v2 Chapter 10

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Family Register
I wanted to take things slowly, but Otousama had to leave the Capital early.

“I wish he would have taken more time.”

“Mom, Father-in-law has a lot of cleaning up to do.”

I’m sure he will be going to the Randford house after this, but wouldn’t he get criticized upon his return? My heart felt heavy.

“I wonder what he will do after a divorce.”

“He will be all right. Father-in-law is an excellent noble and merchant. It was your Father who rebuilt the family from the ground up.”

My Mother used to mock him as worthless, but there is no one as sincere as my Father.
He put his own affairs behind him and made sure the people in his fief were not starving.

Because of that, his time at the mansion was short, but I loved this side of my Father.

“The only problem is the family register. We are still in the Ranford family’s registry, aren’t we?”

“Quite on the contrary, you know? Madam Dania has been working around the clock to get you out of the family registry. And it’s not legitimate either, I believe?”


“Normally, there were procedures to follow when Henry was taken in as the son-in-law. Even if she had you removed from the family registry immediately, there would be a procedure… but it looks like you were removed from it two months ago.”

I wasn’t hurt, but I couldn’t help but feel disgusted.

“Moreover, it seems that even with a son-in-law, Madam Dania intended to keep all of the Ranford family’s property for herself.”

“I see. Well, I had a guess to a certain extent.”


All the money we earned was taken away from us, and we didn’t even get the money we needed each month.
Whenever I needed to buy something, they would check to see if I had enough money to live on, and when I didn’t, they would blame me for spending too much.

The clothes I usually wore were handmade by me.
I even secretly did some side jobs to tailor a suit for Henry.

Even that warranted a scolding.

“You not being in the Randford’s registry anymore is a good thing. It will take some time to officially change back to your maiden’s name, but it will be fine. I won’t let anyone get in the way.”


“She is in a violation of the law with her third-rate lawyer.”

She smiled with her mouth, but not with her eyes.

“How many insults and mockery of my son do I really have to endure? But I’m glad you are not connected anymore.”


“In case she asks for your help.”

I can’t deny it.
If the Ranford family were to go under, there is a possibility that they would ask for assistance from my in-laws, who are wealthy.

When I got married, I was not only set up with the expenses, but they also deliberately chose the most expensive meals for the dinner party.

I felt embarrassed the whole time, and felt horrible when Mother-in-law shouldered the costs.
She didn’t even bat an eye when she was served a poor quality chicken and hard, inedible bread as a harassment, but my Mother-in-law loves chicken so much that she returned a smile.

She really is a strong person.

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