Chapter 26

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Epilogue Unrest in the Wind
5 days has passed since the opening of Otherworldly Hot Springs.

The sun doesn’t seem to be coming out because of the leftover clouds from yesterday’s rain.

Because of such delicate cloudy sky, Otherworldly Hot Springs is having a day off.

Therefore, we are collecting the Magic Stones.

“Aren’t you picking on me, Takuma-dono?”
“Noo…… Hahaha……”

I mean, it’s really busy, I almost said that.

I smile wryly and scratch my head in front of the collection soldier.

The reason why the soldier’s eyes are blaming me is because of this week’s Magic Stones quantity.

I certainly occasionally collect the Magic Stones.

But, the quantity has dramatically decreased.

It became one-fifth of the usual amount.

Of course, the management of the Hot Springs made me busy and I didn’t have time to collect.

“I heard that you have launched some business, but to think it would be on such large scale……”
“But, I have received the castle’s permission in advance.”
“It probably didn’t reach the king’s ears. I have heard that the business guys didn’t think much of it and gave you permission on their own.”
“Nnn, how unreasonable.”

You have selfishly summoned me and then threw me out.

That king is a waste of time.

Anyway, since I have only a digging skill, I bet he thinks more of potato than me.

It’s alright since it’s the truth!

“Well, the king himself told you to do as you like. You starting a business must have been unexpected for the people in the castle.”

Hearing those words, I recall the opening day.

The opening day of Otherworldly Hot Springs was really busy.

Of course, there was a lot of people who re-used the Service Coupon.

As originally planned, my plan was to spread the word by mouth was successful.

The sales kept increasing and at the peak, we made 1,200,000 Ells in a day.

After opening, more than 10,000 people came.

As expected, 12 hour shifts 5 times a week were a little hard to endure.

Today, I was able to sleep for 9 hours after a long time.

Fortunately or not, I have not met any classmates yet.

Being this popular, it won’t surprising if they come.

I wonder if there are good baths in the castle?

Well, as of right now, the situation is convenient.

As far as my memory goes,

“Then, what am I supposed to do this time?”
“Ah, in fact, I have to tell you of a certain matter.”
“Inspection will soon come to Takuma-dono’s store from the castle.”
“…… Are you serious?”
“Very serious.”
“Why so suddenly?”
“Although demoted, Takuma-dono is one of the summoned hero candidates after all. They probably want to grasp what you really are doing.”

Ah, this person said that I was demoted.

I’m a hero candidate(LOL) by all means.

Oh, well.

“I see. So, when will they come?」
“It’s undecided yet. The other party is the castle’s man. As an ordinary citizen, I try to avoid that place.”
“Ah, then, what do you think about next Monday?”
“Fumu, next Monday, huh? I will try to ask around.”
“I will have to trouble you.”
“At the time of the inspection, you will most likely be instructed to what to do.”
“If they determine that it’s beneficial to the country, could it be possible to discontinue extracting the Magic Stones?”
“It’s highly probable.”

That would be like my dream come true.

To be honest, working with water is much more fun than digging holes.

On the contrary, if they say, that Hot Springs is a threat to our country! Will my business get suspended?

I definitely don’t want that to happen.

We must please that inspector no matter what it takes.

…… Which reminds me, what about the hot springs’ effect?

It exhibited a miraculous power when it healed Tina’s wounds, but there was no uproar after the opening of the business.

Nothing more than good physical condition and motivation to work.

Just what was that phenomenon that happened in the church?

I feel more and more at loss.

Let’s verify on my body in the future.

“That’s all.”

The soldier hands me less compensation than usually.

Then I realized something after he turned around to leave.

“Ah, wait a moment, please.”
“N? What is it?”
“I would like to request you to give my message to certain someone……”
“Certain someone?”
“Yes, the person called Nanase Iori.”
“Ah, Iori-dono?”
“Are you acquaintances?”
“Umu. The one who is in charge of Iori-dono’s skill training is me.”

What a coincidence.

But, that is convenient.

“If possible I would like you to tell her my words. ‘If you’d like, come on Wednesday at 9:00 pm’.”

I take 10,000 Ells from my chest pocket and hand it to the soldier.

“I don’t understand well, but I should tell just her?”
“Yes. I request you.”
“I do not mind then.”

The soldier forces back the 10,000 Ells I gave him earlier.

“I don’t want to be ruined by accepting a child’s bribe. Don’t waste your money. Use them carefully.”
“…… Sorry.”
“Don’t apologize. When it comes to Takuma-dono, I value trust over money.”
“Do you know of something?”

When I ask, the soldier thinks for a little,

“Yes. I know about most of the treatment you have received from your own community.”
“Did you hear from Nanase-san?”
“You have guessed right.”
“…… What did she say?”

When I timidly inquire,

“She was worried.”
“…… Eh?”

I said blankly at the unexpected answer.

“She said that she has been always concerned about you since coming to this world. That if possible, she’d like to meet you.”
“Such a thing……”

An image that doesn’t fit the Nanase-san I know from class.

It may be possible that she was concerned about me because I was ostracized by the class.

In addition, long before coming to this world……

Such a convenient thought floated in my mind.

“Ah, I forgot to tell you one more thing.”
“What is it?”
“The only redeeming feature of my body is that I’m healthy, you see. I have not caught a cold for the last 30 years.”
“Eh, that means……”

When was it?

When Nanase-san visited the church for the first time, she said.

──He apparently went down with sickness and couldn’t work today. Therefore, I came instead of him

“Then, that was……”
“Now then! I gave to return to my duties, so I will be taking my leave.”

The soldier turned around and started walking away.

Then, he lastly said.

“Treat her good.”
“…… Thank you very much.”

I was only able to speak the words of gratitude.

Even after the soldier left, I was unable to move from the place for a while.

The sun peeked from behind the clouds and bright, warm sunlight fell on my face.

I thought that I’m looking forward to the day that Nanase-san comes.


“Otherworldly Hot Springs?”

Royal castle.

The living space of the hero candidates.

Two students stare at a piece of paper.

“Yes. When I walking in downtown today, some guy gave me this. Doesn’t it sounds interesting?”

One student with ear piercings peeking from behind his hair──Miyake.

He has dark clouds under his eyes, he looks unhealthy at glance.

“Hot Springs, huh? When I was on the other side, I had troubles with the North High School guys so I don’t have memories of them.”

Another student with his hair dyed blonde and unpleasant eyes──Bandou.

They have accumulated a great amount of trouble.

“Those fellows we have driven out, right? That was seriously annoying.”
“Even though it was the fault of those guys for meddling in our territory.”

Ah how annoying, Bandou spits out with one leg on a table.

“Don’t you want to take a look after so long, at the Hot Springs?”
“Sure. I was already getting tired of the stupid lukewarm water.”

Miyake seems to be interested.

“Nude bodies of bitches on the other side…… Kukuku, I can’t wait.”
“You are full of peeping spirit, oi.”
“That’s only given~? Those gloomy bitches from our class are like dung for my eyes.”
“Should we do it after so long?”

Miyake grins.

“We have been quiet way too long. My self-control may stop working, you know?”
“Oioi, you are really looking forward to the Hot Springs, aren’t you?”

You are not wrong, Bandou’s lips warp upwards.

“But, let’s make sure to not make too much trouble. I’m after all a Hero, you know?”
“What, no problem. Bothersome fellows will……”

Botto, a fireball appears in Bandou’s palm,

“Go through an ultra bitter experience.”
“That’s true.”

Guhahaha the two people laugh vulgarly.

An Otherworldly Hot Springs Service Coupon was in such people’s hands.

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