v4 Chapter 8

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Mother-in-law’s Point of View
Lord Diaz, who succeeded the Ranford family, and the previous lord both shared the distinction of being excellent rulers.
However, why did Lady Dania become so arrogant?

And what caught my attention was the sudden death of the previous lord.

“I had no complaints about Diaz becoming the successor.”

“So, you didn’t feel like someone else was snatching your home?”

“I would have opposed if it were some other worthless man, but Diaz was someone our Father had always wished for. He treated me well, too.”

Ironically, the blood-related sisters can’t understand each other, but a sister-in-law and brother-in-law who aren’t blood-related seemed to get along.
Perhaps it’s precisely because they’re not bound by blood.

“Dania always looked down on me. I didn’t like her either.”

“She’s all about social status. I wasn’t a noble, either.”

“Even if you were a noble, it wouldn’t change anything. My husband is a commoner noble. But…”

“You were happy. That’s why you distanced yourself from your family to avoid hurting your husband, right?”


Bingo. It seems I hit the mark.
Although we’re complete opposites in personality, I found her likable.

It seems she’s self-conscious about her appearance, but I like her.

“You are an admirable lady. That’s why he took in a son-in-law as the heir… It’s tough for a woman to become the head of a household.”

“Yes… Father thought so when he was alive. However…”

Dania probably said hurtful things like she’s a failure and the like, right?
It’s easy to imagine.

“I cannot accept Father’s sudden death.”



“I wasn’t by his side, but there were clearly many suspicious points.”

She suspected that Dania was involved in his sudden death.

“Because of my sister, my daughter was also made a public spectacle. I couldn’t…”

“You’ve done well enough. You were too kind.”


Well, isn’t it true?
She could have left them to their own devices or even banished them, but she gave them another mansion, a few servants, and some money out of compassion.

“They lost their title by their own actions.”


“So, would you leave the future to me?”

“What do you mean?”

She seemed more bewildered than suspicious.

“I would like you to sell the Ranford territory. Of course, not all of it, you can keep the cherished places from the previous generation.”

I wouldn’t say all of it, considering there must be many places filled with memories.
But the current situation is too much for her to handle, so I made a proposal.

“This way, harm won’t befall your family.”


I felt sorry for her, the victim of Lady Dania.
When I expressed my thoughts, I was able to obtain the full rights to the territory at an extraordinary price.
Next, I took action to drive out those two who remained on the territory.

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