Chapter 32

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Inspection Date Decided!
Today was also a prosperous day for Isekai Onsen.

It became a trend to enter the bath during work.

There weren’t many people in the morning, but people poured in during the lunch break.

Still, the strong staff overcame the peak time splendidly.

Two weeks after the opening.

The staff rotation became smooth compared to the early days.

The skill of the staff has been increasing day by day.

After working almost every day, they mastered their movements.

I also almost died during the first week in my part-time job, but I got used to it the next week.

You get used to working.

“What is it, Kevin?”

Kevin who finished guiding the visitors came to talk.

“There’s a person wanting to see Chief at the entrance.”

When I come to the entrance,

“You are working vigorously, Takuma-dono.”
“Mr. Person in charge of collecting.”
“Call me properly.”
“Ah, I’m sorry. Ummm……”
“It’s Iksu.”

The person in charge of the collection extends his hand.

“Though it’s quite late.”

After shaking his hand, I entrust the Onsen to Kevin and we walk to the church.

“What business do you have with me?”
“It’s about the inspection. The date has been decided.”

The announcement of the judgment day, huh.

I ask about it.

“Then, when is it?”
“A week after the next Monday.”

That means, uhh…… 11 days.

“The inspection schedule is busy, see. They couldn’t come next week.”
“That’s alright, but…… what kind of person will come?”

When I ask, Iksu puts a hand on his mouth and whispers into my ear,

“The name’s Olmes, quite a big shot from the castle.”
“Why is such a great person coming!?”
“Ah. The truth is, it was actually planned for a lower-ranked noble to be dispatched at first, but it seems the right for inspection was snatched away from them.”
“What kind of abuse of authority is this?
“Anyway, they will apparently come incognito.”
“How should I deal with this?”

To go that far to snatch the right for inspection away.

I wonder what aroused that person’s interest.

“Make sure to not be careless.”
“I will do my best.”

The survival of the Onsen is at stake.

We definitely must satisfy that person’s heart in order to continue operating.

I have to come up with measures in the remaining 11 days.

“That was all I wanted to say. I’m going back.”
“Ah, wait a second please.”

I brought a bag from another room.

“Magic Stones?”
“Yes. It’s only what I gathered today, though. I was thinking you could exchange it now.”
“That is reasonable. All right, wait a moment.”

The appraisal beings as usual.

Since the amount is not a lot, it doesn’t take much time.

“Mu, this is……”
“What’s wrong?”
“You have dug up a rare Magic Stone.”

I take a look.

“Ah, this. When I was digging this morning, that stone was pulsing……”

A column-shaped transparent, shining blue Magic Stone was on Iksu’s palm.

“This isa Reverberation Magic Stone. It can record surroundings for a period of time when you pour magic inside it.”
“Heeeh~ Is it something like a video camera?”

It apparently can project the recorded scene on the stone itself.

“You have excavated quite a rare Magic Stone. The price is quite high for this.”
“Ohh, great!”

After the appraisal finished, Iksu handed me money and left.

The little extra money put me in a good mood and I started thinking about how to deal with the Lord Inspector.


“Now then, volunteers who have gathered.”

Late night after work.

A full force of night shift members has gathered in the conference room.

10 people including Eiri and Tina.

Everyone looks puzzled at the first meeting after the before the opening of the business one.

“The topic, this time, is about the inspection that is planned for the next week after Monday.”

I explained about the inspection that is going to happen after 10 days.

“I would like everyone to have a Coffee Milk and give ideas about how to satisfy the inspector.”

The discussion begins.

“Since the inspector is a high-ranked noble, how about replacing the Eltos Volcano drawing with a drawing of the castle?”
“Although it’s not a bad plan, I don’t feel the labor would be worth the effect.”
“How about handing free pass tickets to the Hot Springs?”
“It would work for commoners, but. I’m doubtful about a noble. Even if he comes again, it’s just a 400 Els.”
“Yes, yes, ye~s! How about floating flowers in the bath!? The fragrance will also be nice, it’s killing two birds with one stone!”
“Hmm…… we need more……”
“How about Miso and Wakame? Having a delicious meal while enjoying Hot Springs!”
“Is it custom to eat Miso soup in your country, Eiri?”

This is it! Is what I want to say but…

“How about massage right out of the bath?”

Kevin suggests.

Ohh, the staff raises their voices in admiration.

“Massage, huh. That may work.”

I feel like my grandmother was quite often worried about her blood circulation after the bath.

I also often massaged grandmother’s shoulder before I started living alone.

“I can do the massage myself, so we won’t suffer from the cost. Let’s go with that.”

Someday, I may be able to train staff in the massage and offer it as a new service.

“Nevertheless, good job on coming up with that.”
“A massage is an effective weapon when you want to establish a skinship with a girl, you know?”
“Return my few seconds of admiration back!”

The female staff’s mood gets ruined.

Thus, after the end of the business, I started massaging the staff members for practice.

I must exercise properly.

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