v3 Chapter 2

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Outrageous Mother
Henry’s Point of View
“My stomach feels like it’s going to collapse.”

“That’s pathetic, Master Henry.”

“Don’t say that, Bella.”

I don’t have the steel toughness of my Mom. I don’t feel like I can become that strong.

In a sense, I respect her.

“A letter came from the Ducal family.”

“Isn’t that good?”

“It’s not good.”

The other party is a Royal family. Moreover, it was a handwritten letter from the mother-in-law of Her Highness.

“I’m scared every time Mom does something.”

The other party is a noble and a member of the Royal family. We are commoners in comparison.

“We also have our status.”

“It’s okay. Isn’t Lady Marie a Count’s daughter now?”

It was good timing that my father-in-law got a countship.

“Besides, your mother is a Viscountess.”


I didn’t hear anything about that.

“Madam has been actively involved in charity work all these years. Which earned her a title, but she refused.”

“I see… Is that so?”

“Yes, but two months ago she was told to accept her title.”

“Who told her that?”

“Your Father’s older brother, your Uncle.”

I didn’t hear anything about this.

In the first place, my Father’s family is supposed to be estranged with us!

“Master was the third son of a Count’s family, but he always had a good relationship with his siblings.”


“But I heard Father wasn’t treated good there…”

“More precisely, it’s his relatives. They had an ugly fight over the inheritance and the succession rights.”

The people from the branch family, huh.
There’s much I don’t know about my Father’s family.

I just knew that relatives came to say nasty things from time to time.

“He also didn’t want to have a family feud over inheritance with his siblings.”

“I see.”

I was mistaken.

“We have nothing to do with my Father’s family, though.”

“That’s because Madam has more assets.”


My Mom has more assets?

“Yes, even counting Count families, there aren’t that many wealthy nobles. On the other hand, Madam might be a commoner, but her family is wealthy, and she is very good at business.”


“After Master passed away, Madam focused on doing business, and she has become wealthy.”

“In other words?”

“Even though your Father’s family insulted and ridiculed her, in the end, she became wealthier than them, so they couldn’t say anything.”

Just how much money do you have, Mom!

“She’s also actively involved in charity work, so they can’t ignore her, right?

“Don’t ‘right?’ me now.”

“So don’t worry about it.”

No, I feel like I’m getting more worried. If my Mom had a title, she would be more likely to do something terrible.

And then.

“Henry! I have wonderful news!”


I hope it’s not wonderful for her, but terrible news for me.

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