v2 Chapter 9

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Father’s Regret (3)
I clenched my fists at the two people who were hurting Marie to no end.

“This is the Countess’ goodwill.”

“Then let Shepherd go.”

“Of course I would let Shepherd take it, but it would be difficult for both of them considering our family’s situation. That’s why the objective is to let Marie become a scholarship student.”

“Scholarship student? Pfft… ahahaha! What are you saying?”

“Stop laughing, Shepherd. Have you finally lost your mind? It’s impossible for that stupid, incompetent, lass with no class, no? If she were a little more beautiful, she could marry high.”

School is not a place to marry high.
What nonsense are you talking about?

“Once she takes the test and fails, that’s it. You can do as you please then. But you can’t refuse the Countess because she has her reputation to uphold.”

“She really is a very stupid woman. Well, you’ll learn your lesson when she fails.”

You’re the one who doesn’t know your place.
The Countess is a well-known person in these parts, but Dania is always trying to get in the way and spread bad rumors about her at social gatherings.

Well, it always ends in a failure.

“Marie, the Countess hopes you will learn a lot.”


“Countess won’t force you if you really don’t want to. What do you think?”

I have no intention of leaving the Ranford family to Shepherd.
If I did, it would be the downfall of the family in an instant.

It would be like building a mud boat.

“I will do my best.”


“Are you stupid? Everyone can do their best. The results are everything.”

I will return those exact same words to you.
Shepherd’s is a regular school, but his classes do require a certain level of academic ability.


Marie’s, on the other hand, is in the same building, but it’s a special class with an elite group of students.
The difference between the regular classes and the special class is like the difference between the moon and the stars.

As expected, Shepherd failed the exam.

“Ridiculous! How could I fail!?”

“There must be a mistake! That’s right…”

He thought he was perfect, but it was somewhat predictable.

However, as luck would have it, Shepherd, who had the opportunity of filling a vacancy, managed to pass just barely.

“As expected of my Shepherd.”

“You did great.”

“Of course.”

Are these three idiots?
He was the worst class in the regular course.

And they are so proud of him, just because he was filling a vacancy.

“Well, it was pretty difficult, so Marie will probably drop out, no?”

“Yes, I think so. Even Shepherd had a hard time like this.”

Their expectations were unexpectedly turned out to be wrong, and Marie was at the top of the class.
She was also accepted as a scholarship student and was chosen to join the student council.


“Marie! I hope you hadn’t cheated!”

“You are the worst!”

The three of them had no intention of saying anything good to Marie, who they had not recognized for her abilities until the very end, but as long as she was recognized by the world, they had no choice but to accept it.

Yet, three years later.
I had no idea that they would do such a thing to Marie, locking her up in the fief and insulting her lover and fiancé, Henry, as well.

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