v2 Chapter 28

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The End of the Relationship
Not only servants and subjects, but also the merchants have left me.

“Why… you have been with us since my Father’s time.”

“Yes, we follow the will of the previous Viscount.”

“What did you say?”

What about my Father’s will?

“The previous Viscount anticipated that after his death, his wife and you, would treat Lord Diaz badly. Therefore…”

“In case anything should happen to Lord Diaz…”

“If Lord Diaz were to abandon the Ranford family, he wanted us to decide our own path by our own will.”

What the hell.
He would prioritize a stranger rather than his own daughter!?

“I never thought this day would come.”

“Really, how unreasonable… well, he has been patient until now.”

“It would have been better to leave the house earlier, but I suppose there was a duty to uphold to Lady Marie and the previous Viscount.”

What are these people talking about?
Why do they sympathize with Diaz, the perpetrator, even though I am the victim here?

“I was betrayed by that man… and yet.”

“That’s enough. No one wants to see a middle-aged lady’s bad fake crying.”

“Yes, it’s unsightly.”


The merchants who looked at my crying face with disgusted expressions made me feel humiliated.

Even though when pretended to cry, many men would usually reach out to me!

“Anyway, I have no desire to join forces with nobles who was no future.”

“I agree.”

“That can’t be! Wait…”

As Shepherd tried to stop them from proceeding with the conversation against my will, I was shown something outrageous.

What was shown to me was a loan agreement and a land title deed.

“And as for your debt, Madam, we have received the land title deed from Lord Diaz in exchange.”

“Wait a minute… that land is!”

“With this, we will consider the debt to be non-existent.”

“My debt has already been paid by my husband.”

“I won’t accept this!”

That man!
He can’t be allowed to do this.

All of the Ranford family’s property belongs to me, the real daughter!
And yet he gave it away without my permission.

“This is invalid! After all…”

“This land was the property of Lord Diaz.”

“We will take our leave now.”


The merchants left the scene, ignoring me.

But I didn’t notice.
I had no idea that those two, whom I had dismissed as unnecessary failures, were highly valued behind my back.

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