v4 Chapter 6

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Chapter 5 is missing/skipped in raws.
Icy Smile
As far as I know, Mother was a woman of tolerance and compassion.
Even when faced with harassment from others, she always treated them with kindness in the end.

“I also approached your biological mother with kindness.”

“You did?”

“Yes, even when they called me a harlot or a mistress, I just let it slide.”

I feel full of regret when I think about the past.
That person despised my Mother’s commoner background and said terrible things because of it.

Maybe they wanted to assert their superiority, but Mother always dealt with it calmly.

Even in public, they just kept yapping and criticizing her without any effect.

“Why would anyone think I was okay with my daughter-in-law being insulted? They have also been making fun of my son all this time.”

She had accumulated a lot of anger until now.
But why did she endure it until now?

“His Majesty the King has ordered that idiot to be removed completely.”


The King’s order?

“Of course, right? Currently, everyone around His Majesty the King is close to Lord Diaz. Making Lord Diaz look like a villain and pushing for reconciliation is worth a thousand deaths.”


“That idiot…”

Is that person really planning to reconcile with Father seriously?

“Legally, it’s not easy for a woman to divorce and remarry right away. But if she’s the former wife, it’s possible.”


“But in that case, there should be a legitimate reason.”

It has to be a valid reason, not just a selfish divorce, for it to be considered after consulting with an attorney.
But Father’s reason for divorce was purely due to that person’s selfishness, so there’s no way it would be considered.

“Yes… that’s why.”

“As a close aide to His Majesty the King and the representative of diplomats, Father-in-law will never be allowed to remarry such a woman like her. But even if he has no intentions of doing so, if rumors spread…”

She’s quite clever when it comes to scheming.
She must have been worried about being left behind in the territory.

“We need to not only strip them of their title but also drive them out of the territory.”

“Not just drive them out, I suppose.”

“Of course.”

It seems like they have more plans.

“To make her face the harsh reality a little, I gave her some money. It’s humiliating, but that money-grubber accepted it.”


She gave her money?

“It was really fun. That woman accepted the money while looking at me with a humiliated face… being a Villainess is really enjoyable!”

Mother’s expression was lively.
I wonder what kind of exchange took place between them.

“Tell us more, Mom.”

“Sure, I’ll tell you.”

We listened to her dealings in the Ranford territory.

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