v2 Chapter 32

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Breaking off the Engagement and Reparations
It is already known to the public that Shepherd and Mirial are engaged.
What would happen if the engagement was called off at this stage, given that I had been bragging about it at the gatherings of madams?

I thought I had to stop it all costs.

“We will be calling off the engagement.”

“Yes, that’s only natural. We will also be demanding reparations.”

How vile.
How dare they break off the engagement without my agreement and then demand reparations?

“Nonsense, you are the ones who breaking off the engagement. You should be paying reparations!”

“Hmph, you really don’t know anything.”


Mirial smiled coldly.
It’s hard to believe that she’s that stupid woman with an empty head.

It’s as if she was mocking us.

“In the event of a broken engagement, the party offering to break the engagement pays reparations if at fault.”

“See! So…”

“You are at fault for lying about your background and committing a fraud.”

“You’re a school graduate, just what have you been studying… it makes me wonder if you really are Lord Diaz’s son.”

This man.

How far will he go to make us look like a pair of fools?

“Lord Diaz passed the Royal Academy at the top of his class and was one of the most excellent students there.”

“Lord Diaz’s intelligence must have been passed down to his daughter, Lady Marie, wasn’t it? Lady Marie was also very talented and well known at the academy.”

And to praise such a failure is offensive to me.

“How dare you!”

“You don’t even know how to listen, huh.”

“We really can’t get through to you. We will have a lawyer come to visit you. You can’t go to the Capital yourselves, can you?”

They proceeded to talk selfishly, left behind documents regarding the breaking off the engagement and reparations, and prepared to leave.


“Wait a moment, Mirial. You love me, don’t you… give me a chance.”

“I love you?”

“Yeah, I also…”

Despite that, after all those insults, you still do something so pathetic.
How pathetic to put your trust in a woman like that.

“Stop it, Shepherd. You don’t need a woman like that.”

“Mother! They are a Count family. A middle-class nobility.”

That’s right.
But, their daughter is also a failure who’s going to let her little sister be the heir.

If you have listened, you would know that she is not even good as Diaz and Marie, those failures.


“My ex-husband is a failure whose only merit is his seriousness. He is…”

“You don’t know anything about him, do you?”


“Lord Diaz was the top student at the Royal Academy. He was also a schoolmate of His Majesty the King.”


What is he saying?
Diaz was a third son of a Baronet—

“His Majesty, then a prince, met Lord Diaz at the academy, and they became good schoolmates… he also has friends in other high places.”

“He was so good that many nobles lamented the fact that he was adopted by a Viscount.“

I don’t believe it.

“I am sure there will be many who will be pleased with your separation. There are many who desire a man of such talent.”

“Well, it’s irrelevant to you now.”

“Well then, farewell.”

They left the mansion, leaving me with nothing but regret.
A few days later, I learned that I had let go of an incredible treasure.

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