v4 Chapter 4

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Bold Action
The newspaper announced a project to reform the Ranford’s territory.
Since medicinal herbs have become a specialty, they plan to expand the variety of crops.

“Mom, how did you manage to buy it?”


No matter how wealthy she is, the Ranford territory originally belonged to the Viscount’s family.
It must have cost a considerable amount.

“Oh my? Both of you look pale. What’s the mater?”

“Mom! What’s this?”

“Henry, if you get too excited, your stomach will… ”

“It’s okay. This time, I’ve prepared a stronger medicine… guh.”

Henry turned pale and clutched his stomach while speaking.
I wonder if the medicine still has any effect at all.

“Have you both read the newspaper already?”

“So you bought the Ranford territory?”

“Yes, at an exorbitant price. I negotiated with Madam Dania’s sister, who seemed overwhelmed.”

I broke into a cold sweat as I watched Mother smile defiantly.

“I heard those two have been constantly borrowing money, and recently they even assaulted the Duke’s important son-in-law, causing a scandal. They’re drowning in debt.”

“And then?”

“It seems that their relatives had no choice but to bail them out.”

She is indeed too pitiful.
She had technically married off into another family, but it’s perhaps because Shepherd can’t inherit the title, that Aunt had to step up.

“I felt sorry for them, too. They didn’t create that debt themselves. So I decided to buy the territory… After all, nobody else would want it, right?”

“That’s true…”

Nobody would want a territory with such a bad reputation.
Even the people involved in the joint venture pulled out and moved to the Capital.


“The condition I set was to chase that pair of fools out of the territory.”

“Chase them out…?”

“Of course, forcibly. Since they have no title, we can just throw them out, right?”

She smiled beautifully, but this type of smile was just like Lady Oriana’s.

She’s definitely angry!


“Marie, I’m very angry.”


She smiled but looked at me with icy eyes.

“For everything they’ve done to you, and for continuing to insult Lord Diaz…”


“If they sincerely apologize and repent, I thought I might forgive them and only let them be dragged naked by a horse.”

“They won’t apologize.”

She’s definitely planning a public execution!

“In that case, it’s all-out war.”

“Are you planning to shed blood?”

“Oh my? I’m a pacifist.”

Which mouth is she saying that from?
I knew she had already resorted to non-peaceful means.

But what could have caused Mother to become so angry?

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