v4 Chapter 10

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Wicked Woman
Mother-in-law’s Point of View

I chose a guild with the most unsavory characters and barged in.

“Good day, Lady Dania? No, just Dania.”


“As of this moment, you are commoners and criminals who have invaded someone else’s home.”

I condescended and looked down upon her with a mocking gaze, making her furious.

“You upstart!”

“Oh my, that’s the highest praise.”

I chuckled heartily, holding a fan in one hand.
I had studied how to behave as a Villainess properly.

“It’s just the howling of a loser. It doesn’t bother me at all. If you still have this much energy after losing everything, you could survive anywhere. How about becoming a prostitute?”

“What did you say?”

“Some men might like mature women. Well, they would have to be really peculiar to like you, though.”

“Don’t mess around!”

The useless man beside her tried to attack me.


“Step aside.”

There’s no need to move for a man like this.


“Oh my, did that hurt?”

I took out my favorite whip, concealed in my bosom, and lashed his back.

His clothes tore, and his skin turned red.
The effect was excellent, right?

Moreover, I rubbed chili pepper on the whip.

“Oww! It stings!”


“Oh, crying from this little pain is so undignified. Marie’s pain and humiliation over the years have been far worse than this.”


That’s right.
The pain and humiliation Marie endured for years were far worse than this.

You think I will forgive you?

“Now, stand up. Well, if you want to be crushed under the building like this, that’s fine too.”

“What are you…”

There was a cracking sound, and the roof sounded like it was being removed.

“My mansion!”

“I’ve said it multiple times, but this mansion is already deteriorating. It’ll blow away in a typhoon without me destroying it… Well, since I’ve bought it, I can destroy it even more.”

“Madam, are you sure?”

“Yes, completely demolish it.”

I gave the signal, and the demolition of the mansion began.

“The roof…”

“Next, the pillars… No, smash the furniture first.”

Breaking everything in an instant wouldn’t reflect reality.
To prolong the psychological blow, we should break things bit by bit, but we should finish it in a few hours.

“My home…”

“That can’t be…”

It took about three hours to complete the demolition.
It could have taken longer, but the mansion was already old and easily fell apart.

Like a sandcastle.
It collapsed in an instant.

“Why… This is awful. It’s too much.”

“You’re a monster. A devil.”

Well said.
After insulting my beloved son for so long.

“I’ll give those words right back to you.”


I stepped on the unconscious idiot son’s hand with my heel, smiling.

This is not the end!

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