Chapter 27

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Pink Paradise
“Fuwaa~…… feels so good~”
“Umu. Hot Srpings after a hard work is wonderful.”
“This is bad~! This feeling! My brain is going to melt~!”

“”How did this happen?””

Wednesday. Around half-past 9 pm.

I bath together in the church Hot Springs with four beautiful girls.

Four girls, mixed bathing.

“Otherworldly Hot Springs’ bath is also good, but as expected, I can calm down only in here~”

Said the young beauty──Tina.

Her snow-white hair reached until her shoulders.

A mofumofu cat ears are growing on the top of her head.

“Because this is our Hot Springs. You can enjoy the perfect effect and reception.”

A lady with a dignified atmosphere around her, Eiri said.

She’s a beautiful long-eared elf-san with long, burning red hair.

She’s the architect from the eastern country who designed Otherworldly Hot Springs.

Even today, she’s exposing her nude body in front of a man without any worries.

If I stare too long, this Hot Springs will soon turn into ketchup Hot Springs.

From my nosebleed.

“This reminds me of the days I traveled in Yamato~ This is a truly terrific experience.”

Said Liz with her bare feet elevated in utter bliss.

She’s a beautiful blonde-haired girl with an unsuitable Kansai(?) dialect that doesn’t match her appearances.

She is a good person who became an investor of our Otherworldly Hot Springs, she is also selling the playing cards and helped me with many other things.

After today’s business, she coincidentally showed up while I was looking forward to Nanase-san’s visit.

It went like this, “It was too hectic today because it’s the middle of the week. Let me enter the Hot Springs.”

Of course, I willingly consented.

Soon afterward, Nanase-san also came.

She wore her school uniform as always.

While feeling relieved that she came, the tension also increased.

I intended to fully let her enjoy the Hot Springs I have dug up myself.

That Nanase-san is now,

“Impossible…… this is impossible……”

Inside the Hot Springs.

She’s trembling all over with her back turned towards me.

The reason is simple.

“Why did I enter the Hot Springs together with Kamijou-kunーーー!!”

Recollection, start.

“Ohh, Lisbeth! Long time no see!”
“I’m glad to see you so energetic, Eiri! I’m glad you have found a good job more than anything.”
“Umu! Every day is now fulfilling and fun!”
“You sure look different from the days you looked like a dried cuttlefish!”

First, Eiri’s and Lisbeth’s reunion,

“Takuma-sama. Who might that be?”
“My classmate Nanase Iori-san. Tina has already met her once, right?”
“Pleased to meet you, I’m Nanase Iori. I’m Kamijou-kun’s classmate.”

After Nanase-san introduced herself with a friendly smile,

“Liz and Iori-dono, huh! The man:woman ratio in today’s mixed bathing is splendid! Aren’t you lucky Takuma-dono! It’s the dreamy harem!”

Eiri dropped a not so funny bombshell.

“Mimimi……!! Mixed bathing!?”
“Wai!? Eiri!? As expected, today is……!!”
“T, that’s right!! Entering Hot Springs together with a man…… hey, Kamijou-kun!? By today, you don’t mean!?”

Nanase-san alternates her sight between me and Tina.

The eyes that watched me turned me into a sex offender.

“Wrong! This is a misunderstanding, Nanase-san!”
“What is wrong! Even if the child protection law will protect you for entering the same bath as this cute child, I won’t!”

Looking at me and Nanase-san shouting at each other, Liz started laughing and said,

“Don’t mind the small details, Nanase! This is a different world! This place is different from the world you have lived in! When in Rome do as Romans do, right?”
“T, this and that are totally different……”
“Now, now, undress your clothes, Nanase! An everlasting pleasure awaits after the moment of shyness!”
“Kya, wai!? Stop…… don’t undress me……!!”
“There, there, there~!!”
“Ahh!! Towel! At least toweeeeeel!!”

