v2 Chapter 29

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Shepherd’s Miscalculation (1)
Two weeks before meeting my lover’s, Mirial’s, parents.
The man I had always thought was incompetent and in the way got a divorce and left this mansion.

It seems he had another woman, committed infidelity, and left running away. I knew he was a despicable man, but I thought it would be more convenient if he died, since I couldn’t officially succeed to the title of Viscount like this.

Besides, he had probably had other women before now.
I thought it would be better if he died under the bridge and regretted leaving out on his own.

The only miscalculation was the departure of the servants and many of the citizens.
But just when I was thinking that I would be all right because I still had a nobleman whom I was in close with…



“Hah? Relinquish the fief?”

“Yes, half of these lands were given to the former Viscount Diaz for his services after he took his position. Therefore, it will be returned to the state.”

“That can’t be!”

“Stop joking!”

Civil officials suddenly appeared at our home and confronted us to return our peerage and relinquish our lands.

“The Ranford family will henceforth be Barons.”

“What… then, my son…”

“Has your son undergone the formalities and training for the succession?”


“There’s no need for that! I am the eldest son of this family!”

What is he saying?
There is no need for that.

“Wow, to think you are this stupid.”

“I don’t know what to say.”


How rude of mere civil officials.
It’s unforgivable for commoners to defy a noble!


“According to our country’s law, heirs are required to pass an aptitude test when they reach a certain age. Then they undergo special training while still in school. I understand that your son only attended the general education course at the Royal Academy… which means that he cannot become an heir at that point.”


“At the Royal Academy, heirs and heir candidates are placed in special classes, even within the general education courses. Your son was in the lowest class, the class for third sons and alike who will become independent in the future.”


“I beg your pardon. It seems you have too little common sense. In the event of the death of the former head of the family due to illness or some other accident, or if the former head of the family causes problems, succession would be possible, but…”

“Right. I…”

I can succeed the title.

“That would require the former head of the family embezzling the taxes of the people, or having some other problem with their character.”

“That’s right. My husband…”

“The former Viscount was a very good man, well respected by his subjects and neighboring lords, and was found to be blameless. Before his divorce, a formal letter was sent to us, and all the formalities were officially completed.”

“What did you say!”

That man, what a jerk.
He resented me and my mother and did such a cowardly thing.

“That man found a woman elsewhere and left. We are the victims here…”

“Then, have you filed a formal complaint with a lawyer? Have you filed a lawsuit?”


The man was incompetent and cunning.
He told the nobles living in the neighboring fiefdoms that he was the protagonist of a tragedy and arranged for them to take his side so that he could avoid a trial.

A trial would cost us a lot of money.

“It’s not worth talking about. Besides, the Prime Minister entrusted the lands to the Ranford family only on the condition that Lord Diaz would be the head of the family. He has no confidence in your son.”

“You should be thankful that you were left with the Barony… that’s all from us.”


The civil officials left without even hearing what we had to say.

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