Chapter 31

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The next day that Nanase-san stayed at our house, Thursday.

Nanase-san is returning to the castle since she has a business to take care of.

“Thank you for the last night. I became slightly more comfortable.”

I exchange words with Nanase-san at the entrance.

“N. You are welcome…… yawn……”
“You look quite drowsy.”
“Yes. It can’t be helped.”

A wry smile floats on my face after I yawn.

There’s only one reason that I’m lacking sleep.

I couldn’t fell asleep because I was holding Nanase-san’s hand last night.

I wasn’t able to fall asleep since my chest hurt because of the throbbing of my heart.

I think I eventually fell asleep when the daybreak’s approach.

It felt like falling asleep after a late night at a school trip.

“Don’t overdo it, okay? It’s important to take a rest.”

Nanase-san who says anxiously looks refreshed compared to me.

Like an evil spirit escaped from her body.

“N~ it’s not like I can’t move and since the staff isn’t used to the work yet, it’s not like I can……”
“What will happen if you collapse, Kamijou-kun. The person in charge collapsing from overwork is preposterous.”
“…… Well, certainly.”

Health management is also part of the work.

Should I take a break for half of a day?

Let’s idle around during the morning.

“Hey, Kamijou-kun.”
“That…… I would like to talk again if there’s an opportunity, could I visit the Hot Springs again?”

Nanase-san asks while fidgeting.

Of course, I have no reason to reject.

“Easy task. You can visit the Otherworldly Hot Springs as a guest, or you can visit the church after the business ends like yesterday.”

Nanase-san made a small triumphant pose.

So cute.

I feel that I have seen a lot of smiles from Nanase-san since the last night.

She was much more cheerful during today’s breakfast.

“I should go. Really, thank you very much.”

She reluctantly lowers her eyes and then lowers her head.

“Yes. Take care.”
“Well then, see you later.”

Nanase-san turns on her heel.

That moment, I remember last night.

──No…… you are wrong…… what I want to apologize for is……

“H, hey.”

I call out to her.

Nanase-san stops.

“Yesterday, you were talking about apologizing……”

I may feel bad if I hear it.

But, I asked anyway.

Because I remembered her looking like if a fishbone was stuck in her throat.

Nanase-san doesn’t move.

However, her fist shook a little.

I was convinced that Nanase-san was resolving herself.


“Did I say something like that?”

The profile of her face said that she will tell me at a later time.


“You look gloomy, Takuma-dono.”
“…… Eiri, huh.”

Church’s backyard.

After Nanase-san left, I still had some time so I was working at gathering the Magic Stones.

“Huh, Eiri. Did you have a morning shift today?”
“I don’t work, but I was entrusted by Liz to ask about the battle results.”
“Ah, I see.”

What battle results?

“I will say it again, but Nanase-san and I don’t have the relationship you two think we have?”
“No, umm…… that, how to say it, lovers relationship?”
“Were we wrong?”

I tell Eiri that there never was such a relationship between me and Nanase-san.

I desperately explain that she’s just a class president and my friend.

So a tragedy like that doesn’t occur again.

“Fumu. I see. It seems that I and Liz had a huge misunderstanding.”
“That was already an extra-large misunderstanding.”
“However, it had seemed like Iori-dono had an interest in Takuma-dono.”
“On what basis do you say this?”

Eiri thinks for a little, then impishly smiles.

“A woman’s intuition.”
“You are saying a relatively scary thing, Eiri.”

A woman’s intuition can’t be taken lightly.

Particularly when it comes to love.

Still, nevertheless, Nanase-san having an interest in me, huh.


…… No way.

Gifted with both beauty and intelligence, a flawless class president trusted by everybody on one hand.

And a bullied otaku on the other hand.

It’s Beauty and the Beast.

I can’t see the opposite sex being interested in me.

I’m like a contact lens lost in the desert.

A woman’s intuition can’t be trusted this time.

“Then, what about Takuma-dono?”
“…… Eh?”
“I mean. What does Takuma-dono think about Iori-dono?”
“What I think about Nanase-san……?”


I fold my arms and think.

Think, think.

My brain is overheating a smoke almost escaped.

“I think that there’s more than 50% percent chance she’s in the ‘Like’ category.”
“The answer is so ridiculous I can’t laugh, though.”
“At least hold your sides and roll on the ground, if not I will become an indecisive man.”
“Is I don’t know your final answer?”
“…… It’s my final fantasy.”
“Don’t try to deceive me with words I don’t understand.”

I mean, until now, I have not come into contact with people that much.

Speaking about feelings I hold for another person…… words don’t come to mind.

Besides, feelings for other people is more complicated to me than entrance exams to Tokyo University.

Especially if the opponent is someone on the peak like Nanase-san.


──I’m really happy…… thank you!

The exceptional smile Nanase-san showed me thanks to the light novel.

It’s certain that my heartbeat super fast that time.

However, that shouldn’t be a physiological phenomenon of a man falling in love.

…… Shouldn’t be.


Hearing my unclear theory, Eiri sighed in amazement,

“If you keep lying about your feelings, soon you will start lying to other people.”

I felt a slight pinch in my chest hearing those words.

I felt like she hit a bullseye.

“Give up on me and Nanase-san already! I must concentrate on gathering the Magic Stones now!”

My brain will get punctured if this conversation continues.

I focus on the gathering of Magic Stones.

Eiri stares at me, with slightly sorrowful eyes,

“…… Don’t become like me, Takuma-dono.”

Eiri’s light mutter that hit my ears like broken plates.

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