Chapter 21

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Service Coupon
“Now then, it’s finally the time.”

Otherworldly Hot Springs’ conference room.

It has been decided that in the future this room will be used in order to make decisions regarding the business. About 20 employees have gathered.

I start talking in front of the faces I already recognize.

“The opening is one week from now on. I was thinking about distributing Service Coupons until then.”
“Service Coupon?”

Everyone tilts their heads with Tina’s question.

“Yes. I’d like to distribute coupons that would offer a cheaper price than usual for a limited time……”

I take out a Service Coupon from my chest pocket and show it to everyone.

“A fresh comfort in life! A celebration of Otherworldly Hot Springs’ opening! The holder if this coupon will get 300 Ells off! (From Normal fee, 400 Ells→100 Ells) Children under the age of 12, free of charge!” is written on the coupon in Ergland’s official language.

Eiri asks me.

“300 Ells off means that the holder of this coupon will pay only 100 Ells?”
“That’s right. The normal fee for adults is 400 Ells and children are 200 Ells, therefore adults will pay 100 Ells and children can enter free of charge.”
“W, will a service like that be alright……?”
“Rather, I think that it would be better this way.”

I explain to Tina who is uneasy.

“I think that there is a lot of people that do now know what hot springs are. Especially commoners.”

The general concept of hot springs doesn’t exist in this world.

Hence, we need to find different ways to advertise.

“Therefore, if we start the sales at 400 Ells, they would doubt this price and there’s a possibility that we won’t sell. But, while that may be true, if we keep the price so low for a long time, we will never make a profit in the future.”

I continue.

“If we temporary leave the price so the customers tell themselves ‘If it’s this much, I should try it out’ they may come in the future even if we increase the price. We should definitely give the Service Coupon try for a limited time.”
“I see…… In other words, the limited Service Coupons will cause more people to try out the hot springs.”
“That’s right. As long as customers come, they will experience the hot springs’ splendor and spread rumors to other people. When it gets to that stage,『That place is worth 400 Ells』we can expect customers coming to the hot springs with that thought.”

Oo…… the staff leaked voices of admiration.

“It certainly makes a sense.”
“I have never heard of such sales promotion……”
“As expected of Takuma-san……”

After I presented them with my strategy, the staff couldn’t conceal their surprise.

However, a severe expression floats on Eiri’s face.

“However, with such a method, the beginning sales……”
“Yes, you are exactly right.”

If customers feel dissatisfied, it would become a two-edged sword at once.

I stand up, look at the staff and raise my voice.

“As Eiri said, the customer service in the first month is very important! I want all of you to show as much professionalism and hospitality as possible in order to make the customers satisfied!”

This country doesn’t have the business concept of “customer first” yet, therefore, the concept of “Hospitality” is not widely used.

The customers will receive thorough service for a satisfactory price.

I’m depending on that they will come again after they see how we do business!

I take out notebooks from the bag and distribute them to everyone.

“Various matters as customer interaction and business-related matters are written down in these ‘Hospitality Notebooks’. I want you to beat the contents of this notebook into your brains in the one week before the opening.”

Saying that, everyone opened the manual at once.

“Fumufumu…… be sure to call the visitors ‘Customer’ during work……」
“Welcome to the Otherworldly Hot Springs!”
“Smile is first! I must constantly show a smile to the customers! …… Can a person from the Dragon clan like me do that?”

The reactions of the staff were various, but everyone was ambitiously learning.

This “Hospitality Notebook” was written from a manual I have received at a part-time job in a restaurant.

I have received a meticulous training from the manager on the first day of my job.

I wonder just what was that about?

“Now then, there’s not much time until the opening! Let’s go to the town and distribute the Service Coupons!”

We dispatched towards the town.


The main street of the Castle Town.

I’m distributing Service Coupons with Takuma-sama near the town square.

“Otherworldly Hot Springs is opening soon~! With this coupon, you will be able to get 300 Ells off! Everybody, not everyone will be able to get them~!”

There are many people in the evening after work is done.

An interested person receives the coupon.

The discount of 300 Ells seems attractive after all.

“Little Missy, this Hot Springs, just what is it?”

There is also a lot of people asking what hot springs are.

(Don’t panic, me. Calm down and respond.)

“To put it simply, Hot Springs is a hot bath in which you can easily soak all day!”
“Houhou. So it’s something like bathing in warm water?”
“You are correct! When you soak in, it’s so comfortable your fatigue will disappear immediately!”

I answer kindly with a smile just like Takuma-sama told me to.

If I do that, people generally accept the Service Coupon.

Takuma-sama said that there are not many people who will decline if I kindly explain with a smile.

It was really the truth.

(Takuma-sama is amazing……)

I steal a glance at Takuma-sama.

He’s right in the middle of answering Dragon clan Ojiisan’s question.

“Do I need to bring something to this so-called Hot Springs?”
“Yes! Because you will be entering hot water, as long as you bring a change of clothes and towel you will be okay!”
“Is there a time restriction?”
“No! Customers will be able to stay and relax as much as he wants because there is no time restriction!”
“Hou, so you are saying I will be able to enter these hot springs with 100 Ells for as long as I want?”
“Exactly as you said!”

Takuma-sama quickly and carefully explains and hands the Service Coupon.

Only a few coupons are left.

(Really, amazing……)

Takuma-sama is showing me such great scenes continuously.

Each time I see him, I think that I would like to become like him.

Although I still have the way to go, it’s a life I was granted by Takuma-sama.

I want to work hard so I can get closer to Takuma-sama even just by a little bit.

Such thoughts were flowing within me.

“Tina. Should I help you with the remaining coupons?”
“It’s alright! I will distribute this much in no time!”
“I see, how admirable.”

He pats my head.

This moment feels the best.

The memory of my mother patting me like this when I was small emerges in my mind, it feels very nostalgic.

“Then, I will take a peek at the condition of the distribution of other people. I will quickly return so I would like you to continue distributing here.”
“Easy task!”

When I give a lively answer, Takuma-sama nods with a smile and walks towards the other staff.

After seeing his figure off, I continue distributing the coupons.

“Otherworldly Hot Springs’ service coupon! It’s 300 Ells off if you have this coupon, you know! Limited offer~!”

I want to be of use to Takuma-sama, even if it’s only a little.


“Your Majesty Akudos. The security guards got this thing.”

In the Ergland’s royal castle, the prime minister hands the king a piece of paper.

“Fumu. Otherworldly Hot Springs, huh……”

Indeed, a very interesting paper──Gasquet says while king Akudos looks at the paper.

“As you can see, it’s a store that offers bath for a cheap price, but the owner is……”
“Say it.”
“…… It’s Takuma-dono.”

Akudos’s temple twitches.

“Wasn’t he supposed to dig Magic Stones?”
“Yes. He certainly continues to gather a fixed amount of Magic Stones every week.”
“Then, why?”
“It’s a story from two months ago, I heard from the person in charge of collecting that Takuma-dono dug up hot springs.”
“Hot springs?”

I have heard that word somewhere before, Akudos digs through his memory.

If I’m not mistaken, I have heard from the ambassador that in the east they dig up the ground in order to find hot water.

“So you are saying he dug up that hot springs and started a new business.”
“That doesn’t seem like something a child could do, but that’s the case.”
“He should be getting enough wage for someone who lives alone, but……”

What is his purpose? Akudos touches his chin.

After a little though, Akudos tells to Gasquet.

“I don’t think it will become an obstacle, but I want to know the reason why he started this facility. Won’t you scout it out soon?”
“Ha, as you command.”

Gasquet nods.

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