v2 Chapter 27

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Employees’ Resignation Letter
Irritated by the unreasonable arguments and verbal abuse I suffered, I was thinking of going out for a change of pace after finishing my meal the next day, but it happened at the breakfast time.

“Madam, we are resigning from this place.”


“I serve Master Diaz. When the previous generation passed away, I exchanged a new pledge.”

“Me too.”

The butler and head maid who had served here since my Father’s time. The chef, waiter, and driver all handed in their resignations.

“Ridiculous! What are you even talking about… this is an order! Get back to work right away!”

“Unfortunately, our master is Lord Diaz. When my mother fell ill, Master was the first to help me, while Lord Shepherd was…”

“When my son caught the epidemic, he told me to burn the child quickly, didn’t he?”

“As for me, I was showered with abuse for thinking that a servant was the same as a human!”

What is this? Forgetting the favor of hiring them until now and being so rude!

“We stayed for Master Diaz and the kindhearted Lady Marie.”

“The two of them were kind and were truly compassionate, great masters.”

“But we cannot serve the hyenas who drove out the gentle Lady Marie and who behave like plunderers.”

“Even if we are killed…”

How ungrateful. I wonder when the commoners have become so arrogant to give their opinions to the nobility.

This is also Diaz’ fault. It’s because he spoiled the servants that this happened.

“Get out!”

“I don’t need incompetent trash like you!”

But it wasn’t just the servants.



“What do you mean!”

“We will stay with the head of the family.”

The Naval Guild was also an important protector of the Ranford family. The Guild Master said that he would follow that man.

“How will he survive after he stops being a noble and left on his own…”

“You are too much. Don’t you have a heart as a human being?”

“The Ranford family has been protected by the Master and Lady Marie. How can we repay kindness with enmity?”

“Even if we have to abandon our hometown, we will go to that person… this territory is over without that person.”

How foolish they all are. How can they live after leaving here, there is no way they can survive.

“Even if I become poor and have nothing to eat, I will be with that person.”

“Then do as you please!”

“Mother! You can’t…”

Shepherd flinched, but he was sure to bow his head soon. I can take over the Ranford family business myself, and if we have any joint ventures, I can take control over that, too.

We’ve been nice to consumers until now, so from now on we can prioritize profits. I thought the merchants would be happy if I took over.


However, contrary to my thoughts—

“Let’s pretend we had no prior relationship.”


The merchants began to cut their ties with me.

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