v4 Chapter 9

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Flawless Preparation
Mother-in-law’s Point of View

I got all the territory for an extraordinary price, but I need money.
And just in case Lady Dania does something, I’ve taken precautions.

Even though I got her to cut all ties with Lady Dania and had her sign a contract, I asked her to write me a letter.

I want to minimize the damage as much as possible and not create more victims.

She can’t be confronted with the fact that she’s her family, being her only sister is not a good enough reason.
Being a younger sister doesn’t justify taking advantage of your older sister.

So, they should no longer be sisters.
I completed all the procedures quickly and took further precautions after a few days.

Compensation for the Duke’s family came next.
Even though the sister and her husband have no obligation to pay, they are being forced to.

As a result, their family is collapsing.
So, as a thank you for selling me the territory at an extraordinary price, I decided to buy the derelict land at twice the price.

It’s not charity.
I can revitalize the abandoned land.
I have enough money for that, but it’s impossible as a petty noble.

I’m not looking down on them, but I need the power of money.

“By the way, I heard your young lady is getting married.”

“Eh… yes.”

“However, I hear that the wedding funds are tight due to the recent events.”

I could tell by her downcast expression that the young lady wouldn’t be able to have a proper wedding. This is a major problem without any profit or loss.

“As a mother, I can’t allow such a thing. If you’re willing, please allow me to assist with the wedding funds.”



“However, there are conditions. It’s not difficult… I just want you to send some skilled peasants over.”

Among the petty nobility, there are farmers with long-standing skills.
It’s a mutually beneficial business deal.

“Thank you for your kindness. I’ll never forget this favor. With this, I can dress my daughter in a bridal gown.”

With tears in her eyes, she bowed her head.
She was truly a mother.

Now, everything is ready.

After taking precautions to ensure no harm would come, my plan became the main focus.
I bought the Ranford territory, and then I invaded the home of those two.

“I’ve bought all the land around here. I need you to leave right away.”


“All of a sudden…”

With no prior notice, I had the guild members I had asked for work surround their mansion.

“The Ranford territory is mine. You’ll leave right away, Dania.”

Now, I’m going to put on a performance as the Villainess.

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