Chapter 34

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Like a Storm 1
A storm comes suddenly with no warning.

A particular summer shower.

Thanks to the weather guys, the students on commuting on foot and bicycles get all wet.

Good grief, what professionals.

But, it’s still far better than a natural disaster.

The most troubling are those who break in with a clear intention.

They are literally a storm that comes with no warning.

“The fuck is this line! It doesn’t move at all!”


On the day when most people visit, the most troublesome fellows also came.

Bandou and Miyake.

Referred to as the most problem children of the most problem children.

The two Nanase-san warned me before.

Why do they have to come on such a ridiculously busy day?

“Can’t you do something about this, oi.”
“Even if you ask me so, it’s full……”

The male staff is trying to persuade Miyake.

“I will forgive you if it’s cramped a bit! Let the two of us pass!”
“No, such special treatment is……”

I wonder if they are not ashamed of acting like that in front of so many people and children?

I heard that their behavior is bad, but to think it was to such extent.

“Chief, those people……”

Kevin looks at me worriedly.

“Commonly known as monster complainers.”

In addition, extra-large class.

“We can’t talk to you. Call the person in charge.”

Bandou says in a threatening voice.

“Quickly let us in!”

Miyake finally ignored the line and let himself inside.

Does common sense not even apply to these guys?

Rather, this is bad.

They are troubling the other customers.

The repeat customers may stop coming because of this.

“I will do something about it.”

I inform Kevin and approach Miyake.

“An? The fuck are you?”

Miyake turns at me with a suspicious face.

I tell him with a business smile from the bottom of my heart.

“Person in charge, Kamijou.”

Miyake’s eyes change.

After evaluating my appearances with his eyes,

“I was thinking who it was, isn’t it the toilet insect!!”

What is this toilet insect?

A person who eats lunch on toilets(me)?

“What are you doing in a place like this?”
“I’m this place’s owner?”

When I say so, Bandou and Miyake starts laughing,

“Uwahawaa!! You!? You are the owner!?”
“Because your skill was worthless!! You have started a business!?”

What is so funny, these fellows.

Since I have expected something like this happens, I already gave up.

I stayed silent.


Because that is the choice that is the least troublesome.

But, the current me…… remembers the anger I feel towards them.

There’s a sense of these feelings heating inside my chest.

But, I can’t go berserk here.

The opponents are skill holders.

In addition, and someone like me, with a digging(lol) skill is not even considered useful to the king.

I’m not sure I can win and if I act violently, I may trouble the other customers.

I thought I should use my serving customers skill I have cultivated with all my heart here.

“Customers, I’m sorry, but you are bothering the other customers……”
“Shut the fuck up! Stop talking with that filthy mouth of yours!”
“I would like you to quietly line up if not, come another day……”
“Just who do you think you are talking to with that mouth of yours!!”
“Just leave already.”


I said my feelings out loud.

“You really want to die!?”

Bandou grabs me by my collar.

His eyes are bloodshot.

Rough breathing.

Unpleasant discomfort.

“Say, that was……”
“S, shouldn’t we call the guards?”

The visitors exchange looks of concern.

This is extremely bad.

If this continues, the sales will decrease.

(Can’t be helped, let’s use the trump card……)

I didn’t think I would be forced to use it this early but’s it’s unavoidable.

“Hey, please release me, Customer.”

I pull Bandou’s arms apart and place them behind……

“Takuma-dono what are you doing!?”

When I turn around, Eiri was standing there with folded arms.

She was supposed to be at the woman’s bath today.

She probably came over after hearing the uproar.

“Ooo!? Isn’t that some quality goods!”
“Hyafuu! As expected of a different world! You can’t see such big boobs in Japan easily!”

Miyake shouts in an excited voice.

Bandou loses interest in me so he releases me and walks over to Eiri.

“W, what do you want?”

Eiri retreats backward, feeling threatened.

“Don’t you have quite a nice body? Are you working here?”

Bandou is looking at her like he was raping her with his eyes.

“T, that’s right……”
“So I was right! How nice!”
“We can give you a more exciting experience than that guy, you know?”
“Eeh don’t come any closer!!”

The moment Miyake extended his hand towards Eiri’s chest,

“Stop it already!!”

I snapped.

I’m truly angry.

Can I fight? In front of customers?

As if I care!

As if I could watch my important staff getting bullied!

Before I knew it, I made a move.

“Ah……? …… gobuuu!?”

I drive in a straight to Miyake’s face.

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