy in charge of reception, Kevin came with a bundle of papers in his hand.

“How many people came?”
“Mmm, total of 2432 people.”
“W, wha……!? That many came!?”
“Yes. Approximately 1800 people came with the Service Coupon. The effect was extraordinary.”

Nevertheless, 2432 people.


But well, I can agree with that in a sense.

The Service Coupon’s impact was big, but the biggest reason that this much people came, is because not everyone is used to take such long baths.

I leave the Hot Springs roughly after 30 minutes.

As expected, did they get dizzy because it’s their first experience and left quicker?

If something like that didn’t happen, it wouldn’t be possible to handle 2400 people.

“Then, the sales that everyone is curious about?”
“Yes. The Hot Springs fee, Coffee Milk and the renting fees……”


“554,600 Ells.”

Ohhh, such sound resounds around.

“Even with 1800 people using the Service Coupon, didn’t we make quite a lot?”

Umu, umu, Eiri folds her arms and nods.

“550,000 Ells, huh~…… I could eat Omurice until I had enough~”

Tina says with some fluffy delusions.

She seems happy, that’s the best.

“However, 550,000 on the first day, huh……”

The breakdown is as follows.


Service Coupon (Adults) 1514 people x 100 Ells = 151,400 Ells.

Service Coupon (Children) 300 people x 0 Ells = 0 Ells.

Normal Fee (Adults) 356 people x 400 Ells = 142,400 Ells.

Normal Fee (Children) 262 people x 200 Ells = 52,400 Ells.

Coffee Milk 1247 bottles x 100 Ells = 124,700 Ells.

Rental Fees 83,700 Ells.

A total of 554,600 Ells.


I still need to deduct labor cost, restocking of Coffee Milk, supplement costs, and Liz’s income.

“If it continues like this, the income won’t be funny……”

After all, once the Service Coupons expire, everyone will have to pay the full price.

I did some calculation and if everyone paid the full price the sales would cross over 1 million.

No doubt, the weekly earnings would be more than what I earn for gathering Magic Stones.

It’s to the extent I’m thinking about making a living just from this.

Is Hot Springs perhaps my WangJiang?

“Hey, it’s not good to get carried away.”

Of course, it’s not like everything went smoothly.

In spite of my instructions, there were adventurers who went it despite being bloody and there was a demi-human child who was happily running and faceplanted the floor.

There was also lizard demi-human who didn’t have a sense of taste which told me that the water was delicious.

In addition, the parts of the machine that replaces the water stopped working and the dirty water has accumulated.

There was also a disturbance when Eiri got in a fight with a young man over the Coffee Milk and slapped his cheek with all her strength.

There’s a lot of things I need to keep thinking about.

But, there wasn’t any conspicuous injury nor a case of robbery so I think the results were quite satisfying.

I have asked for Customers’ impressions when they were leaving, but everyone said that it was wonderful and that they never felt so comfortable.

I was worried about other races than humans not being okay with entering the hot springs nude, but that was a needless worry.

It seems that every race experienced the hot springs’ comfortableness.

“All right! Well, at any rate, thank you for your hard work, everyone!”
“””Thank you for your hard work!!!!”””

Of course, it’s not like the work ends with this.

The staff still needs to clean the bathtubs, they need to order the fixtures and finish the unfinished work.

“Now then, let’s work hard for one more hour! After you finish, you can enter the Hot Springs and stay for a meal! I will be cooking today!!”
“The long-awaited Hot Springs!! Wait, you can cook as well!?”
“Yay!! I can exert myself with this!!”
“Great!! Chief’s generous!!”

Everyone’s vigor is terrific.

As expected, there is nothing more attractive than food after hard work.

The staff has scattered at their appointed places.

I thought while blankly looking at the scene.

── The people of this world, don’t they have way too much stamina?

What a pleasant miscalculation.

Apparently, the work they did until now was several times harder, because they experienced long physical labor every day until now, there was no one that was exhausted.

Everyone moved swiftly back to work as if natural.

Thanks to the excellent rotation.

“Tina, you okay? Are you tired?”

I ask Tina who worked the whole day just like me.

I called out to her during the day, but Tina worked hard the whole day without showing exhaustion.

I’m worried whether she accumulated fatigue.

“Yes! I’m alright! I understand why, but my body feels light for some reason!”

It seems that Tina also isn’t tired.

“Rather, even someone like me isn’t tired from all that……”
“That so?”
“Yes. Even though I have worked for 12 hours straight, I mysteriously feel no fatigue.”

Fatigue comes in hands with physical labor.

Normally, if I worked this much, I would feel the drive to dive into the bed and lie down until I recovered.

Even though I was gasping for breath after working for five hours in Japan……

As expected, there is something going on.

With Tina, with me.

It’s not like I have attended a physical reinforcement program so how do I have so much stamina?

I always feel like I drank an energy drink.


“Well, it’s not like I will be troubled with more physical strength, there¨s nothing to worry about.”

This is a different world.

Previously, I sent the delinquent which was assaulting Eiri flying, it may have something to do with this world’s correction.

If I think about this like that, I can consent.

“Takuma-sama, Takuma-sama!”

My cuffs were being pulled.

“N, what’s wrong, Tina?”
“Did I do well today?”

Tina asks with trembling in excitement.

It goes without saying.

“Yes, you have worked amazingly hard. Honestly, you were a great help.”

I pat Tina’s head the usual way.

The silky touch tickles my palm.

Tina who is getting patted looks more comfortable and happy than usual.

“Why do you suddenly ask that?”
“Ah, umm…… that is……”

When I ask, Tina gets somewhat uneasy.

Her eyes floated here and there for a while, but she answered somewhat sorrowfully.

“…… Takuma-sama is an amazing person. You are strong, your head is excellent…… and above all you are kind……”

Tina tightly closes her fist,

“How long am I going to depend on Takuma-sama’s kindness like a spoiled child…… I would like to be useful, if possible.”

Tina is saying that she wants to return the favor of saving her.

(I see, so that’s the reason……)

I got a little surprised.

This girl called Tina may be more mature than I thought.

Tina’s spirit who would like to work for my sake is wonderful.

But, I thought at the same time.

(This feeling, I can’t be accepting it all the time……)

If the present circumstances continue, Tina may grow up while depending on me.

I crouch and matched Tina’s eyes.

“There’s no need to dedicate your life to me, you know?”
“Eh…… what does that……”
“Tina will soon become an adult and you will have to make much decision by yourself.”

Although I don’t know if that’s in five years, or ten years.

As children leave their parents, a day where Tina will leave me for a journey will surely come.

“That time, I want Tina to decide herself what she wants to do. Because it’s your life, you don’t have to work here. You received a new life with great troubles, I would like Tina to do as Tina wants.”

In this way, I started the hot springs myself.

I would like Tina to find her goal the same way I did.

“What I, want to do……”

Tina thinks with a small frown on her face.

I got a little worried that it may have been too early for Tina, but before long, her usual smile bloomed on her face.

“I understand nodesu! I will work hard in order to find what I want to do!”
“Yep, that’s the spirit.”

It seems that my words transmitted properly.

…… Probably.

“Ah, but, until I find what I want to do……”

Tina crosses her arms over my neck,

“Until then, let me please work hard by Takuma-sama’s side!”

She said with a powerful smile that bloomed like sunflowers.

“Yes. Please take care of me.”

I thought that if possible, I would like her to stay in these hot springs as an apprentice.

“Now then, let’s make a meal for everyone.”
“Takuma-sama! What are you going to make today?”
“N~, today, huh~……”

I intend to make a dish that I have been saving up until now.

I write the recipe in my head while walking towards the kitchen.

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