v3 Chapter 3

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High Society
The world has entered the social season.
For women, it’s a competition, but I didn’t know much about it because I haven’t made my social debut.

“Huh? Me too?”

“Yes, I heard you haven’t made your social debut.”


In my family situation, I couldn’t even make my social debut seriously.
Shepherd made his social debut in the Capital, though.

“I’m already a mother, though.”

“It doesn’t matter. I rather envy you for becoming such a young mother.”

Is that how it is?
We got married right after graduating and have been busy ever since.

“In the noble society, many women who get married can’t have children easily.”

“I see…”

“Yes, there are few people in their early twenties who can have children. Moreover, it’s not uncommon for people to adopt children because they can’t have them now.”


I know that. That’s why my Grandfather wanted my Father as his son-in-law.

“I also had that child late.”


“It’s a miracle to have a child so early and still be so beautiful.”

I don’t know because I’ve never compared myself to others.
But I guess I must be lucky.

“Sometimes childbirth weaken the body, and some even lose their lives.”


I had an easy delivery, but childbirth was difficult.
But I’ve heard that giving birth too young can be fatal, and the opposite is also true.


“It’s difficult to recover your physical strength and body shape after childbirth.”

“Is… that so?”

“Yes, I want to brag that I’m still beautiful even though I gave birth to a child.”

I wonder why. Mother’s eyes were shining suspiciously.

“Mom. You’re not thinking of anything good again, are you?”

“Oh my? You are doubting me.”

“It’s because of your daily behavior. What are you going to do with Marie?”

Henry didn’t like me going into the society. I was thinking about doing it someday, but it’s when it comes to the social world of the Royal Capital, it’s totally different from the frontier.

“We just wait for the right timing…”

“We don’t have time to talk about such leisurely things.”

“What do you mean?”

Mother seemed to be in a hurry about something. Is there a reason why I have to make my social debut early?

“It’s because Lord Diaz was given a Count’s title that everyone is more interested in Marie.”


“If I’m also given a title, you Henry, as my heir, must become part of the noble society as well… The social world of the Capital is different from that of the frontier.”

“I understand that…”

“You don’t understand. The social world of the Capital is a nest of demons much worse than you think, Henry.”

What does “nest of demons” mean?


Is it such a dangerous place?
At that time, I didn’t understand the meaning of making my social debut in the Capital.

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