v4 Chapter 7

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Mother-in-law’s Point of View
I had to resort to such drastic measures because that woman’s selfish farce had worsened.
I was investigating her before Ryan looked into the Ranford family through a different route.

It was because strange rumors had been circulating in that territory recently.

Rumors that shouted, “Please give me your tears.”

He divorced her in despair, leaving because of his unsuccessful self to climb the ranks for the sake of his beautiful wife, and now that he has fulfilled that promise, he can finally come to take her back.

It’s absurd if you think about it.
There’s no need for divorce if you’re trying to establish yourself for your wife.

Ridiculous rumors.
But rumors have a frightening way of becoming reality.

Especially in high society, where false rumors are often presented as truth.
She, in a way, might rival actresses in how she spreads lies about herself as the tragic heroine.

How can someone be so shameless?

I couldn’t stand to see Lord Diaz and Marie being manipulated and exploited by that woman any longer.

And then, we started receiving letters frequently.
I didn’t read the contents, but I could tell from Henry’s furrowed brow that it was something unpleasant.

―― She’s so selfish to the core!

I couldn’t let that woman run rampant any longer.
I had to take the initiative somehow, and it wasn’t Lady Dania I contacted, but her sister.


“Thank you for coming all the way…”

“I apologize as well.”

I sent a letter to Lady Dania’s sister and requested a meeting.
To my surprise, she not only accepted it readily but was incredibly humble, to the point that I wondered if they were truly sisters.

“This time, my foolish sister acted rudely…”

“No, Lady, you don’t need to apologize. However…”

I told Lady Dania’s sister about the harassing and threatening letters she had been sending to Marie.

“W-What do you mean!”

“You didn’t know?”

“We were having problems within the territory. We demolished the mansion, but…”

Although she had allowed them to live in a different mansion she had previously used, they had been spreading various rumors among merchants and nobles, claiming that her sister and her husband had taken their property and causing them trouble.

To think that they would do such things to the sister who had shown them so much kindness. They don’t seem to understand at all that demolishing the mansion and moving them to another one was an act of mercy.

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