v2 Chapter 31

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Shepherd’s Miscalculation (3)
A few days after the civilian officials from the Royal palace returned to the Capital, the day of the meeting with Mirial’s parents came, and we froze because of the unexpected turn of events.

We wanted to change the date and set up a meeting after thinking things through, but it was already too late.

“We decided to call off the engagement on this occasion.”

“To think things would turn out like this…”

I thought Mirial’s father was already either concealing his emotions or quietly angry, but he was glaring at us quite a bit.


“What do you mean by suddenly calling off the engagement? We have already agreed…”

“Are you really asking us why?”

“I did not think you looked down on us to this extent.”

I broke out in a cold sweat.
I’m sure there are no rumors about us yet.

And yet—

“To think you were a marriage scammer… what an idiot you are.”


“Falsifying a peerage is a serious offense. I know it’s my fault too… I should have investigated properly before agreeing to the engagement.”

By what right?

“It’s only natural to examine a man’s background before marriage. The marriage between nobility must be authorized by His Majesty the King, after all.”

“Do you not even know that?”

“But… how can you call it fraud? It’s true that Shepherd will eventually take over the title.”

“No, that’s a lie.”

Mirial’s eyes were different from usual.
Where is the innocent Mirial who loved me so much?


“Shepherd, there is a big difference between taking over a title and planning to do so. Besides, I have received a report that the Ranfords were to be reduced from Viscounts to Barons.”

“A report?”

“I found it strange that I did not see Lord Diaz around.”

Does that man still has influence even here?
Just how much longer is that incompetent man going to stand in my way.

“However, after all this time…”

“Are you not going to apologize?”


The Countess glared at Mother.

“You are the ones at fault here. Do you have no intention of apologizing?”

“What are you talking about…”

The Countess was angry at the lack of apology.
I see, she is upset about the lack of apology, so everything will be fine after we apologize.

“I apologize.”

“I won’t forgive you even if you apologize.”


I am bowing down to you, you arrogant bi*ch.

“How distasteful.”

“What are you apologizing for? For falsifying your title or for tricking my daughter into marriage in order to get your filthy hands on the Count family’s property?”

“I have always thought there was something wrong with you, Shepherd.”

She has been suspecting me for a long time?

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