Chapter 23

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Certain Parent’s and Child’s First Hot Springs Experience 2
I walk with my son Rain through a passage.

The floor is made from a flattened stone so it doesn’t look like you would easily slip.

A large container is installed near a sign that says “Please wash your body here”.

I see, I draw water from here in order to wash our bodies.

I remember the coldness of the water from well during summer.

I scoop the water with a wooden bucket and pour it timidly over my head.

“…… Mu?”
“Daddy,, this is not water!”

The liquid that I poured on my body wasn’t the usual coldness, but it was slightly warm.

Lukewarm, you could call it like that.

“I see, that’s why it said ‘warm water’.”

Consenting, I wash my body with the hot water according to the instructions.

With this, I can relax and wash my body in peace.

I faintly thought about how much Magic Stones would need to be used in order to make this much water warm.

I slightly feel like a noble.

“Now then, next is the Purification.”

“Purification” seems to be a room intended to wash away the dirt off.

I cavity quadrangle in the floor in the middle of the room caught my attention.

Around 100 people were surrounding the cavity, it’s brimming over with people as usual.

Wooden stools, soaps, and buckets were lined around the cavity.

A sign was standing in front of the entrance.


– After soaking the towel in the hot water in the bucket, rub the soap on the towel and scrub off the dirt from your body. Let’s cooperate to create a clean Hot Srpings.

– Caution: Don’t bring the water inside by any means.


Certainly, it’s possible to prevent the bath from getting dirtied this way.

It is indeed thought through.

I quickly sit on stools, rub the soap on a wet towel and scrub my body.

While smelling a good fragrance, I felt like the dirt was falling off my body.

It’s more comfortable than I thought.

But, I can’t reach my back.

“Rain, won’t you scrub my back a little?”

I pass the towel to Rain.


Rain who becomes 8 this year doesn’t have too much nor too little power, it feels just right.

“Alright, Dad will scrub your back now.”


“It hurts a bit!”
“Oh? Was it too strong? How about this?”


“Yea, it’s just right!”


Rain looks comfortable.

I feel like somewhat the communication between me and my son is stronger than usual.

I usually work until late at night, so doing something like this occasionally may not be a bad idea.

Hair, arms, legs, chest I scrub the dirt from my body and wash it off with the water from the bucket.

The moment the dirt came off from my body, I felt somewhat lighter.

I feel similar to a muddy wall that was thoroughly polished.

“It’s finally the time, Daddy!”

Now then, it’s time for the long-awaited Relaxation.

It was only a skirmish so far.

It’s the real thing in the next room.

I have already experienced more than the price.

But, apparently, this is only a prologue before the relaxation that is called hot springs.

I can’t wait to see just what awaits at the finale.

I gulp down my saliva and push the door of the Relaxation room──

──A scene beyond my imagination unfolded before me.

“What’s, this……”
“T, this is amazing, Daddy.”

The first thing that came to my view was a wall with the painting of the Eltos Volcano.

It’s the highest peak in the country and one of the most famous and most beautiful mountains.

I have seen the real thing many times, but to think there would be someone who would paint it indoors.

The steam makes it looks like the Eltos Volcano is covered by clouds.

I can’t guess why there’s a painting of that mountain on a wall.

“L, let’s enter, Rain.”
“Y, yeah……”

We came to the edge of the bath while still dumbfounded.

The Purification room with around 100 people inside can’t be compared with this spacious room.

I feel like marble, I should be clean enough.

I find myself standing in front of white rising steam from the clean water.

…… Chapun.

I timidly submerge my ankles.

“Fumu…… this……”

This water is far hotter than the water I poured at myself in the『Purification』room.

This won’t burn me, but it will rather become my habit.

“Rain, enter slowly. Submerge slowly.”
“G, got it, Daddy.”

I and Rain slowly submerge our bodies in the Hot Springs as if we were opening a treasure chest in the deepest part of a dungeon.

We have submerged up to our shoulders.



Let me say something.

This is dangerous.

“This feels so good……”
“Yeah, amazing……”

This comfortableness can’t be expressed with words.

