v2 Chapter 26

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“I want a divorce. My patience with you has run out.”

I was shocked to hear him say something so outrageous out of the blue.

“Why all of a sudden? This nonsense… is it to get my attention?”

“I can’t stand you anymore. Father-in-law is no longer around. There’s no trace of my beloved Marie and Henry at this mansion either. As for the citizens, I will explain everything to them, so you don’t have to do anything.”

Who was this man who spoke without hesitation?
Was it Diaz, who always listened to me?

“You have a woman.”


“You are hiding a woman, and she seduced you. You are the worst. You are a lousy father, and a lousy lord. To abandon your wife for a mistress. Just disappear from my sight… it’s better you die in a ditch.”

Diaz blamed Shepherd for defending me.
No wonder.

He defended me even though his father’s infidelity had brought this upon him.

“You can’t think of any reason to leave you other than another woman… pathetic.”

“Hah? What else is there? Who in this Viscount family has allowed you to be treated so well? You are only the third son of a Baron and a failure. Thanks to whom do you think you have been able to get by?”

“I can’t bear the thought of it. I didn’t become your husband because I wanted to. My Father-in-law wanted me to be his son-in-law… and I have never loved you.”


“I tried to love you. All my life… but I have loved only the kindhearted Father-in-law, the lovely Marie, her husband Henry, and the citizens of this fief.”


He did not love me?
How can he say he did not love me?

“How could I love you? Someone like you who only loves herself… I could bear it if you only showed Marie a little more affection.”

“Bear it?”

“Yeah, but I no longer have to bear it now that you have driven Marie from this mansion, where you have trampled on my most precious treasure in the world. This house has been a prison for me.”

“You are a bastard! You’re nothing to me! You’re nothing!“

What a horrible thing to say!
He is the son-in-law of the Ranford, which is how he became a Viscount.

A mediocre, dull man, a son of a Baron, a mediocre man, to me!

“Oh, you will probably never see me again. At the wedding, you can just say that I died or that I cheated on you and eloped. However, I am but a stranger now to you guys… my only family is Marie and Henry.”

“You are the one who needs to stop contacting us!”

I threw a vase, kicked him out, and gasped for breath.
I had to hide the fact that my husband left me before the wedding because it would be bad for our reputation.

I don’t like the idea of Shepherd marrying that bratty bitch, but once they are married, I can re-educate her.

Or so I thought.



The next day, all the old servants came to submit their resignations.

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