While a yuri development suddenly began in front of me,

“I wonder why is Eiri taking off my clothes?”
“Rest assured! I may be like this, but I can read the mood!”
“Aren’t you too bad at reading!?”

Help me! Tina~!

“Waaaah!! Today’s Hot Springs seems lively! I can’t wait!”

My only hope, Tina was already in her own world.

Before I and Nanase-san could recover, we were already stark naked.

Recollection over.

“Ah, gee! If it’s like this, desperation! I will enjoy it thoroughly till the end!”

“Wait, Nanase-san!?”

Zapan, the water splashes, and Nanase-san switches her posture.

It seems she somehow got over it.

Distance approximately 0.5m

With a slight movement, we would sit shoulder to shoulder.


This distance is impossible!

“D, don’t…… stare at me like that…… it’s embarrassing……”
“So, sorry……!!”

Having said that, for some reason, my sight can’t separate from Nanase-san completely.

That’s how much Nanase-san is attractive to a man’s eyes.

I clearly understand after looking through the corner of my eyes.

Her cute nose, her cherry-like lips, big, beautiful jet-black eyes.

Without a doubt the looks of a school’s number one beauty.

The water drops sliding down her long black hair looks very sexy.

A perfect body line with snow-white skin.

Even though she’s wrapped in a towel, the properly bulging breasts make it hard for me to somewhere else.

It seems that Nanase-san is also troubled.

The two people who can’t figure out where to look.


This atmosphere is too awkward!

──What are you doing, Takuma-kun! As a man, you should be able to strike a conversation no matter how difficult it is!
──Show us your manliness, Takuma-dono!

I think heard the voices of gods.

When I turn around, Liz and Eiri show me thumbs up with big smiles.

Good luck won’t help me here.

But well, since I already came in.


I must use the communication skill I have cultivated over these 5 days by serving customers!

Here I come!

“T, thank you very much for visiting our store today.”

Geh, that was so baaaーーーd!!

Why am I interacting with a customer!

This is a delicate situation!


“Ahaha…… what was that about.”

Nanase-san giggles with a hand on her mouth.


It seems that she relaxed a little bit, did it pass as a joke?

“…… Sorry. Let me correct myself.”
“N…… go ahead.”

My face is so red it may explode at any moment.

“Today, uhh…… thank you for coming.”

Just a little, Nanase-san’s lips relaxed,

“M, my training coincidentally ended sooner than normally…… Really, just a coincidental, you know?”

She’s a tsundere~

I feel that Nanase-san’s cheek became even redder.

“I, also that…… thank you.”
“You invited me as promised…… The hot springs that Kamijou-kun made are really comfortable.”
“That…… you are welcome……”

What is this?

I’m extremely happy.

I have been thanked a lot since creating the hot springs.

But still, when Nanase-san says it, it pierces deeply into my heart.

“I, if you’d like, Nanase-san. From now, here……”
“Eei! How dull! What are you doing, aren’t you a man!”


Liz who somehow approached grabs Nanase-san’s chest from behind!


The towel is dancing!

When I reflexively turn around, an ideal chest appears before me!

I greatly panic.

“What’s this volume! Texture! So young yet already concealing such a secret weapon! Are you laughing at the poor me!?”
“Wai…… stop…… hian!? Not that place!!”

Nanase-san’s chest is being rubbed in front of me!

High-pitched scream!

Eiri’s laughter!

Flustered Tina!

I don’t understand what’s what anymore.

I have to stop Liz from acting this violently first.

I turn my head around,

“Hey Liz!! Stop it……”

I powerfully stand up.

Then, I notice.

──Wasn’t I stark naked?

The time freezes.

Nanase-san’s gaze falls on my lower part of the body and soon,

“Ky, kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!”



I was flying through the air before I noticed.

That was a grand slap in the face.

I had a feeling of a door of new propensity flickering in my mind for a moment.

What is this, I have seen this situation many times in the anime.

To think that I would myself experience it.

I crash onto my back while thinking that.

I have no memory after that.

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