Chapter 22

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Certain Parent’s and Child’s First Hot Springs Experience 1
“Daddy, that’s the place! Hurry up!”
“Hey, hey. Stop pulling so much.”

The evening after work.

Pulled by my son Rain, we arrived at a certain store.

I look at the strange building that is standing quite far from the town center.

It’s a structure I have never seen before.

It’s similar to wooden buildings in the town.

However, the shape or the ambiance is making me somewhat calm down.

It looks easy enough to enter even for us commoners.

The outside is overflowing with vigor.

There’s already a line in front of the entrance.

Men and women of all ages and races were here, but there’s no sight of nobles.

When I look closely, I find a familiar face.

The barker raises his voice.

“Otherworldly Hot Springs is opening today! Now, now everyone, please enter and savor the only experience in Ergland!”

‘Otherworldly Hot Springs’

That is the name of the newly opened store.

“Just what is this Hot Springs? This is the first time I feel so excited!”
“Ah, because I wasn’t there either, I really look forward to it.”
“Daddy, have you brought the coupon?”
“Of course.”

I show two coupons from my pocket to my son who’s eyes are sparkling.

Apparently, if I bring this “Service Coupon” to the Otherworldly Hot Springs, the price will get cheaper by 300 Ells for a limited time.

I got two coupons from a person giving them out in the town the other day.

To be honest, if not for this coupon I don’t think I would be lining up here right now.

Because I have no idea what kind of thing this “Hot Springs” is.

According to the person who gave me the coupons, it’s relaxing hot water that nobles use to drop fatigue, but……

Honestly speaking, I don’t understand.

But with 300 Ells off why not try it?

I came here with such feelings.

10 minutes after lining up.

We walk into the Otherworldly Hot Springs building.

After we pass under a sign that says “Welcome”,

“Welcome to the Otherworldly Hot Springs!”

When we enter, a cute nekomimi girl bows and welcomes us.

It seems she’s an employee here.

I was a little surprised.

This is my first time being treated so kindly when I enter a store.

However, it didn’t feel bad.

Rather, it feels nice.

Rain also seems to be flustered as he puts a hand on his chest.

“Hou. So we have to take shoes off here?”

Be it a restaurant or an entertainment facility, taking shoes off is rare.

I get surprised again at the lined up shoe racks.

A key is apparently attached to them.

I don’t have to worry about my shoes being stolen with this.

I thought that it was done well.

When we enter a big room, my nose is tickled with a fragrance of wood.

The light brown design is standing out and as expected it’s quite calming.

The floor seems to be also made from wood, but it’s not pricking my legs and is not cold.

I walk with Rain to the reception desk.

“Welcome! Two people?”
“Yes, two of us…… hmm, huh? Aren’t you Kevin?”
“Oh my? I thought you sounded familiar, it’s John. What a coincidence, to meet at such place.”

I get surprised after recognizing the blonde-haired young man at the reception desk.

“Daddy, your friend?”
“Yes, we have worked together before. He’s a flashy guy who forces himself on women without a care.”
“Who is flashy! I have now set my mind on a girl so please the womanizing stories within bounds!”
“Even though you have set your eyes on a new woman, you will still continue your womanization at one point, oi. Rather, didn’t something like this happened before?”
“A, anyway! Enjoy the Hot Springs thoroughly! It’s so addicting once you enter, you know!?”

This fellow changed the subject.

Oh, well.

“Here, two Service Coupons.”
“Yes. Both of you get 300 Ells off, so an adult for 100 Ells and a child is free of charge.”

When I pay,

“I have received it. Thank you very much. The entrance is over there, please enter and enjoy yourselves.”
“I’m surprised. To think that Kevin could serve customers.”

The image of Kevin I had was a one of a construction site surveyor.

“I was thoroughly taught by Chief. Because customer service is life to the service industry.”
“Hmm. Well, that isn’t wrong.”
“Yep. Chief is an amazing person, really.”
“Hey~ Daddy. Let’s quickly go~!”

Son is looking uninterested.

“Mu, sorry, sorry. Well, see you, Kevin. I disturbed you.”
“It’s alright! Let’s go drinking sometimes! We can thoroughly talk about the splendor of Otherworldly Hot Springs then!”
“Ah, I forgot. Customer, feel free to use shaver or any other cleaning items.”
“No need. My manliness would drop.”
“So terrible!?”

I grab Rain’s hand and pass through a sign that says『Men』.


“Welcome. Please take off your clothes here, put your clothes and valuables into a locker and please lock it afterward. The key is on a rubber band so you can put it on your wrist. After that, walk through those doors and enter the Hot Springs. After you enter, there’s a board with Hot Springs etiquette, please definitely look at it before entering.”

As the person in charge of the waiting room said, we take our clothes off.

We put our valuables and change of clothes into the locker, lock it and I put the key on my wrist.

We go through the door with only towels in our hands.


“Uoh. What a great steam.”
“Whoa~!! So exciting!”

As soon as I enter, I smell a scent I have never smelled before.

Many men were standing inside.

They were all looking at the board that said “Hot Springs’ entry etiquette.”

Fumufumu, let me see.


Entry Guide

1. Before entering the Hot Springs, wash your body first with warm water (Adventurers, please, especially wash off the monster blood)

2. During the “Purification” carefully clean your bodies with a towel soaked in warm water and soap.

3. During the “Relaxation”, slowly submerge in the bathtub. Then, enjoy yourselves.

4. After the relaxation, come back to this place and wipe your bodies (be careful not to wet the floor of the dressing room)


Houhou I see.

It’s easy to understand, very easy to follow for first-timers.

If it’s like this, even Rain can easily remember it.


Manners Guide

1. Do not put a towel on your hair during the bath (Those with racial characteristics and long hair are excluded)

2. Don’t run, don’t be loud (Especially demi-humans. Slipping on the floor is dangerous)

3. In the case of first bathing, if you feel lightheaded immediately leave. Long, leisure baths can be dangerous (Especially fire attribute Dragon clan customers, please be careful of body temperature decrease)

4. Don’t adjust the water temperature to your own convenience (Ice and fire attribute customers, please be careful not to boil or freeze other customers)

5. Don’t swim in the bathtub (Especially demi-humans with great physical strength and children. It’s wonderful that you are so lively, but there’s a possibility of flood so please refrain from swimming in the bathtub)

6. Don’t drink the water (Drinking our water is no joke. We will get out of business)

7. Don’t peek in the women bath in the next room (You will die, you know?)


Fumufumu I see.

I can keep this much easily.

Rather, demi-humans have quite more instructions to keep.

“I have read it all, Daddy! Let’s quickly enter!”
“All right, let’s go!”

I lead the inpatient Rain to wash and we are now one step closer to enter the Hot Srpings for the first time.

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