v2 Chapter 25

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A Fallacious Bride (2)
After that, the uncomfortable tea meetings continued, and each time she would say something sarcastic about the taste of the tea, then she would say how she meant no offense.

“Shepherd, I think this tea is too bitter.”

“I see, sorry about that.”

“I wonder if you have any of those tea leaves you used to gift me? I remember you had a lovely pastry, too.”

What a brazen woman she is?
Shepherd is just wasting bait on a fish he’s already caught!

“Ah, that…”

“Which reminds me, aren’t Dear Father and Lady Marie coming over today? I have been looking forward to meeting them.”


Why is she talking about that man and Marie?

“There is no person who doesn’t know Lady Marie at the Royal Academy. She is, after all, the most brilliant student at the academy since its inception. In the national male-female mock examinations, she has outstripped the male students with flying colors, and has been at the top of the class for three whole years. And she was a special student, too.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes, the Royal Academy has equal testing for boys and girls, but special students who score less than 98 on average are expelled. I heard that she always got a perfect score. She is very talented.”

There is no way Marie was so brilliant.

“But, that girl…”

“And it is out of fashion nowadays for a woman to stay at home. Her Majesty said that women should devote themselves to study, and according to the rumors I heard… a certain member of the royal family was courting Lady Marie at that time.”


“However, the runner-up Lord Henry and first-placed Lady Marie were already recognized as an official couple, so he gave up in tears. There are rumors that the men fought a duel behind the scenes.”

What is she saying…

I never heard of this.

Why didn’t she say anything?
How much more can that stupid girl humiliate me?


It’s a sheer stupidity to choose a commoner over a royalty!

“You attended the Royal Academy, didn’t you, Shepherd? What class…”

“Oh, it’s so late already? I apologize, but I must be going now.”


“I have an important business meeting.”

I don’t want to breathe the same air as this woman anymore.

“Oh my, a business meeting?”


“That’s unfortunate.”

It’s not unfortunate for me.
It’s a joke to take such a fallacious woman for a wife.

I have to do something!

However, at the tea party, the rumors were already circulating.

“Congratulations, Lady Dania.”

“I heard your son’s engagement has been decided.”

“To think he would score a Count’s daughter.”

It’s my bad luck that I had boasted to my closest friends that he was to marry that woman.

Rumors were already spreading not only in this territory but in the neighboring territories as well.

And then, on a certain day.

“Let’s divorce.”

My husband asked for a divorce.

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