v2 Chapter 30

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Shepherd’s Miscalculation (2)
If I fail to inherit the title of Viscount, I will not be able to marry.
I won’t be able to go to the Royal Capital.

I’m not the kind of person who would just sit around in the countryside like this.
Eventually, I was going to live in the Royal Capital and be on par with other high-ranking nobles.

I was going to be relative of the Count’s family, have a close relationship with Mirial’s family, and receive the Count’s territory.

But why did this happen?

“What are we going to do, Mother!”

“How would I know! What do we do now… Barony, they say!?”

A Viscount and a Baron are too different in rank.
Many Barons are former commoners, and most of them are merchants who bought their titles with gold.

“This means that when I meet Mirial’s parents…”

“It doesn’t matter!”

“What do you mean, it doesn’t matter!”

What if my marriage gets annulled?
I’ve already told my friends that I will be getting married, and I boasted around that I have a promising future with the daughter of a Count.

What will happen when they find out I got deprived of my title as a Viscount and my lands are forfeited?

No, I have no idea what kind of life I will be forced to lead before that.

“Since things came to this, do whatever it takes to get help from that woman’s family.”


“If we get worse off than we are now, I won’t be able to survive… so protect me.”

“What are you saying…”

Mother says I should protect her, but living together is out of question, you know?
And yet she keeps saying something like this.

“I can’t believe you brought such a fallacious wife here in the first place.”


“Calling her fallacious is too much!”

“Were you going to drive me out and take over the Ranford family? Throw me away?”


Why do you blame me?
You can’t be mad at me for that, since it’s your wish for me to be happy.

“You are going to live just a few blocks away.”

“This house is mine… you can’t just throw me out!”

“Did you not want to keep it for your son?”

I have been a good son until now.
A son an excellent mother like her could be proud of, and she was willing to give up the mansion for my happiness.

“Oh my God… what did that woman tell you?”

“Mother, what do you think of me?”

What the hell is wrong with her?
Mother, who used to listen to my every wish, has gone crazy since that man has left her for another woman.

Everything went so well.
My perfect life started to go wrong.

And the crazy life has just begun.

Two weeks later at our meeting.

“I am breaking off this engagement.”

“We will demand reparations from you!”

“Wha… wait a moment, please!”

Mirial’s broke off the engagement and demanded reparations.

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