Chapter 35

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Like a Storm 2
I was prepared for a beating.

A single blow from someone like me to Miyake who is used to fighting couldn’t leave him with any considerable damage.

I understood that I will soon get beaten up.

But, I still went in.

Even if I get beaten half-death, I will not let them touch Eiri!

While surrendering to the feelings buried deep inside my heart, I step in and drive a straight into Miyake’s face.

“Stop it already you!!”

Bakin!! Mekimekii!!


The sense of my fist coming directly in contact with Miyake’s face transmitted.

While surprised at the sound of something breaking, Miyake gets blown off with blood scattering from his mouth.

Miyake collides with a wall.

Then he just twitches.


The surroundings became silent.

Bandou, Eiri, Kevin too.

Visitors who were observing the uproar also lost their words.

I’m also surprised.

I was certain my fist would stop and Miyake would grin at me like on a mosquito, but? Bakin!

The counterattack that I thought would come, didn’t.

He just went flying without any resistance.

My processing capacity wasn’t enough to process what just occurred.

I was stunned with my fist still sticking out.

“Impossible!? Miyake’s defense should be in the top 5 in the class!?”

Bandou shouts in disbelief with his eyes open wide.

Bandou scowls at me with bloodthirst in his eyes and then,

“Useless shit!! I will beat you to death!!”

He lashes out.


It’s just a simple straight punch, but Bandou looks like he is swinging at me with a baseball bat.

Death is inevitable.


──But, I was easily able to evade that deadly looking attack.

(…… Eh?)


Bandou looks at me in shock.

Impossible, he avoided my attack!?

He is making such a face.

But, his devil eyes retain immediately fighting spirit back,

“Don’t avoid me, you dumbass!!”

He attacked immediately again.

However, I clearly understood the attack’s trajectory.

A roundhouse kick.

I jump and evade.

A fist jab.

I evade by moving my body aside.

“Shit!! Why!? Why am I not able to hit you!?”

Bandou raises his voice in annoyance.

He unreasonably attacks while spitting saliva.

I avoid it all like a flowing river.

(Umm, this is…… un)

Although I have no idea what is happening, I have to make the best of this lucky phenomenon.

I continue avoiding Bandou’s attack.

Bandou is just a human.

There’s no way he won’t get exhausted after repeating heavy attacks so many times.

Because my attacks won’t hit I’m got out of breath, shit! You will regret this! He will say and run away with a tail between his legs…… At least I hope this will happen.

“Waa…… shit…… don’t get so conceited!!”


The red-faced Bandou goes berserk and a large flame appears on his palm.

The moment Bandou used his skill,

“Just burn in heeell!!”

He swings with his hand.

Commonly knows as Fire punch.

An atrocious act of using a skill.

However, Bandou seems to have lost his mind in rage and forgot the significance behind his actions.

I will smash the insect in front of me.

Such strong emotion is reflected in his bloodshot eyes.

“Are you insane, oi!?”

This is not a joke at all!

I avoid the fire punch in panic.

A hot wind passes in front of my face, and a burning smell passes through my nose.

At that time,


The overflowing fire escapes from his fist and creates a little fire on the wooden floor.

The moment I saw that scene, putsun, something has snapped in my mind.

The cold feeling in my head immediately exploded like burning lava with unexplainable fury.

──This fellow, I will never forgive him!

Before I noticed, I was already strongly gripping Bandou’s wrist.

While trying to not break Bandou’s wrist,


To the Bandou’s abdomen who is looking at me dumbfoundedly,

“Fire is strictly prohibited in the building, you blockhead!!!!”

I hammer an uppercut in his abdomen while shouting.

Don, a shockwave explodes on Bandou’s abdomen.


Bandou opens his eyes wide and spurts out blood from his mouth.

His body bends forward and I barrage him with a number of punches.

It has the feeling of the sound effects in the fighting games.

“You shithead, how dare you burn my store!!”

I feel like a father whose daughter was burnt to death.

Finally, I drive a last one punch into him with all my might.

“Ka…… wa……”

Bandou falls to the ground and twitches like a frog driven over by a car.

I raise my voice towards Bandou who lost consciousness.

“Just how hard do you think it was to build this Hot Springs?!”

After that, the military police has arrived.

It goes without saying that the officers were speechless at the two’s condition.

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