The various pleasantries I have experienced so far can’t be even compared to this.

The hot water wraps my whole body.

All the accumulated fatigue, stress, impurities, and worries.

I have a feeling that everything is slowly leaving my body.

It’s like Holy Mother tightly embraced me and told me『Be at peace』.

My shoulders grow weak and my limbs stretch out.

Ah, this is dangerous.

It feels so good……

Only one thing comes to mind.

I feel like I have returned to my mother’s body.

My neck also grows weak.

At that moment, I caught the sight of the painting of『Eltos Volcano』.

It’s like my brain was punched.

…… Ah, I see.

I have finally understood the meaning of the painting of the Eltos Volcano on the wall.

“Certainly, this is…… a supreme extravagance……”

I gaze at the Ergland kingdoms’ most beautiful mountain, the Eltos Volcano while soaking in a hot water.

I have never experienced more luxury than this.

“Hey, Rain.”
“Wha~t is it, Daddi.”

I quietly speak to my son who is looking to be dozing off.

“Dad will work harder at work than ever before so. Let’s absolutely come here once a week.”

After saying that, a smile quickly forms on my son’s face and he says,

“Yea! Absolutely! I’m looking forward to it!”

How long has it been since I last saw my son looking so happy?

My chest became warm, it’s definitely because of the hot water.

Since I have lost my wife to illness, I have left Rain to become lonely.

It’s inexcusable that I was caring only about my work.

I have decided to spend more time with Rain from now on.


After thoroughly enjoying the hot springs and wiping our bodies, we were putting on our clothes.

When we return to the front room,

“One delicious after Hot Springs!! 1 for 100 Ells! Come, come, you don’t want to return home without drinking this!”

A red-haired elf beauty, unusual to Ergland is selling something.

It seems to be Coffee Milk by appearances.

It’s not a major beverage, but there are several shops selling them in downtown.

There are dozens of bottles in a large container with ice.

“Daddy, I want to drink that!”
“Yes, alright.”

Since we came here, let’s try it.

A drink after bathing in the warm Hot Springs

There’s no way it won’t be delicious.

“Could I have two bottles please?”
“Yes! Thank you for your patronage!”

I pay 200 Ells and receive two Coffee Milk bottles.

“I recommend drinking it in one go while leaning backward with a hand on your waist!”
“Does it have any meaning?”
“There doesn’t seem to be a meaning, but apparently, there’s such culture.”

Looking around, there seem to be customers drinking that way.

“All right, Rain, let’s do it.”

I uncork the bottle, put the bottle in my mouth, lean backward with one hand on the waist and drink.



This is……!!

The flavor of sweet coffee runs towards my brain and toes.


I’m getting cooled down!!

It’s a murderous drink!!

My burning body gets cooled down by the Coffee Milk.

I have received a shock from the delicacy that is Coffee Milk after the hot springs.

“”Puhaaa!! Delicious!!””

The parent’s and child’s reaction was the same.

“I will collect the bottles!”
“Oh, sorry.”

I return the bottle and receive and return “Thank you very much!” with Miss Elf.

They sure do their greetings thoroughly.

“Alright, let’s return, Rain.”

When we face the exit,

“How were the Hot Springs, Customer?”

Again rare to our country, a young black-haired man asked me with a smile.

“To sum it in one word, wonderful. I still can’t believe what I just experienced for such price.”
“Thank you very much! It was worth creating it if you think that way!”
“Eh? You created it?”
“Yes! I’m the owner, Kamijou is the name!”

I’m astonished.

What’s this, isn’t he still a child……

“I see…… such young one did something so unthinkable in our society.”
“Nono! It’s too soon to tell!”

The young man says honestly with a smile.

I thought that it will be fun looking at how this store progresses.

“I will come again”
“Thank you very much! Please definitely come again!”

I leave the Otherworldly Hot Springs while holding Rain’s hand.

Both my body and heart became lighter.

While indulging in the afterglow of the Hot Springs, I’m already thinking about my next visit.

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