v3 Chapter 1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Monhan Family
My Father was given a new title and decided to set up a mansion in the Royal Capital. Because the fastest way to reach the Monhan fief, that Father was given territory in, was by a ship, so it was more convenient to have a mansion in the Royal Capital as well.

“Father, this mansion is…”

“It’s different from what I heard.”

At first, he was supposed to be given a new mansion, but he refused because he felt bad about accepting so much.

“I heard it was an old mansion, so I thought I would renovate it.”

“It’s big… too big”

The mansions of your usual nobles who live in the Royal Capital, the mansions of the Count-class nobles are flashy and symbolize their wealth, but my Father, who lives a simple life, did not like such a style.

“Here is a letter from Lady Oriana.”

“The Duchess…”

My father drooped his shoulders.

“Father-in-law, just what is this about?”

“She said she didn’t use her other mansions, so she let me have the smallest one. The garden is also small, so I am supposed to let her know if I need anything else… she got me good.”

“Um… what about the Monhan territory?”

“It used to be owned by a relative of the Ducal family… it’s untouched now.”

It’s by the sea, but there are also many rural areas. It’s a bit run-down now, but my Father can make that land prosper.

He already got a profitable land and a mansion with a garden and a luxurious carriage in the Royal Capital.

“I refused… politely”

“How did you refuse?”

“Please keep it for your daughter. And for the people of the territory.”

“Get out.”

Henry was also at a loss. My Father had been refusing acquaintances’ gratitude to the extent that it would not offend them.


It seems that he had to compromise when he couldn’t refuse.

“As expected of you, Lord Diaz! High-ranking nobles are usually greedy people.”


“That’s why the Royal family and their relatives prefer modest and less greedy people.”

In other words, they were even more pleased with Father’s refusal. And maybe they took advantage of my his personality.

“I’ll have to refuse more properly next time.”

“That would be impossible.”

“That’s right. It’s impossible you, Lord Diaz.”

Mother, please don’t say that so cheerfully.
My Father really troubled already, you know?

“However, there isn’t much I can do in return.”

“I also received baby gifts for Cyril.”

I received high-end baby clothes and a bed from high-ranking nobles, not only Mother’s friends, but we don’t have anything to give to high-ranking nobles in return.

“Then how about sending a letter and handmade knitting?”


“You are good at embroidery too, aren’t you?”


“I have a good idea.”

Mother smiled happily. But this smile made me feel like she was thinking of something else.

“My stomach… My stomach hurts!”

I was worried because Henry was holding his stomach, but I ended up embroidering handkerchiefs and writing letters.

As a result, something terrible happened.

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